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If Taking Apple Cider Vinegar Pills, Is Baking Soda Necessary?

Posted by Mat on 04/02/2007

Dear Ted; I have been reading with great interest your testimonials for apple cider vinegar as a solution to Acid Reflux Disease. You speak highly of adding Bicarbonate of soda to the mixture (APV and water and honey). Question: If I use ACV PILLS instead of the liquid vinegar, can I assume that the Bicarbonate of soda would not now be necessary as the issue with "delamination" of teeth will no longer take place? An incredible web site!... Thanks, Mat

Replied by Ted
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Apple cider vinegar pills do not contain the same composition as a real apple cider vinegar. Even if they were to resolved that issue, you will still need baking soda. Baking soda is actually the main element towards helping the acid reflux, without this, it cannot work as well. Apple cider vinegar is actually supportive. Acid reflux in my experience is a bicarbonate deficiency, but minerals and other elements in apple cider vinegar are also alkaline forming.

I am not certain that apple cider vinegar pills are "alkaline forming" and I would refrain from using them as this is not tested and not likely to be so because every companies used different additives, fillers, which destroys the organic elements of the apple cider vinegar. Acetic acid content in an apple cider vinegar pills are zero, and it only exists in liquid state.

If somehow the companies were able to pack the acetic acid in some absorbant, it would not be practical since they are a volatile compounds. Therefore I doubt that they have 100% apple cider vinegar in the apple cider vinegar pills, with all the fillers, and other "processed" technologies necessary to put them into a convenient pill.