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Magnesium and Potassium Levels Keep Going Down, Has Hitael Hernia and Barre

Posted by Linda (Barnesville OH) on 11/05/2006

I have been going to a Nephonolgist for tests, my magesium and potassium keeps going down. Last year it was my potassium 2.0 and I was in the hopital for an IV and i've been on Potassium and Slow Mag 6 pills and 4 Potassium to keep it up and I was in the hopital this year with low magnesium 0.3 another I.V back to Kidney Doctor and he did a 24 hour magnesium urine test and i`m not dumping it., and he's doing other tests. I also have a Hiatel Herniae and Barrettes, and I've been Nexium for 9 years . Two weeks ago I stopped taking it ,I`m taking two Zantacs Twice a day for the Acid reflex , Slow Meg 6 pills and Potassium 4 pills ,and bcomplex Sublingual Liquid The potassium is Klor con 20 mg. and the mag is Slow MagMagnesium Chloride with Calcium212mgMag128mg Choride373 mg 6 pills a day and viniger with mother in it !teaspoon in the morning and one at night .I cough at night when the acid comes up in my mouth. Could I have a Leakey Gut or is my P.H Wrong in my stomach, is this why I'm losing magnesium and Potassium and also my Calcium in my blood was 10.2 . Please help me i want to feel better,I know this is awful, My stomach makes noises all the time and i have Diahirra from the slow mag 6 pills a day,I guess its from the slow mag .Please help linda I`ve been through this so long help. I 'm sorry I forgot to add something to what i just wrote about low mag and potassium and acid reflex that i just sent to you. Also, my stomach is so bloated, add this to what I just wrote to you please and i take Charcoal once in awhile also Linda please help me.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Linda: Your body is very high in heavy metals. A high level of heavy metals will reduce the body's ability to keep magnesium and potassium in an effort for the body to pull out the heavy metals and therefore it has to sacrifice the magnesium along the way. Why they do it, I don't know, but it seems magnesium is protective of the body from heavy metal toxicity.

One common way that is to do an IV EDTA chelation to remove the heavy metals and thus this will cause increase magnesium and potassium retention. To increase potassium retention, possibly the addition of boron supplementation might also help.

You can refer this idea from here for more details:

A bloated stomach your body would be greatly helped by taking alpha lipoic acid of 200 mg and some biotin. This will reduce the water buildup. Some black coffee taken after the alpha lipoic should reduce the water retention. Charcoal while helpful in removing some heavy metals does not help with bloated stomach. So consider taking plenty of chinese parsley to remove the heavy metals. Just take a handful a day, if you can stand it for only a week. Then do nothing for a week then take it again. So do it on alternate weeks. Chinese parsley will also remove the heavy metals an increase the magnesium retention.

The other issue is a vitamin B complex deficiency, especially B6 may lead to the body to prevent it from any magnesium retention. The issue of potassium retention is a bit more complicated, but excess aldosterone may lead to excess potassium excretion. These sensitive sodium/potassium balance or salt balance can be helped by also dealing with the problem of a possible yeast infection and vitamin B complex deficiency. Anytime you have heavy metals, yeast, candida, fungus goes hand in hand.

Therefore taking plenty of vitamin B complex and removal of heavy metals should solve both your magnesium and potassium depletion. If body poorly absorbs the vitamin B complex, then take a B12 injection first. Since yeast problem is implicated, whether they are there or not, you can tell that your stool weight is less and indication that the gut is not functioning properly. Restoration of intestinal flora, probiotics and possibly yogurt might help. To deal with yeast problem, take chromium, zinc, copper and molybdenum supplements. These seem to be out of proportion and they should restore most of your imbalance. It is therefore necessary that you avoid sugar. Most electrolytic drinks with potassium tend to add glucose and sugar. However in your condition this will briefly increase the potassium, but the sugar will overpower the yeast and they will dump the potassium. Thus potassium must be taken alone without any sugar or glucose, in case you have any ideas about taking oral rehydration packs.