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Can Stress in a Child Cause Acid Reflux?

Posted by Stacy (Cumming, GA) on 12/14/2006

I am trying to research to see if stress in a minor child can cause acid reflux. My step daughter develops acid reflux if she goes long periods of time without seeing her Father. Her Mother has to take her to the doctor for medication when this occurs.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Stacy: Stress will lower the body's immune system and hence acid reflux. On one hand stress will make people sick, but vice versa is also true. Acid forming diets and high heavy metals food will increase stress and lower the body's immune system also. It is Ying and Yang, so we need to consider them holistically: less sugary diets, better nutrition foods with 70% of food is vegetarian and of course plenty of whole fruits.

Often acid reflux reduces if the baking soda is taken at least 1 or 2 hours before meals since the body doesn't need to delay stomach emptying necessary to produce the required bicarbonates necessary to reduce the digested foods from stomach acids when it goes into the intestines.

It should be noted that citric acid and all fruit juices and drinks should not be taken during meals as they have a tendency to cause slower stomach emptying in the presence of citric acid.

When this is done, slower stomach emptying leads to fermented stomach leading to acid reflux. If the child insists on taking those, just give them on an empty stomach without the food.

If taken WITH food, only plain water is sufficient and acid reflux should be reduced. No milk as it may be food for the microbes in the stomach, however, calcium is higher in mashed potatoes then it is in milk. So calcium can be replaced from other sources such as mashed potatoes.