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Asthma and Acid Reflux

Posted by Anna (San Diego, CA) on 04/02/2007

Hi there. I am really happy that I found this site. I have been suffering from a serious case of acid reflux. I have been prescribed to take nexium twice a day for the rest of my life and it makes me so sad to think about the long term effects. I don't like taking medicine, especially when I still have symptoms. I got a new doctor who wants to switch my medication so I've been trying others but my pain has been worse and worse each day. As in the case of some, I was misdiagnosed with Asthma a few years ago and treated heavily for it for close to a year. The medication hurt me severely. I never had asthma but now I have difficulty breathing after meals, sleeping and suffer from pain other pains. I also have to watch all I eat. I am going to try this solution starting tomorrow and I hope and prey I can post a happy message. If anything, its nice to know other lives have been improved, I only hope I can feel the same, even if it takes some time. Thank you for this advice!

Replied by Ted
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Any time microbes are in your body they can cause all kinds of symptoms depending on where their colonies exists.

If they exist along the intestinal tract, like strep, staph, or fungus they will cause various sickness with different names.

A fungus along the digestive tract can be called a candida. A staph along a digestive tract in the intestines can be called a leaky gut. A strep along the intestinal tracts can cause bad burning sensations. A mycobacterium along our joints is called "arthritis".

Asthma comes when the colonies expands to produce toxin waste products which cause the body to fight off by alkalizing the intestinal tract and giving of acid for the lungs to rid of, when acid is excess along the breathing passages and newer form of mycobacterium or fungus like exists, it causes asthma as capillaries constrict in presence of acidity.

The present science community has not taken as seriously the field of microbiology as it once did over a century ago, but it could describe an lot of our sickness today.

Unfortunately this field is commercialized. A few decades ago the CDC business were relatively quiet, but then bioengineering came in, and biological weapons seems to be let loose on the population, probably not in the same form of course, but obviously the DNA gets spliced or organism acquired new traits whenever newer biological microbes, made by man unleashes itself from various manufacturing process to produce medicines, such as antibiotics.

These never existed before but advances in biological engineering in the commercial arena has probably been accidentally or maybe unknowing, or purposely released to the population. Unfortunately the CDC is a commercial entity and it is not a public or a governmental entity. This makes fighting against these newer strains of microbes difficult. There are now some viruses I found that are now resistant to hydrogen peroxide and some are even resistant to both alkaline and acid medium. It doesn't make me optimistic at all when fighting these microbes!

While we worry to the left on the microbial front, on the right are all these pseudoestrogens in commercial products, and to the back is growth hormones being injected into cows to produce more milk or more meat, and to the front is heavy metals found yearly vaccinations(mercury and aluminum) and in our foods.

The cause is really simple: it is all man-made.