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Lprd or Silent Reflux Questions

Posted by Erin (Cleveland, OH) on 12/22/2006

I have literally spent the better part of my work day on this site reading the "testimonials". Although I have been a chronic reflux sufferer for many years, I was only recently diagnosed with Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease (LPRD) better known as "silent" reflux. I do not suffer from heartburn and can sleep through the night very comfortably, but I know the reflux is there as I'm guilty of eating salty snacks before bed and I'm a heavy smoker. What led me to the doctor to get the diagnosis was my sudden inability to swallow food with ease. It felt as though food would stick in my throat and not move through my esophagus to the point where I have not ingested solid foods in over 4 weeks. I'm fearful of choking. I've been on a heavy diet of Ensure and cigarettes (smile) ever since. After my laryngoscopy, my ENT guy prescribed Prilosec and said there was some puffiness at the back of my throat. Here's my question: Will this ACV with mother help me eat again? I can manage the reflux, but I really miss being able to eat full meals. I no longer feel like a member of the human race. If this ACV "thing" can improve my throat condition, I will be of eternal gratitude to this website. Someone please HELP!!! :-(

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I used to have this problem with difficulty swallowing usually and some other people I know, but I can't imagine a typical doctor would go to such extremes for what I once thought was a simple complications.

Usually, the supplements of magnesium gluconate (or magnesium citrate/magnesium chloride), vitamin E 2000 I.U. , vitamin B complex (mostly 100 mg each, except for B12 and biotin, which are 100 mcg and 500 mcg, respectively) will solve the problem.

Apparently the muscles of the esophagus undergoes a spasm whenever the magnesium is lacking in the body. Muscle tightness is a sign of too much calcium, too little magnesium and too much strontium, and cadmium in the body.

Both calcium and strontium causes tightening of the muscles along with the body's excess acidity from table salt. With magnesium which is antagonistic of both calcium and strontium the esophageal spasms should be appreciably reduced within a week. But it is important to realize the vitamin E and selenium is needed so that the muscles is not "starved" for oxygen creating the spasms.

In case if you are wondering where the strontium, and cadmium comes from, it comes from the smoking. Smoking also have trace cyanide and carbon monoxide furthering to tense the muscle. Both cyanide and carbon monoxide is interesting in that if the body is acid, which it is, in presence of lack of oxygen, the muscles goes into spasms just like when fishes are starved for oxygen, they become almost paralyzed.

The one thing unusual about "table salt" often found in salty snacks is that it is very acid forming. The oily foods from snacks tends to block neural signaling as free fatty acids blocks hormones action thus causing improper neural functioning. Vitamin B complex should restore this problem, but not the muscle tightening or sudden spasms which will cause choking. Those can be helped with plenty of magnesium. However because of heavy metals of strontium and others coming from smoking, I have seen selenium supplements and vitamin E are quite synergistic with the condition of LPR, but I prefer to simply call it esophageal spasms which causes the choking.

It should be understood, that a lemon with baking soda until the fizz reduces plus 1/2 glass of water taken before sleeping and once in the morning should restore the potassium and antioxidants needed. The citrates has some heavy metal chelation properties but not enough and some powdered granulated lecithin should be helpful in further detoxification. It should be noticed that when body is lacking in oxygen from carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and even cyanide trace amounts along with excess acid, all these tend prevent the body from utilizing the oxygen you breathe and hence esophageal spasm. You are lucky that such lack of oxygen utilization does not get to the brain centers or the heart. On the other hand, perhaps it did in the brain centers as it orders an improper command to the esophagus, but in the past, I have noted that it also goes to affect nightmares, waking up in a cold sweat, or a sudden shock upon waking, and even in some cases a sudden arm spasms or shocking. Those I experienced as a student (western diets are bad) was relieved with sunflower seed, but it takes awhile (sunflower seeds had magnesium) and baking soda helped, and vitamin E reduces muscle pain.

Such muscle spasm from magnesium deficiency (and possibly potassium) can be expanded to sudden spasms of the whole body in which the whole body cannot move, or sleeping death, which means the heart simply stop. In both cases I found both a potassium and magnesium deficiency in the extreme. Those people who died like that were found to eat only instant noodle soup for a very long time without eating fruits (potassium) or green vegetables and seeds (magnesium).

Phosphate rich foods tends to make it worse, in some cases perhaps it was the phosphoric acid, which is high in soft drinks too.

So the fear of choking, at least for me is not as fearful as heart stoppage or complete bodily spasms during sleep, which could initiate death during sleep whenever magnesium and potassium is severely deficient.

I got some of those long time ago, but I do not know how I knew this piece information when I was a student, but it was an important piece of information since the food was mostly snack food when I was a student. As a tip, vitamin C sodium ascorbate is also an antidote for carbon monoxide poisoning, but those are taken in large amounts, but in case of cigarettes or smoking in general 1000 to 2000 mg. of sodium ascorbate might bring some results to muscle spasms of esophagus too.