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Lingering Cough and Acid Reflux

Posted by Carol (Pakistan) on 10/25/2006

Thank you for taking your time to answer thousands of questions. It is a great website! My question is in regards to the persistant cough aside from all the other symptoms one has to deal with where reflux is concerned. The cough comes at any time and can last for at least 45 minutes (with phlegm) especially during the night when I have to wake up at least twice to cough away not mentioning the pain and sleepless nights. Is there any cure for that? Or will acv do it? Last thing, does alcohol affect one still where acidity is concerned even after taking acv? If so, would you discourage some type alcohol from others? Or is it an all round cure? Eagerly looking forward to your response. Thank you, Carol.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Carol: Acid reflux can be a number of causes where the only way to know what is causing the problem is by the process of elimination. In your case my guess would be one of acid reflux bought about by a bacteria, that is acid resistant. In that case, a small amount of potassium carbonate (chemical suppliers should have them) of only 1/8 teaspoon mixed with one tablespoon of ACV should help. If not borax of 1/8 teaspoon mixed with on tablespoon of ACV should help. Only one dose to find out the cause to see if it would help. Then you have to decide how to take it later on, preferably not everyday. Borax rids of certain parasites caused acid reflux, while potassium rids of acid resistant bacteria. On the other hand certain viral causing acid reflux, for example might be helped taking 2-3 tablespoon of licorice extract per day taken only for one week, then stop for at least one week. Perhaps taking some peppermint oil added to drinks should help reduce the acid reflux since certain virus do get killed in presence of small amount of menthol in the peppermint. For one think this is my cure for coughs anyway, but without the sugar and the candies, just pure peppermint oil say one drop added to a cup of warm water. Whatevery the case, if bugs are generally the cause, taking some zinc acetate, or zinc gluconate should help reduce the acid reflux.

In order to know which remedies work, they work generally quick and it takes anywhere from a couple of hours to overnight to know whether it works or not. So it doesn't really take that long to know. Ted