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Silent Reflux and Les

Posted by KC (HI) on 05/21/2007

Hi there, Ted. I have been diagnosed with "silent reflux" and a weakened LES. I was on Prevacid on and off for a year. I don't like taking prescription medicines for extended periods and I learned that acid blockers can interfere with calcium absorption (which I take as a supplement). I read your writings and have been taking the ACV & baking soda 3X's a day on an empty stomach for about 4 months. It has been working great! If I stay on this program, the reflux symptoms stay away. I have 2 concerns. Almost every morning, I have loose stools - sometimes watery. Also, I have had cloudy urine since I've been taking this remedy. I had my urine tested and nothing was detected except some red blood cells (which have always been present as it runs in my family). I also had my urine checked for calcium, as I understand that that can sometimes account for cloudiness. Have you encountered this before? Do you have suggestions?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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My own experience with cloudy urine, usually is a sign of the body's lack of ability to utilize calcium from deficiencies in vitamin B complex, and magnesium. So if you take magnesium 2: 1 over the calcium, this would usually resolve the problem within a day or two. As to watery stools, it means whatever the food you are takin is of high salts, that occurs in the morning. So if low salt food is taken in the morning, only most of the watery stools will be gone. Assuming that's not the problem, another solution would be to dilute the remedy by adding twice or triple the amount of water. Or even if you don't do that, whenever you do eat food, make sure you drink plenty of water. Usually if the concentration of remedy is too high - some people do cheat on the remedy by adding only 1/4 glass of water instead of the minimum 1/2 glass, but for those who don't just add 1 full glass of water to the original remedy. If that doesn't work then 1.5 glass of water. Most glass of water for everyone is not the same, but a standard glass of water is about 250 cc. When the solution is diluted, the osmotic pressure to pull the water toward the intestines is reduced, from reduced concentration. For example, if I wanted to get a diarrhea, which the opposite of your problem, I just take less water or I might add some sea salt to the remedy.