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Mold and Fungus in the Body

Posted by S on 04/10/2008

Hello Ted, I am new to the site but have been enjoying very much all the information provided by you and the feedback and contributions of the other posters. I thank you for me and all of them who learn and benefit. I also have a question....about mold/fungus in the body. There is not too much on the site about it and I want to be sure I get all the possible cures. I suspect I have some in my own body because of an odor coming from my head....ughh...that smells like old water....even though I may be showered etc. I cannot live with this, and I suspect it's from the environment as I eat very well. I live in Florida for 10 years and the house I'm living in has mold outside and we have to constantly have to pressure clean but it still grows due to rains moisture etc.

A couple of days ago when we pressure cleaned my roommate who has bad sinuses as a norm....and doesn't not like to help much worse and feels very sick. I asked if I could find a remedy to help clear it up would he take it and he said yes. I made an oil with the essential oil list to be applied and we will see. I am using it too. But I'd like something to remove the odor from my head and for my roommate. Can you recommend something ?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes, sodium from this may cause water retention. An easy way out is to get a small pinch of sea salt which for some reason or another will reduce the sodium retention. Do not put too much as this may cause a major diarrhea. Sodium is a strange thing, it works both ways. Pulling the water out, or putting the water in.

The other thing I may add is your body's acidity is quite high and it is pumping out the acid at an accelerated rate and hence your problems.

I have noticed this issue here in Bangkok already. Therefore, if you just take it long enough the problem will disappear after two weeks. It only occurs when your body's buffer level is on the very low side. It seems to occur much more in body builders and atheletes who DO NOT supplement bicarbonates, but take high carbohydrate and high protein foods. To reduce the time much quicker in your recovery you may have to add more potassium bicarbonate (1/8 teaspoon), along with it, but NEVER potassium bicarbonate alone.

People have real issues with using this alone. So just add some potassium bicarbonate and the problems and other symptoms should reduce much quicker.

By the way, the other possibility of reducing retaining water might help by raising your antioxidant levels, such as taking more sodium ascorbate, which is an alkaline form of vitamin C.