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Acid Reflux Caused Husband Hardly Able to Speak with Chest Pain

Posted by Eileen (Bayville, NJ) on 09/26/2006

I love your site, thank you very much. I have a Q for Ted, who seems to have amazing knowledge of the chemical makeup of the body. My husband recently had a severe attack of acid reflux, which left him hardly able to speak and he had a lot of chest pain. Did research on your site and now he just started taking ACV and Alka Selzer. It seems to me that Alka Selzer is similar to the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid you recommend and it is easier to take. Am I correct in this assumption or completly off base. Thanks in advance for your reply. You have probably helped hundreds of people with your knowledge. Eileen

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Eileen: Alka Seltzers is close to my formula, but I am worried about some of the other ingredients.

The most obvious is the aspartame and the paracetamol that you must watch for. Aspartame breaks down into a toxic form of alcohol, such as methanol. I have in the bast drink soda with aspartame and have gotten deaf for about a week and quickly realized that this aspartame was causing the problem. The cure for me was to take plenty of vitamin B complex to stop the aspartame toxicity. The other issue is the paracetamol which damages the liver and kidney function.

If you are using the original alka seltzer formula that would be fine, but then your body may not need aspirin if they have it. Again there are many Alka Seltzer products, what you need to do is buy the product that doesn't have the paracetamol and aspartame. Since Alka Seltzer varies their product over many countries, I cannot say which particular product, all I can say is avoid the paracetamol, aspartame and aspirin. If it is difficult then just leave out only the paracetamol and the aspartame. Only short term is o.k. Ted