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3 Year Old with Severe Acid Reflux

Posted by Mija (Warrington, UK) on 11/25/2006

I wrote a short explanation about my son's problem before, but I felt I should write about his condition more detail to help you to understand my son's problem. he is 3 years old, has very severe reflux condition. he is taking omeprazole 20mg, doperidone 5ml 3time a day. while he is taking them , his vomiting stops and less heartburn occur As soon as we stop giving tablet, or reduce to 10mg dose vomiting starts followed by sore throat, chest infection, heartburn, awake all night, ...we could hear acid flowing up to his throat He had vascular ring condition(which means an huge abnormal vessel from heart compress his mid-esophagus which makes him difficult to swallow food and causes reflux result from narrowed his esophagus.)from his birth and had 3 times operation to correct his condition. We thought his vomiting , recurrent chest infection, wheezing, excess mucus, sore throat, constipation all this problem was caused by his vascular ring . but after third operation his vomiting symptom and swallowing problem, poor weight gain doesn't disappear at all . After searching a lot of website I realized he has typical symptom of gastro reflux. he hardly grows. even he is 3years old, his body seems only 18moths old baby's height and weight. apart from eating difficulty, vomiting, night acid heartburn , he is so happy and cheerful, very active boy. I am so desperate to find a solution. Doctors only give tablets and say when his body grows , he will grow out of it. I can't see any improvement at all. put on 100g of weight for him take almost a month. I am so sad and sorry for him . he doesn't have any appetite to eat food, because he knows when he eats food,it will make him uncomfortable and upset, can't digest it. he sometimes vomits the food 12hours later. I really want to try ACV and baking soda , but I am not sure that this remedy is suitable for young child. if it is, how much, how long , when to give it? Is baking soda no harm to take regularly for children? is it after meal better or before? what about bedtime? Is he ok to take his antacid tablets and ACV and baking soda same time? Ted, you wrote so many helpful answers. I hope you could help me too..

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Mija: Often vitamin B complex works quite well to increase the appetite. However licorice extract, glycine, with a couple of drops of orange oil and zinc should raise his immunity to suppress the pathogens invading his gastrointestinal tract somewhat.

The dose of licorice extract is often about 1 tablespoon x two times per day and a couple of drops of orange oil is necessary. Peppermint will detoxify. I have seen one case where this was cured after giving plenty of fresh royal jelly, which was very high in vitamin B5. Of course, vitamin B5 can be purchased separately.

Magnesium chloride (250 mg) or magnesium citrate seems to help reflux conditions in some cases that I have seen to be near miraculous recovery. What I do know is electrolytic imbalance of magnesium, zinc, potassium can also cause havoc in a child too, which is often a deficiency usually of magnesium and zinc. Avoiding sugar is necessary for the recovery since a microbe's major source of nutrition are sweets in general.

If all those are done, I would much prefer a lemon bicarbonate formula. So maybe 1/2 lemon plus some baking soda until the fizz are gone then add water to 1/2 glass taken everyday.

This will not cure him of his condition, but I am sure he will be greatly helped. Of course lack of information from you is my major problems in finding a suitable course of supplements.