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Posted by Jude

Dear Ted, I have listed the questions that I have about using my supplements.

1. Regarding the mixture procedure and dosage for MgCl and Malic Acid: I understand that I can take up to 1 gram of MgCl per day without side effects. Is this true of Malic acid also? can I mix them together in the same solution? Also, can I add the H202 and the vinegar to the same mixture and drink them together? ( This is what I have been doing) I haven't had any problems so I assume it is OK. However, If you have any suggestion I would appreciate.

2. Please advise on how to use:

a) the sea salt
b) the MgOH
c) Sodium Thiosulfate

Ted, what I have been doing is premixing some Sodium Thiosulfate in water along with a couple of drops of the "Dechlorinator" and adding it to a large 20 liter bottle of drinking water. Then I filter the resultant solution before drinking. I have noticed a better water. However, it could be my imagination because I have had good clean water for a while. I hesitate using the magnesium hydroxide as I do not like any OH at all. Please advise how to use it and what it is suppose to do. I have no reference on how to use the sea salt. Please advise about this also. I am beginning my second week now and have made these observations; My headaches have diminished in severity and recurrence. This began in Bangkok after I took the first "pinch" in my hotel room. I noticed an improvement during the day as I walked up and down the stairs for the sky train. After a couple of day I began to retain fluid and my feet and ankles would swell-up a bit. This passed after a day or so but I still notice some difficulty removing my ring from my finger. Is this normal or am I returning to normal? I still have some pain in my joints but am noticing a definite relief from muscular discomfort. The pain I told you about in my left heel is still there but greatly improved. I am paying close attention to it and hope it improves more.

So, Ted, Please advise me about mixing procedures for the supplements and also for the water treatment. Also please give more information about the liquid drops of "Dechlorinator: and the drops of "Si" the fingernail supplement - I have noticed after only one week that my finger nails are more flexible and easier to clean. However, this could be from a better Ca Mg balance. The "crusty" cuticles are gone..... Many Thanks Jude