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Throat Clearing Issue

Posted by Cindy (Salem, OR) on 11/05/2006

Ted, Just started my husband on the ACV/soda for a problem he has had for years and years!! I've searched and searched for something to deal with his throat clearing. He takes different enzymes and has for years. Didn't really think it was acid reflux as he just feels like he has something in his throat he needs to clear out. At times he would eat a soda cracker and it seemed to help calm it down. So when I found your site chasing links one day and saw your treatmeant it was a lightbulb going on for me. He too went through a period of time where he was taking large amounts of Ibuprofin, another lightbulb moment for me. My question is why do you do it on an empty stomach? I think his is so bad and it has gone on for so long that it will take a lot to get it to stop. LOVE YOUR SITE and I'm telling others.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Doing on empty stomach usually is what I do to avoid possible diarrhea or loose stools problem. While the problem is few, a few can really be quite vocal about it.

Chemically bicarbonates in presence of salt, causes loose stools instantly or nearly so, with possible exception of taking too much tea, in which case a loose stool will occur in about 6 hours. So if you by chance happens to be eating salty food, then you take ACV and baking soda, a reaction will occur that causes diarrhea.

As in the condition of your husband's problem, there are two things, insufficient bicarbonates to solve the acid reflux, but a more serious ones a parasites, a bug, a bacteria, mycoplasma, or helicobacter pylori. These can persist on and on both in the stomach, which shows itself in ulcers, or "just happens" to get this condition after doing endoscopy for other things. A more simple word is: you got acid reflux from hospital infection.

In any case, the bugs just happens to persist around the throat. In this case an alkaline solution might help such as taking some borax in warm water and use this as a throat or mouthwash. Drinking some water slowly with some pinches of bentonite clay will mop up these bugs. You can also use potassium carbonate, a teaspoon per 1/2 glass of warm cup as a mouthwash of sort or a slow slip every few minutes. Most of these bugs, while true, they are acid resistant are not alkaline resistant. If it is a purely mycoplasma bug, then treatment is relatively easy, in which case a 6-8 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in 1 glass of water taken 4 times a day.

Never forget in whatever case of acid reflux where a bug is suspected, it always helps to raise your immune system and take maybe 25 mg/day taken two times a day. For only a couple of days alternatively. If your skin is already oily, especially the face or the scalp it is a great clue that you do need the zinc. Bugs do get killed with zinc, but some bugs are a bit more resistant, so some chromium chloride supplements and magnesium chloride or magnesium citrate will give you the extra push.

In your case, it seems the body needs an extra push toward alkalinity to further kill the bug. In this case you might consider taking some extra baking soda and some potassium citate (50:50) at 1/4 teaspoon each and if you just got lucky getting some disodium phosphate, then 1/16 teaspoon of that and add to 1/2 glass of water. This will raise the alkalinity and kill the bugs in the process, albeit on a day by day improvement.

Just one more thing: in my case I had a throat problem that goes on and on. I was once cured by sipping a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide in 1/2 tablespoon of vinegar and 1/2 tablespoon of water. Of course you can notice the improvement in minutes. If not alkalinizing later worked much better for me such as a weak potassium carbonate solution, or maybe as baking soda mouth wash or sipping helped.

In some cases the bugs are STILL resistant, to which I found taking a couple of very very tiny menthol crystals (absolutely NO SUGAR) will effect the killing. Of course, you won't easily find methol crystals, but you might find peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil or rosemary oil will do the same job also. Never forget that licorice extract with all the things in it, does a great job killing them too. In some case an oil pulling might help too, but they take a bit of time and you may have some Herx reaction on the first three days. The linoleic content of the sunflower oil have some antibiotic effects in killing off too, but I think oil pulling is more ideal to pull those heavy metals harboring in your mouth, especially if you have amalgram mercury fillings that is creating havoc and should be removed anyway. Your husband's problem appears to be a bug issue. So kill the bug! No need for expensive analysis to find the specific genus or species of bug you've got, whether they have purple tails or rainbow eyes. Most natural remedies don't care what their names are. Just keep using one or the other, by the process of elimination and pretty soon they will just go away. Ted

Replied by Cindy
Salem, OR

Dear Ted, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had wrote to you on 11/5/06 about my husband and his throat clearing. This was an problem he has delt with for around 15 years. I had put him on your ACV/Baking Soda and he added the citric acid also as his ph seems to always be way to high alkaline. It really seems to have worked and after all these years of trying different things. We are still a bit afraid to claim victory. It has been almost 2 weeks of not one bit of problem. It took about 6 weeks for it to kick in and go away. Now I have to say he had days where he took the mixture 5 times and always at least 3 times a day. If he had bugs he wanted them gone !!!! Plus he really likes the taste of this stuff. I wish I could see you to shake your hand and say thanks. DON'T GIVE UP PEOPLE, THIS STUFF DOES WORK !