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Acid Reflux While Trying to Get Pregnant

Posted by Jenny (UK) on 08/25/2006

Tried to cure acid reflux. My throat has been very dry and I felt as though something stuck in my throat. My back and breast bones were feeling uncomfortable, more so when I breath in deep, especially around my shoulder blades the bones above to my chest. I have been having the symptom of chest uncomfortness for a while. I first had it after I had a very bad flu and cough at the end of 2004. When my cough got better everytime I breathed in I felt as though I couldn't breathe all the down into my stomach, as if something was stopping it from below. I then went to see the doctors who thought I had asthma and prescribed me with the brown inhaler. I tried it for two weeks but did not feel it improved when I breathed in deeply. Then afterwards I would have this uncomfort in my chest, at this point I was starting to get stomach acid and I would go the toilet for a number 2 quite frequent, sometimes having diarhea. The doctors prescibed me medication for ulcers in the duodeum and also medication for the stomach pains. I dilgently had this for two weeks but did not feel my condition improved. I stopped the medication after two weeks because I felt the medication made me worse, my stomach pains slowly disappeared, however I was still going to the toilet for number 2's twice to three times a day. I was continuing getting stomach acids and therefore went to see another doctor who prescribed me with Nexium. This seemed to have worked and stomach acid was less, but as soon I stopped the stomach acid came back and seemed to be worse. I was then wanting to try for a baby and decided not to take any medication because it seemed as though every medication I tried the symptons would get worse after the course of it. My symptoms just seems to be mildly constant and every now and then I would get an outburst of stomach acid and then uncomfort in back and chest. My latest new condition is that my throuat becomes very dry, I feel very thirsty and my tongue in the middle feels sore or course. Last night I decided to try the suggestion of having honey and apple cider but this morning the stomach acid and chest uncomfort was stronger than before I had this mix. I have yet to try bicarbonate soda. Do you know if my condition is due to trying for a baby? Also do you know if it affects you from becoming pregnant? I don't take any gaviscon or tums at all because I'm pretty much anti drugs and therefore am very interested in natural remedies.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You seem to be buffer deficient. So just try to take some sodium bicarbonate for about 2 weeks, at 1/4 teaspoon twice a day on an empty stomach, morning and before sleeping. The buffer will reduce it. Suspect acid reflux is a pathogen, so if you can get fulvic acid, this should help.

Replied by Diamond

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