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Is Apple Cider Vinegar Safe to Take During Pregnancy?

Posted by Meena (Yorkshire, UK) on 11/13/2006

Hello, Ted. thanks for this website where i learned a lot and tried ACV.I am taking ACV with baking soda for my acid reflux and it has been great. I have stopped taking medication for my acid reflux and since i have started ACV. But i am planning for a baby and very concerned if i have to stop ACV i will have to start the medication again and have to face the same problems again. I want to know can i keep on taking ACV during my pregnancy and is it safe.I will be grateful for your answer and help. I am very concerned.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Meena: If you take ACV baking soda at an exact pH of 7.0 it is as safe as it could possibly be. You might also consider taking some lemon juice (say 1/4 lemon or lime) and add some baking soda until the fizz stops then add water.

You can take this once a week if you wish. This will correct the body's Oxidation Reduction Potential imbalances. Basically one reason why we get sick is your blood has a negative ORP of about -100 while all the food we eat is all oxidizing at 300 or 400. This serious discrepancy is what makes our body sick as the body has to process them to a negative potential. So basically taking ACV and baking soda, and sometimes taking lemon and baking soda helps.

Why does ACV baking soda help with your acid reflux. Two things: the buffer increases and the acid reflux is reduce. The second is when the body is alkaline, the bugs which may also caused the acid reflux dies.

Not everyone will be cured of acid reflux 100%, there is the issue of sugar, there is the issue of heavy metals, there is the issue of immune suppression due to iodine deficiency, etc. But basically, I am just keeping thing simple and perhaps stupid most of the time. There is one interesting one which relates to taking fruits too high in thiocyanates (e.g. cassava, and fruit seeds) which bought about immune suppression from lack of iodine due to thiocyanates blocking such function.