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Posted by Jude

Dear Ted, I have listed the questions that I have about using my supplements.

1. Regarding the mixture procedure and dosage for MgCl and Malic Acid: I understand that I can take up to 1 gram of MgCl per day without side effects. Is this true of Malic acid also? can I mix them together in the same solution? Also, can I add the H202 and the vinegar to the same mixture and drink them together? ( This is what I have been doing) I haven't had any problems so I assume it is OK. However, If you have any suggestion I would appreciate.

2. Please advise on how to use:

a) the sea salt
b) the MgOH
c) Sodium Thiosulfate

Ted, what I have been doing is premixing some Sodium Thiosulfate in water along with a couple of drops of the "Dechlorinator" and adding it to a large 20 liter bottle of drinking water. Then I filter the resultant solution before drinking. I have noticed a better water. However, it could be my imagination because I have had good clean water for a while. I hesitate using the magnesium hydroxide as I do not like any OH at all. Please advise how to use it and what it is suppose to do. I have no reference on how to use the sea salt. Please advise about this also. I am beginning my second week now and have made these observations; My headaches have diminished in severity and recurrence. This began in Bangkok after I took the first "pinch" in my hotel room. I noticed an improvement during the day as I walked up and down the stairs for the sky train. After a couple of day I began to retain fluid and my feet and ankles would swell-up a bit. This passed after a day or so but I still notice some difficulty removing my ring from my finger. Is this normal or am I returning to normal? I still have some pain in my joints but am noticing a definite relief from muscular discomfort. The pain I told you about in my left heel is still there but greatly improved. I am paying close attention to it and hope it improves more.

So, Ted, Please advise me about mixing procedures for the supplements and also for the water treatment. Also please give more information about the liquid drops of "Dechlorinator: and the drops of "Si" the fingernail supplement - I have noticed after only one week that my finger nails are more flexible and easier to clean. However, this could be from a better Ca Mg balance. The "crusty" cuticles are gone..... Many Thanks Jude

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Jude: People varies in dosage of MgCl without side effect. Some get diarrhea as little as 500 mg. For me it has no effect at all. Last time you took a pinch of MgCl to a 250 cc glass of water, which is about 250 mg. Some people are so sensitive that I have to recommend 250 mg/liter of water.

The reason for variation is simple: if the person is severely deficient in Magnesium, the likelihood of a diarrhea is stronger. It means the body's electrolyte is severely imbalance and the system tries to dump out more waste, including water. Therefore, you really have to guess about your own level of tolerance for MgCl. It will get much more tolerance with long term use.

The wonderful thing about natural supplements in general is they can generally be mixed together. This means you can mix Malic acid and vinegar together.

Again, as a level of caution start small dosage first this includes both malic acid and vinegar. For me 500 mg/250 cc of water for Malic acid is way to sour for me. So it depends on your taste. And yes you can mix with a couple of drops of 3% H2O2 also. As to the use of sea salt, here is what I do: a pinch of sea salt per liter of water. I don't recall recommending you any Magnesium Hydroxide as I have never used or have any magnesium hydroxide myself.

But I do recall recommending fulvic acid, chlorinator(sodium thiosulfate), defluoridator (boron compounds), sea salt, H2O2, Silicon dropper and vinegar. As to your condition of swelling, this has much to do with perhaps not drinking enough water.

This is especially true of hot weather. Try this and see if you improve: drink about 1/2 liter first thing in the morning (actually my calculations is about 600-700 cc for your size and weight, but this is a small point). During the breakfast, you may drink any amount you like, since your starting value was already 500 cc. of water. I have noticed that you do not drink enough water during breakfast, but you drink other things which is not helpful with fluid retention, such as tea, coffee and fruit juices. After you have breakfast try to keep tabs whether the swelling is now reduced. If you feel better then go for another 1/2 liter of water before lunch. Then continue that with 1/2 liter before sleep. What it does is that when you drink more water, you loose more sodium thus reducing the fluid retention caused by sodium. This at least was helpful for my conditions of fluid retention and my high blood pressure.

Remember the water I drink are all pre-treated similarly to what I wrote you by adding a pinch of sea salt, plus de chlorinated, defluoridated, as well as adding a drop of the mineral concentrate (which consists of fulvic acid also) to the one liter of water. In my experience, joints are slow to recover, but muscular aches and pains will go first. The nails and hair, and skin will improve next, and finally the joints. If you want your joints to heal faster, take more of the water soluble silicon more. This might be helpful.

If you can get Knox gelatin, or non sweetened gelatin to your diet, it was shown to be helpful to your joints as well. Taking of vitamin C supplements may be helpful with joint conditions by increasing collagen production.

Other things that will help is allantoin mixed with aloe vera oil or DMSO. But this is another story. The other problem about the swelling could also be the fibromyalgia that you mentioned, and clove oil as mentioned might be helpful, but the use on clove oil can be done later on once the pre-treatment of water is in place. If you wanted to be sure that you are not drinking enough water do the urine electrical conductivity test, the average is between 30,000 - 40,000 mirosiemens/cm2. If the value exceeds that than you don't drink enough water. For me my urine conductivity is way over the hill at 95,000 and up, which means I have to follow the stict regimen of drinking at least 1/2 liter morning, lunch and evening not counting the water I drink during meals, when I am thirsty and assuming I am not outside working hard. When your urine conductivity is way over for years and year without you realizing, then you get swelling, high blood pressure and reverse osmosis of the eye fluid causing macular degeneration, which I am currently suffering with my left eye.

So drinking more water might solve these conditions I am currently having. I should have bought the conductivity meters and brix meter sooner! Also, it seems that magnetized blender water had a very favorable effects (more longer time) in better values of pH, electrical conductivity, Brix(sugar level) and ORP (oxidation reduction potentials). So if you get a chance to experiment with it see what happens, at least my beans sprouts and all the plants in my house responded quite favorably! Thank you for the feedback.