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Would ACV Work for Sophagitis? If So, How Often?

Posted by Bilo

I have been doing some research about the (ACV) and i have found in many web sites that most of the people with (ERGE) symptoms have tried the vinegar and it has helped them a lot, in my case i have been feeling these symptoms more often lately, i'm on a diet as the doctor told me to be but i see no results i can't sleep, i can't eat and i'm taking medication Pantop(pantoprazole) and Tilium(domperidone) i have not tried the (ACV) yet because i have sophagitis N# 1 and i could not find any indication that i can drink the vinegar in my condition, now my questions are Can i drink (ACV) having sophagitisN# 1? if yes, how often and for which period of time can i drink the(ACV)? i would really be glad if you could give me that information...thanks a lot