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Acid Reflux and Spastic Esophogus

Posted by Karen (Orlando, FL)

Ted, I think it is just wonderful that you are giving your time to help those desperately in need without asking something in return. I commend you for this! I was diagnosed with acid reflux and a spastic esophogus 5 years ago which I believe was from the stress of pregnancy. Whenever a small amount of acid enters my esophogus it causes it to spasm, which in turn causes terrible pain in between my shoulder blades and in my chest and can also cause me to have choking sensations. When diagnosed I was put on Protonix. I took this medication for 1 year and it did help to heal my esophagus and get my over production of acid under control. I have been off of it for 1 1/2 years now. I try to control the acid reflux by my diet. Now and then I do have flare ups. About 2 months ago the acid reflux began again. Although, this time I cannot seem to get in under control. I try not to eat foods that cause acidity. But now it is to the point where I am in fear of the damage it may cause to my esophagus. Just about every moment of every day I am faced with the pain in my chest, throat and back. I do not sleep well and it seems like everything, including water, bothers me. I am beginning to feel a little deperate and have considered going to a doctor for help. Although, I know the Acid Blockers are just masking the problem and can be very harmful. I don't know what the root cause of the problem is and I certainly don't know how to stop it. I am 42 and not overweight at all. I would appreciate your assistance in helping stop this suffering so I may get back to living a life not consumed in worry about my health condition. I would appreciate if you can please make this specific to my situation with amounts to use. I was very concerned when I read all the issues with the burning of the tongue, etc. I do not want to create another painful situation to add to the one I already have. I desperately need help and would appreciate your advice. Thank you so much! Karen