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Teenager Has Had Acid Reflux for 7 Years

Posted by Anonymous on 09/09/2008

My name is ____. im in high school and i have Acid reflux Disease. I've had it sence i was around 9 years old and now i am 16. I hate this Disease For some reason when i got it i would always go and get some water and i would feel better. but then it got worse i was in school and i would have to get up alot to get water because if i didnt i would start to gagg. and then i found relief in food. like snacks in my pocket i would eat somthing to make it feel better and not start gagging. And my mom took me to the Doctor and he gave me medicine and then after that it stiff got worse so the doctor put in a chip type thing into my throat to see what kind of levels of acid i was getting . and they said that i was getting anywhere between 10-11 ph witch is really high. and i would be getting that most of the day. There are some days its soo bad that i dont go to school or i get checked out early. When i do feel good its when im not thinking about it or keeping my mind off of it. But thats hard to do and then my heart beats faster and i get nervus and thats when it seems to get bad. i try to keep calm but it doesnt work and sometime the snacks i take dont work ethier so then i start to panic. I guess i have told my mind that if i eat a snack that means relief so if i dont get somthing in my mouth i start to gagg

Please help me! Also i looked at ur Vinager and baking soda thing and i was going to try it but my mom didnt buy the stuff because she doesnt know about it. because she read about a guy that his pee got more acidy and stuff. please Help!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Anonymous:

Usually the reaction between a vinegar and baking soda is a sodium acetate which helps in buffering excessive acid and alkalinity which normalizes the pH in the throat area. The pH of the baking soda is 8, so it acts to buffer the pH near this region, which is more normal. The addition of sodium acetate (found in vinegar reacted with baking soda such as white distilled vinegar can also be used as a substitute) will also act better pH buffer that protects the throat. If nothing is available, then lemon juice and baking soda can be used as a good substitute. The reaction becomes sodium citrate, or disodium citrate, or trisodium citrate depending on level of pH and this also tends to normalize the body's pH too. Snacks might have this advantage because they are acid, but the harmful additives they add may worsen the condition in the long run, such as monosodium glutamate.