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How to Make H2O2 Palatable

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 11/30/2011

Hi Ted, I've been reading the EC site and I'm confused. I've read that some people use the FGHP in their coffee. Starbucks? 7-11? Home brewed? I take my H202 in 8oz of distilled water and then I drink a couple of cups of home-brewed coffee (I use filtered water). Is this OK? Or, am I negating the effects of the H202?

Some people say they mix the H202 in "juice." That's pretty nebulous as there's tons of "juices". Is apple juice (frozen mixed with distilled water) OK, or is there one you'd recommend?

I've been at 25 drops twice a day (I can't do the third dose because of my schedule and meds) for 14 days now and I find that my stomach gets really queazy with the afternoon dose. Will adding 14 teaspoon of Baking Soda help? Or will it negate the effects of H202?

Thank you, Ted

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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H2O2 if you add into any organic compounds, such as orange juice, apple juice, will tend to neutralized somewhat in a liquid solution, rendering the solutions weaker. In a stronger H2O2 most get neutralized, but in a weaker H2O2, some get neutralized. I usually do the standard 1 capful H2O2 3% per one liter and used this as drinking water once every other day, and mixed with anything such as baking soda if I need to. But the baking soda alkaline mix is taken with or without H2O2 after meals. If it is taken before meals, the stomach tends to get queazy, that's because the body's stomach acid is highest when we are hungry. And the 25 drops depends also on the amount of H2O2 and water in a solution, as an example you can't take 3% H2O2 directly, and even in weak 1.5% solution that is harmful too. The maximum H2O2 concentration in any water mix is 0.5%, which can be taken as the standard. So 25 drops of 35% is too strong if it is mixed in a cup of water. Baking soda doesn't neutralized H2O2 as it is a non-organic compound.


Replied by Orshi
Exeter, Uk

Hi, I don't understand now im confused, if Ted says the 25 drops of 35% FGHP in a cup of water is too strong... Then why is it safe to work it up to 25 drops 3 times a day by the protocol in the books and then stay on 25drops*2 a day as long as needed?

Or maybe the cup of water is less than what I use? I use about 270ml distilled water. Is that safe?

Any answer would be appreciated Thank you Orshi

Replied by Pattiecake85
Vancouver, Bc, Canada

Hi there, I'm hoping someone might have some info that will help me. I started taking 29% HP food grade last Monday the 26th. 29% is the only percentage I could find where I live in British Columbia, Canada. They do not sell 35% anywhere here. I have been unsuccessful in finding any formulas or measurements for diluting 29% H2O2 so I've just been going by the 35% measurements. I started with 3 drops diluted in 8 OZ of distilled water 3 times a day. I am now at 6 drops still being diluted in the same amount of water. I'm assuming that this would be ok because the 29% has less potency then 35% which people are diluting in the same amount of water and talking it internally.

I really would love to be sure though and have some accurate measurements so I can rest assure that I am going about the H2O2 therapy properly without any complications to my body. I am doing the therapy to treat HSV2 and also for overall health. If you have any useful information that would help guide me during this process it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!!

Replied by Blitz_40
Clay, Alabama

I drink my H2O2 in plain water & I had alot of trouble at first. I learned quickly to not breath through my nose when drinking so I won't taste it & then I immediately chew on a couple of green grapes (swallowing the juice only, spit out the pulp) to kill the after taste. Not sure why it works, but it does.

Replied by Adriamarie

After during a lot of research I have found that the 35% needs to be diluted to make a 3% solution and THEN you use the 3% in the drops.

So, it's 3 drops of 3% solution 3x a day and so on.

This is clearly not explained very well on any of the sites I've seen. I've only seen it on EarthClinic

Replied by Stan Smith
Houston, Texas

Researching H2O2, how much is safe. I am healthy. I have 8% solution and want to know how much to dilute it.