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Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Question

Posted by Sharon (New York, NY) on 11/05/2006

My question is this: My daughter, 20, has had excess acid in her system for going on 4 years. She has had every test imaginable & the diagnosis is pre-ulcerative condition(?!). Right now she is on Previcid & Zoloft. (Because of course she is stressed) This past weekend she had a terrible bout w/ her stomach. I bought her home to her bed (which, by the way, is elevated @ the head) & lo & behold, the next morning ,no pain. This started me thinking. The meds obviously DON't work. So she is weaning off of them w/ her Dr's guidance. Can she start on the ACV Baking Soda regimin while being on the Previcid? Or is it counter-productive?She is going to an Acupuncturist tomorrow, should she wait & see? Thanks for your advice.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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To avoid any possible contraindications", just take acv and baking soda. Her conditions seems to be a bug in her system running up on the acid reflux. So licorice extract, a couple of tablespoons, should be o.k.

A nice warm strong tea often high in tannins can also kill the bug. Sometimes these acid bugs are strange creatures, one case after everything else failed, I told them to take 1 tablespoon sea salt one dose a week. The salt did the trick.

She is going to an Accupuncturist tomorrow, should she wait & see?

Do things one at a time so you will know what cures (ails) you. I have seen many people in a hurry for a cure and don't know what is what. Then when they have it again, they were totally left in the dark.

It is like going back to the old drawing board. It won't take long to know it works or not. Give it just only one day and see. Ted