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Can Stress Cause Acid Reflux, Horrible Shortness of Breath and Metallic Tas

Posted by J.C. (Cleveland, OH) on 11/17/2006

This question is for Ted or anyone who may have some answers. I had a question posted below about some serious acid reflux problems I've been experiencing for several months now. I've literally tried "everything" including acv and baking soda but still, nothing has changed. The only conclusion I can come up with is stress. Just how much of a role can stress play when it comes to acid reflux. This is not a sob story:) Since last year, things have been horrible. My best friend (uncle) has been dying of emphysema so I have been literally doing everything for him. Later, during the year, I was told my Mom was suddenly going to die from liver damage. Then, I came down with extremely bad sciatica, so bad I could hardly walk because of the leg pain. Finally, the same uncle passes away in Feb, 06. By April, the symptoms began to come on slowly. Come June, I was in the emergency room with such horrible shortness of breath, I thought I was going to suffocate. It was then that I was diagnosed with acid reflux. I CONSTANTLY taste acid in my mouth. My throat constantly hurts, and I'm usually hoarse. I know I'm aspiring quite a bit of the acid as well. Is it possible that stress is so powerful, that it can cause all of this to happen? I don't know much about stress except that I don't handle it very well, and I have alot of it. If you or anybody else could give me some pointers, I would REALLY appreciate it! Also, in case I do have a hiatal hernia, does anyone know how to treat it conventionally? Thanks to all of you, this site is really great.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear J.C. Acid reflux is really a bug problem, generally. The acid tastes in the mouth goes away after 2 weeks of 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda taken twice a day on an empty stomach. But stress plays an important part in lowering your immune system and the bug problems expands, where supplementation of iodine, licorice extract and zinc will help raise the immune systems in general. Aromatherapy using narcissus oil will lower the stress, usually within minutes, as well as sodium ascorbate. Melatonin is a good stress reducer if taken before sleep at 5 mg. -- available in most supplement stores. If you want a conventional treatment, this is easy. See your doctor.

Replied by Angelika
Bangor Maine, Gelnhausen, Usa, Germany

NO. Stress comes because you are unhealthy. Stress is the effect from of a health problem, it is a warning that something is wrong with your body, learn to read your body's language. It is important to learn this is a bad health sign so you can prevent it... It doesn't mean that you have a serious health issue in your mind, but instead that something is unhealthy. Perhapse bad health is the only effect of stress. I would never say stress is a "mental problem" because my experience when I was close to death was that I had a lot of stress - I was "chronically" ill. I observed the notion of psychology- and the philosophy is completely inaccurate (studied by people who have too much time for filling minds with strange ideas. And judging the pictures of these people, they are often unhealthy looking) Psychology is dangerous because it mixxed up mental health with true health issues. For Acid reflux, you probally have the blood group 0, like most people and you need to first learn about what it is you need to avoid and what you can eat. Simple the wheat products, and cakes can cause your problems. Also foods out of the can. Eat right for your blood type. With todays lifestyles it may be difficult to have the time to earn money and cook something healthy from raw foods, but it will help your stomach right away if you learn what you are allowed to eat. You are probally eating something wrong everyday that needs to be left out of your diet, and it is easily avoidable.