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Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Question

Posted by David (Virgina Beach) on 11/07/2006

I have all the classic symptoms 90% of the people who have posted. I've been through Ultra Sounds, endoscopy and a biopsy from my esophagus- tested for Barretts. Of course, they haven't found a thing- initially, they had me do and EKG and a stress test... After the endoscopy, they have upped my meds to twice a day- Prevacid 30mg/tab. I've tried Prilosec and Protonix- they worked, but gave me diarrhea. Prevacid was the only one that didn't, but now that I'm up to 2 a day, it is. Does the ACV treatment cause diarrhea in anyone? I teach, I can't afford to run out of the classroom to go to the bathroom- some kid will hit their head and I'll get sued into the stone age. Is it recommended to try ACV first or start off with the baking soda? Thanks for any help. This site has already provided me with more answers than my doctors- who are owned by the drug companies and wouldn't consider a cure.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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While there is no record of anyone getting diarrhea from ACV, it is best you try it on days where the schools are closed. That way any unique problems won't act up when you are in school. I teach also, so I make sure I won't get diarrhea on the days I do teach. Most doctors are not microbiologists, but the issue of certain bacterium do exists that causes the burning of throat and acid reflux. Some are acid resistant and some are alkaline resistant. If they are alkaline resistant, then ACV with a couple of drops of H2O2 3% should do it.

Assuming you put 2 tablespoons of ACV mixed with one glass of water, and add 6 - 12 drops of H2O2 3% and sip this every 2-3 minutes by about 1-3 tablespoon until you finished the glass. The slow sipping should kill it as the H2O2 and ACV is constantly saturated along the throat. I always use the absolute minimum dose, but for me I used a much larger amounts of H2O2 in the number of drops.

Most people have a certain maximum tolerance for it, so just start from there and see what happens. In an acid resistant bacterium, you would use instead of ACV, to use potassium citrate: sodium bicarbonate 50:50 solution of about 1 teaspoon and mix in one glass of water and add 6-12 drops of H2O2 3% and do the same slow slip. Organisms such as bacterium dies slowly and some die quickly.

In my case they died almost instantly. However, for people with an immune suppression due to heavy metals for example, the cure will be slower and removal of heavy metals such as taking chinese parsley for one week on and one week off taking about a handful of it per day which might help. I prefer to treat the cause even if it does mean less convenience then taking Prevacid.