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Hydrogen Peroxide and Magnetic Rings

Posted by David (Ohio) on 10/13/2007

Hi there Ted. Quick question if you would be so kind to answer for me that would be greatly appreciated. Can one intake Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food grade internally and those magnetic rings or magnetic foot braces at the same time? If so is there a certian way of doing so? And do you know much about the rings and braces and if they work or not? Familiar with an Alex Chiu by chance? Any help would be appreciated!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear David: The average hydrogen peroxide concentration I take is about 0.05% to 0.5%. Usually the common dose is just 3 drops of 3% H2O2 PLUS 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in one full glass of water. Hence the H2O2 to be useable,the concentration must be reduced to 3% H2O2 by adding water. Then the 3% is used in drops as being the most common remedy for actual use.

As for Alex Chiu, yes I am more than familiar with his rings and his arrangement. You get tha polarity wrong, you get sick within 30 minutes. I have managed to prove people who are disbelievers of magnets simply by putting the magnets not in their proper polarity to show them it does effect the health. One woman my friend tried on with improper polarity caused her eyes to be bloodshot red, another one caused extreme headaches. When the magnets are restored to their proper ala Alex Chiu polarity, the side effects disappeared within minutes. Mind you this is no placebo effect since, there was a double blind experiment control was performed, in which the woman followed instructions without knowledge as to which ones was the proper alignment, either by the experiment or the test subjects. Hence, it was only known only AFTER the experimental results were performed that indeed it was the improper polarity that caused the sickness and when a proper polarity was change (still unknown by the experimenter or the test subjects) the effect of red eyes and tears coming were almost immediately gone. While Alex Chiu is not anywhere close to "immortality", it does prove that improper magnetic fields may cause a person to be sick. And if proper polarity were restored, the symptoms were gone within minutes. Hence, if a human body were to have an improper magnetic fields (from sitting on stray magnetic fields, electromagnet radiations) at the very least, a magnet, in their proper polarity would restore NORMAL magnetic fields in the body to stop with the side effects. Hence,certain people who do get sick such as due to improper magnetic fields, will certainly need the magnet,albeit, not 24 hours a day 7 days a week, can be applied for a couple of hours, when sick may help with this problem.

An interesting case of stray electromagnetic fields exists with my own mother who had a headaches for a decade, and one day she told me about the problem. And hence I resolved the problem by asking her to move the radio, located on the top part of the bed be moved about 5 or more meters away. Her headaches stopped the minute the radio was removed away from the bed. Apparently she turns on the radio all night, frequently, and it was located near the head of the bed. Hence, stray magnetic fields, whether from radio, cellphone, and quite possibly spring metal beds, can really mess up the body's normal magnetic fields. Office environment, metallic chairs, can create stray magnetic fields, messing up normal body's magnetic field that can initiate sickness too.

It should be noted that I have experimented with Alex Chiu's magnet configuration and many other configurations. The best configuration had to be modified. Therefore, I have Ted's configuration as follows:

1. To determine proper magnetic polarity, just buy a bar or horseshoe magnetic that has properly labeled "North" and "South". Get a string and see if the horseshoe points to the proper North and South. Once you know this, then a neodynmium, or a ceramic magnets is used on the area. Remember that opposite attracts. If the horsehoe North is attracted to the Neodymium side, then whater that side that is attracted to is the South Pole. This is one very simple way to settle the long controversy of the polarity that has plaqued Alex Chiu's website and was not properly explained. The clue is to BUY then commercial bar magnets with proper North and South. TO avoid a mistake, I bought acouple, just to be sure!

2. The second step involves making a proper ring. The South side of the ceramic magnet on the back side of the hand should face you, and put this on your LEFT HAND PINKY. The OTHER magnet, should be facing North below the palm of your hand on the other side of your LEFT pinky. So that the magnet that is on both ends of your pinky ATTRACT EACH OTHER.

3. In my case, only ONE LEFT HAND PINKY IS SUFFICIENT to get a halth effect.

4. A strong magnets usually is NOT NEEDED. They tend to be too powerful, but on the other hand a ceramic magnets is TOO WEAK. The only way to get the proper size, or the at least the recommended size, is to use a very small neodynmium magnets to do the job. A proper size appears (without the huge side effect) to be between 1/8 to 1/4 inches in diameter, a neodymium size necessary to prove "disbelievers" needs about between 1/2 to 1 inch in diameter of neodynmium, placed in the same area, but with the OPPOSITE of the recommended polarity will cause the person to be SICK.

In Alex Chiu's configuration, uses the same configuration, but all you need to remember is simply Left pinky facing you the South pole is used. Then the magnets polarity attract each other as thus, if you were in a praying with your hands:

'S [left pinky] N' S [right pinky] N

It should be noted that the biggest problems about such use is that the metal spoons get attracted to your pinky making eating difficult, but this is only true if a strong neodynmium magnets were used.

The reason why only the left hand was used is the magnets, at least for me, appears to be too overpowering and hence, all I need was just the left hand will do. If a right hand alone was used, there would be the some pressure on the head. So if the right hand magnets using Alex Chiu were removed, the pressure were removed also.

Certain magnets, if North polarity is faced I found to be helpful for backpain, and a tape was applied to the back. As to the pinky, I simply use a air conditioning tape or a cloth tape as a ring. However you need to cover the two sides with the tape and clearly mark the polarity S to avoid the confusion when putting them on for use.

As to its supposed health effect, just apply a North or South polarity treated water and do the bean sprout tests. It will give you all the answers and at the very least should confirm its effect on growth, if the magnets (unipolar or one pole treated) were applied to
the water. Many other water magnet treated devices simply used two polarities, however, my own experiments reveal only one poles were needed, and North treated to the water is most beneficial to the plant growth and it took me only 7 days to find out using the bean seed germination. The differences between treated and untreated growth were more than 300% difference in length. This you can prove to yourself.

Hence a foot magnets may not be needed. If needed, a hand ring magnets are not needed. It may be to overpowering. As to the foot, I think the left foot helps, but a right foot magnet can be used too, if circulatory problem is indicated too. Two foot magnets can be applied and should have minimum problems since it is away from the body mostly. In practice, just the left pinky for most use should be sufficient.

It is easy to be a skeptic, it is just as easy to be naive about magnets. The only way out of this controversy is simply that I give you the proper information and simply prove it to yourself.