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Question About Ph and Acid Reflux

Posted by Paula (Sacremento, CA) on 11/05/2006

I have another idea about the ACV. ACV is an ACID and it is curing an issue with too much ACID production, or at least acid production that is hurting the body. Maybe it is a body PH issue. If the body thinks the stomach is alkali it will produce more acid. Feed the stomach acid, and it doesn't produce it. I am not a scientist, and I am sure I am not the first to think of this, but what could be causing the body stomach PH to go alkali or neutral? Motrin and this family of drugs states on the packages that it can cause stomach ulcers and bleeding. I am not trying to defend them; I don't care one way or another. The body produces more acid when stressed. Stress is created when we think our environment should be different than what it is. Being grateful reduces stress and relaxes the body. Perhaps western society has forgotten how to be grateful for what we have?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Paula: Ulcers and bleeding is commonly caused by Helicobacter pylori, like it or not. There are many more mycoplasma coming to your stomach near you that the doctors haven't had a clue until it is categorized, systematized and easily referenced. By the time they do that, I will be dead of old age.

The best way to deal with it depends on whether you are with the doctors or don't have had success with them. WIth doctors, you just take antibiotics. With alternative medicine you take zinc acetate, 50 mg/day, a nice strong tea (tannins), licorice extract 2 tablespoon, and 50 mg of borax/day. These bugs won't have a chance under most conditions.

It is not the issue of acid or alkaline. The bugs are just eating your stomach. I have met an old Indian while I was visiting Wisconsin, he took a small lump of bentonite mixed with some herbs (I don't remember), but that cured his ulcers and bleeding in just one dose.

It is a well known fact, at least by me anyway, that bentonite kill off the bacteria and ulcers by the unique electrostatic charge properties of the clay that pulls the bugs toward that clay. Of course there is a study that did show a large reductiion in bacterial populations upon taking up these clay and this is probably why it worked.

Because of this bentonites' unique electrostatic properties. You can use a solution of bentonite (maybe 10% solution) to remove the virus and bacteria, and indirectly resolve the acid flux, and ulcers problems. Of course taking them directly is a better way, but it also clears your mouth and the recirculated saliva by pulling out nanobacteria, which I guess we have to wait another decade before that is discovered.