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Daughter with Ar, Hiatal Hernia, Ulcers, Inflammation

Posted by Cindy (Moss Point, MS) on 02/20/2009

Question For Ted: Hello, my seven year old daughter is in a constant state of pain. She has Acid Reflux, hiatal hernia, esophageal ulcers, and inflamation in the duodenum. She has been on prevacid for 8 weeks with no improvement. Now she is trying Nexium she has been on this for 10 days with no improvement. What would be the best treatment for her. She desperately needs some pain relief. I pick her up early everyday from school. she just can't handle staying all day. I want to do something all natural because I know these drugs are just a temporary fix. Thanks, Cindy

Replied by Somer
Columbia, SC

I am not really a help as we are going through the same thing with our six year old daughter and I have just begun to research some treatments. She is also on the Prevacid for a couple of weeks and no improvement. Does your daughter have vomiting issues as well? I was just trying to find the foods that are less likely to trigger the reflux. Would you keep me posted on any remedies or treatments that tend to work. we just found out that Reflux is what is causing so much of her abdominal discomfort. She lives on whole milk and apple juice so we are cutting this out along with some other foods to see if this helps. What drinks does your daughter feel like helps a little bit. Also does she complain of the belly pain?

Replied by Cindy
Moss Point, MS

Hey there,

My daughter can no longer drink milk. She does have some vomiting and headaches with the nexium---so I know it is not good for her. She does have severe pain right beneath the belly button. The Dr. did an xray and found her bowls to be extremely distended. She has to take miralax every day. But, she still has pain everyday. I am at my witts end. I do give her 1/2 TBLS of Vinegar and 1/8 tsp of baking soda every night. She has not yet been pain free. Please keep her in your prayers that we find a cure and I will do the same for your little one.


Replied by Cindy
Moss Point, MS


I have been using 2tsps. of ACV (organic w/mother) and aluminum free baking soda for about 2 weeks and no relief from her stomach pain. She doesn't have any acid reflux but she still hurts directly under her belly button. Should I try sea salt or something else for the ulcers? The doctor told me she is so impacted that her bowels were distended. She uses the bathroom everyday but he said she was still impacted. She is now on mirilax everyday so she can go on a daily basis. I assume that is the pain beneath her belly button. Please help with these problems. She is 7 years old and she weighs 52lbs. She needs some relief. Last summer she weighed about 38lbs. She is gaining weight drastically and she is miserable. Oh, she is also on Nexium 20mg twice a day.

Thank you,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Nexium can lead to some distended stomach if the pH balance and sodium/potassium and magnesium is not addressed properly. Certain meds do shut down the kidney leading to distended or swollen stomach also, but usually the legs.

In any event, the distended stomach in this cases appear to be a certain bacteria that leads to ulcers, but not in the stomach, it's in the intestines, such as leaky gut syndrome, ulcerative colitis, for example. Certain fungus can also lead to irritation once they are set into the system. If its a bacteria there's two way to deal with that. Magnesium chloride or magnesium citrate supplements 500 mg a day or twice a day, plus one tablespoon of milk of magnesia with 1/2 glass of water or follow the package of milk of magnesia to get a laxative, which reduces the water buildup from its laxative effect. I like to use stool to reduce water retention and sometimes the kidneys, but I don't like to rely on too much kidney as it's overused organ compared to it's size if we compare that with the intestines. Now the pH of milk of magnesia is about 10, which is alkaline enough to kill most of the pathogens especially staph bacteria and other bacteria where they can easily survive in acid to neutral medium in the intestines. Also milk of magnesia is actually 8% magnesium hydroxide, which has a very low water solubility and helps in raising the pH along the intestinal tract and kills it that way.

Getting a normal bowel movement is also a key. Two essential elments for normal bowel movement I have noticed is one is the baking soda which you did, but the other one that is most critical is the tripotassium citrate (common name potasium citrate) that seems to work consistently enough for me to be happy. The dose I used is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate. Once the bowel movements are more regular it helps. But notice that certain medications tend to cause swollen by shutting down kidney. It works that way because certain cortisone like elements found in excess in the blood leads to an adrenal shutdown too.

However in this case I suspect there's a pathogen. Therefore the addition potassium, milk of magnesia, and magnesium should help deal with the other problem thats still there. By normalizing the pH intracellularly with potassium and magnesium should discourage pathogens. But we must also consider other elements of drug medication that can lead to this also. In any event white bread, peanuts, mushrooms of all kinds, milk, steak are the common ones I would also avoid.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Hiatal hernia is a certain fungus like organism that has certain properties of bacteria. The best way I think that would be an approach is simply for ADULT DOSE who weighs 100 pounds, and then we just reduce the dose on a per weight basis as follows:, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon potassium bicarbonate in 1/2 glass of water. So if a child is 1/4 of the weight of a 100 pound small adult the dose is then one quarter. This is often taken twice a day over a course of a week to sell correct the body's immunity and pH. It requires about two week for the body to have the bicarbonates level to fight off this.

This seems to be the best remedy so far, at least the simplest, there are other additions that help the push such as a tablespoon of colloidal copper (a small child would be just a half teaspoon) or just simply amino acid chelated copper at 1 mg -2 mg dose taken just only twice a week for a small child, assuming it was quite possible also to do the hair mineral analysis to see for possible copper deficiency if that's possible. The fungus like bacteria of this hiatal hernia I have found to have low copper, low manganese, low chromium, low magnesium, are the major ones. A vitamin B complex adjusted for appropriate size and weight of a child may also be added during the eating of food.

It should be noted that after two weeks of just a baking soda, or a baking soda with potassium, where the second one is more effective together, the appetite and the allergy or the reaction would have been reduce by the second week. However this dose requires that it is taken twice a week. The second most important remedy along with alkalization that's gentle enough without much problem is the magnesium, preferably magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride supplements for a normal adult 100 pounds to be 500 mg. so a per weight basis that might on 1/4 of weight to be 250 pound or 1/10 depending on the weight again. After a week, if the appetite haven't quite improve, the a vitami B complex is the other addition. A copper supplements is one of those supplements that have anti-fungal properties and for a child I believe a 2 mg twice a week dose should have notice some improvement. However, I have seen improvement of hiatal hernia from just the baking soda and potassium citrate, with some magnesium supplements as a supportive one.

The other tip is if the condition was started with an antibiotics, then it gives me some good indication that they are a confirmed sort of fungus as antibiotics are frequently contaminated of them, as that's how they are made anyway as being a sort of hiatal hernia triggers. In that case 5 drops of 3% H2O2 per glass and drink only just a quarter of a fifth of that taken maybe three or four times a day. Plus an every other day cilantro, to remove the heavy metals. Some b complex during meals also help some digestion, but I believe that magnesium is most protective against the toxins from the fungus, as well as hydrogen peroxide drops most favorably clears the body of toxins in the liver as well as neutralizing pathogens by oxidation where the conditions can clear up on many ocassions too.


Replied by Rasikel
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

i have acid reflux for the past 7months and i just start to take apple cider vinegar how long shall i take it for ikel

Replied by Francesca

Warm oil tummy Massages and Warm caster oil packs might relieve some tummy pain. Maybe no raw foods just veggie soups with chicken for protein. No carbs and NO SUGAR. A weak colon can handle very little. Irish sea moss will gently heal the colon and give nutrition. They do have gummies but maybe just a little bit of the powered one dissolved in warm water first thing in the morning. Every morning. like a little less than a 1/4 teaspoon first week then 1/4 teaspoon. Her ileocecal valve might be flipped. No relief if that isn't in the right position. Everything backs up. Find a good Chiropractor that does visceral manipulation