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Posted by M (Indiana) on 12/23/2007

Hi I am writing after reading all the info Ted has written. Wow! I have had acid reflux/small h.hernia for several years and it progressively got to the point where my mouth was burnt, like hot soup all the time and my singing voice was damaged. I went on nexium 3 years ago and then I got prego with my 4th child and voila! the acid reflux stopped. I drank the ACV for a while during first few weeks of discovering morning sickness and thus pregnancy; b/c I did not want to take a drug I TRIED THE ACV. So I go an entire 10 months, drink coffee almost everyday and no AR. As soon as I delivered the babe, back it was. What can it be. Why? Is it alcohol that does it, is it the relaxin hormone that helped. The doc now tells me 2 nexium /day, come back and see me...I have BEEN DRINKINg BS up to 2 tsp a day no ACV. I still have burning and dry teeth but not as bad. It is Christmas and holiday diet is bad. I am generally really fit and heath conscious. Can I sip BS all day to counter burning. Diarrhea is not an issue had it once. I would not mind it. I am more apt to be constipated. When do I start ACV and does it actually cure acid reflux? Should I take lecithin and biotin. What kind of diet and for how long? God Bless You. I have prayed for a Miracle.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Mimi: It should be noted that the baking soda is a very simple remedy anyone can obtain however if more effective remedy is needed, there is a couple of others.

I actually have several remedy but it is beyond my ability to write everything down but will focus on the simplest here. In event of a severe acid reflux, and diarrhea is not a problem a baking soda can be taken more than twice a day, and could be up to 4 times a day need to contain the problem.

However, the key issue seems to be to get the mouth and the gastrointestinal tract to be more alkaline. An unknown organism seems to grow in acid environment. Therefore, another there are couple more effective remedy (ranked) by order of effectiveness that is better than the baking soda remedy.

1. 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (or a better sodium citrate - if you can get it), plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1/2 glass of water taken at least twice a day. It is the potassium that can effectively raise the salivary pH, more so than sodium, but a sodium is critical to normal functioning and must always be used. If potassium is used only, it will cause extreme weakness and excessive sweating, and hence the sodium must be at least twice more than the potassium.

2. In certain persistent lactic acidosis in many cases that may be causing the problem is the need for vitamin B1 thiamine daily 100 or 200 mg a day plus twice weekly vitamin B50 dose is taken. The thiamine, I have found to be helpful in pH control by controlling the blood sugar, and hence reduces the lactic acidosis. It is important to avoid any aspartame and artificial sweetener since it has caused me to almost become contagiously acid reflux plus a high lactic acidosis. Apparently by some unknown mechanism, the aspartame is an excitatory chemical which causes certain glanular and cell death, or nerves which controls the body's delicate pH and immune system, as well as blood sugar levels. MSG especially added in prepared foods can be troublesome too, but what really got me sick was the aspartame.

3. Apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoon plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (or better sodium citrate) and 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1/2 glass of water is used, usually taken at least twice a day, but preferably three times a day, if need be. The apple cider vinegar when reacted with this has an anti-inflammatory properties.

4. A similar lemon juice 2 tablespoon plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (or preferably sodium citrate) plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1/2 glass of water water where frequency of dose is same as the apple cider vinegar. In both conditions, where apple cider or lemon is used it is the citrate that is most effective in controlling the pH or alkalinity, but it is the added potassium that can raise the alkalinity of the mouth and gastrointestinal tract most effectively, but sodium is most critical in a basic preparation of the remedy.

5. Certain mineral supplements such as sodium molybdate (molybdenum), 50 mg for example are necessary for effective pH control which does not require to take it everyday but needed just to prevent a deficiency which in certain cases of acid reflux were helped too. This is taken at least twice a week, for example, in case its not working as well as expected.

6. As to the biotin and lecithin this helps reduce blood sugar that is responsible for the acidity. Although a biotin dose in my experience require larger dose, usually 8 mg/day and a lecithin can always be taken along with the meals. It is important still to avoid fructose, aspartame, and vegetable oils (except coconut oil because it is is so poorly absorbed, which makes it a much safer alternative). A vegetable oil can easily get absorbed by the bloodstream due to its lack of viscosity and low melting temperature and boiling temperature, while coconut oil is a lot better because it is poorly absorbed and acts as a lubricant preventing constipation. But it should be noted that constipation is also a sign of acidosis, or worse metabolic acidosis, which a vitamin B1, lecithin, and perhaps small piece of unsweetened chocolate made from a cocoa, taken only once a week. A small piece here is taken to mean about one teaspoon of 100% cocoa or chocolate bar. Apparently the flavonoids component I have found to help reduce lactic acidosis quite well.

In case the lactic acidosis were initiated by the body's problematic ability to control both sugar, and the fact that it becomes very acid very quickly, then this condition can be controlled furthermore (besides just cocoa, B1, molybdenum) with sodium vanadate 50 mg/day (taken at least maybe 50 mg/day), plus some sodium tungstate at 100 mg/day, and perhaps 4000 mg of taurine. The reason why these new information is not mentioned is the difficulty of obtaining them.

7. Also magnesium citrate is still as important as potassium too as it controls the saliva pH, if you can take it, the magnesium citrate dose is about 250-500 mg per day.

It's difficult to cover every aspect of acid reflux, but these are the main factors I consider that is helpful. A possible tip as an extra boost, if the above is not working as well is just for me to take sometimes, one tablespoon of colloidal silver, if things don't turn out the way it should.

The reason why I avoided giving all of these remedy is it becomes a kitchen sink remedy and people get confused. Hence, just add potassium to the remedy and if it doesn't work, a more powerful remedy is added later. The next in line of course is the B1 thiamine plus B50 and the lecithin and biotin.