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Best Treatment?

Posted by A reader

What would you say is the best treatment for fibromyalgia? I was injured at my job in 1997 and have been suffering with this since. Often fibromyalgia is caused by injury as in my case. I am an RN but don't know what is really safe with all my medications. Are there adverse effects from these treatment? I have been going for pain management for a long time and certain treatments have helped and until just the past few weeks had only suffered from back, neck and arm pain along with fatigue and headaches. It is hard to hold down a job when you feel so miserable.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Many people with fibromyalgia had symptoms that went away and there seems to be many ways. One way is taking water with then 5-10 drops of 3% H2O2 seems to bring relief especially the weakness fairly quickly. Doctors are using magnesium and malic acid to reduce fibromyalgia, so you can take this after to take a glass of water with a weak solution of H2O2.

Apparently the caused is coming from some kind of mycoplasma. Which is fungus like and difficult to kill, however, these should lessen the pain or at least make them tolerable. Another way that seems to hit well is taking about 4 teaspoon (or grams) of sea salt with 1 teaspoon of vitamin C (4 to 1 ratio). Just start smaller than and try it out. Taking baking soda about 1/2 - 1 teaspoon seems to help in increasing oxygen in the blood by increasing the pH of the blood a bit and will help kill the mycoplasma.

It has been increasing trend that people who take yearly flu vaccines have very high methyl mercury level that exceeds the EPA by as much as 25 times. Therefore, it will really help if you eat some vegetables, in particular 1/3 cup of chinese parsley to chelate them out. This is taken only after taking the sea salt and vitamin C. The pathogens once destroyed will release two things, free radical irons and biological toxins. Chinese parsley will chelate the metals safely (Asians been eating this vegetable for thousands of years and used as a blood purifier) and also taking some apple cider vinegar will neutralized the toxins from a mycoplasma die off.

There is no perfect treatment since most people don't provide me any feedback. This is especially true when they are cured or gone into remissions. One told me that limu, a type of brown seaweed seems to work well with fibromyalgia also.