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Has Ulcerative Stomach, Apple Cider Vinegar Feels More Acidic

Posted by Vickie on 11/06/2006

...WELL, HERE IS WHERE I'M AT......I just got off nexium thinking my ulcerative stomach was might have been..but the red heat started coming out..and I feel the burn in my stomach and when I eat..oh man...the pain radiates through the back to the sides and even down the arms....I will try to take the vinegar...I HAVE ONE PROBLEM..i NEED HELP WITH THOUGH.....THE VINEGAR MAKES ME FEEL MORE ACIDIC...AND IM ALREADY ACID LIKE...HOW DOES THE VINEGAR HELP...????? please let me husband is out of work and we dont have lots of money to spend so everything helps me...I know that any kind of pain reducer causes acid reflux...I have noticed the increase over the years of acid parents dont take pain killers and dont have it that mom takes other meds that can cause stomach problems my meds...I am slowly working my way off the antidepressant and the estrogen ...I or will get off the seizure pills because the seizures were a result of trying to get off the antidepressant...even though I was doing it slowly....when im off it I can get off the seizure drugs....but ..I never had this problem until give naproxin now with nexium to kill the stmach erosion....however, it hooks you on nexium by stopping the pumps of acid therefore making your stomach more sensitive to stomach acid when it starts up again making you go rushing back to taking them again to kill the burn... I dont want to hurt myself by causing me to get a really large ulcer...Im not taking any pain killers but my stomach is dying from the getting off nexium...Im swallowing tons of the pink know for diahrea and stomach works for a short time..I try drinking more water....but I need help to stick this out so my stomach will heal again and I can be normal....I will never lie to get a check up on my stomach which should have been done make sure my stomach is ok...I never had ulcers in my life before and no one in my family had either...I am the first no water in stomach while eating..however...each bite caused me so much pain as it got into the mid section past the esophagus..I think mine is in the entry to the stomach where the last ulcer was going up into the esophagus and down into the there a certain thing I can do...I have lots of acid already and trying to get use to the stomach acid pain ouch....I have to sleep sitting keep it down...Im using the pink stuff it has the salycilac acid in that bad for my stomach now...its the only thing I could find...I might try the apple cider vinegar and water thing to see if it works....what else can you tell half the world is addicted to acid reducers...and if they try to get off ...ouch so a cure for it needs to come

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Vickey: If vinegar will not work well if your body is already deficient in bicarbonates. What you should do is start off something simple, and it is best to start of the simplest, especially for your condition! 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, taken with 1/2 glass warm water, well dissolved, after meals by about 30-45 minutes. Then if this work, slowly build up and use this in addition to the above, using a lime formula:

One whole freshly squeezed lime, plus keep adding baking soda until the fizz stops. Then add water to one whole glass of water. If all goes well, then you can try the ACV plus baking soda and start from there. Lemon juice will try to deal with vitamin C, ORP issues and phosphates issues. While basic baking soda in the first stage is to correct your problematic acid.

It is necessary to observe when eating not to eat too many kinds of foods all at once. Proteins and fruits should be eaten separately at least by several hours. Sweets should be reduced and the food should not be oily.

Your disk problems or back problem, at least for me can be helped with manganese supplements. However, it is important to avoid fried foods of all kinds especially snacks. Take some vitamin B complex and aspirin will help initially and for me manganese completely eliminated the pain. However, in these spine related problem, if you have a heavy metal tester check you urine or the source of your food. common cause are too much lead, cadmium, leucine, and eating too much fried foods. Try baked and boiled foods only and use oils unheated, and take evening primrose oil and flaxseed should help.