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Question About Excessive Concentration of Gases

Posted by Stefan (Canberra, Australia) on 11/30/2007

Hi Ted, I have been using a teaspoon of acv and a teaspoon of liquid honey twice a day to address the issue of my reflux. My heartburn has disappeared, however, I still get excessive concentration of gases in my stomach, especially, when my stomach is empty. Should I increase the dosage of acv/honey? I also noticed that my appetite is not the best. Also, my stomach gets upset with some food like tomatoes. Is there anything else I should avoid eating? Thank you very much.Stefan

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The problem is that apple cider vinegar gets rid of usually mild cases of apple cider vinegar, but the body does not have sufficient bicarbonates to further neutralize the acid in the long run and hence the gases.

In most major cases acid reflux adding the baking soda would have helped a lot and get rid of the gases a lot better in the long run.

The remedy is either 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus at least 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, usually twice a day. The best way to increase this dosage is to go from twice a day to four times a day so the body will have a stable amount of alkalinity throughout the time necessary to kill the remaining acid reflux. Once they microbes are all dead, the gases generally disappeared.

It should be noted that the reason why the baking soda was added is I found many people who are not cured by the acid reflux, simply didn't have sufficient alkalinity from the bicarbonates, and once this was added, the number of complaints on acid reflux stopped.

As to the issue of honey, add a small amount just sufficient to neutralize the bad tastes of the apple cider vinegar. In rare cases acid reflux were not stopped by adding honey, but added fuel to the acid reflux. In case gases need to be reduce, I would at least consider not adding the honey, at least for now, until the problems goes away.

I am assuming of course that you are not eating too much beans and peanuts and sometimes certain flour product as it tends to create a lot of gases.