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Blastocystitis Hominis

Posted by Lou on 06/22/2007

Ted: Have read your wonderful solutions on earth clinic! Thank you. My problem -- have acid reflux and tried ACV last fall -(lots of stress too) but got burning mouth --finally read on your site to take baking soda too --- I am now taking 1/2 tsp. baking soda and 1/8 tsp. pot. citrate 2x day for almost 2 weeks. Will try ACV and baking soda again soon. At end of March ate out and stomach got upset loose stool and abdominal pain. This was also time I was scheduled to do stool test(checking for yeast thinking possible cause of acid) -- the loose stool cleared up within few days and ab. pain on and off for a few weeks. Occasionally I will get ab. pain if system slows down and I don't eliminate well. When stool sample came back yeast ok, one good bacteria a little low (take more probotics) but moderate count of blastocystis hominis --- doctor said normally wouldn't treat but since moderate would. Wanted me to take 7 days of anti. --they tear up my stomach so I searched for alternative route. Ordered some products --- one contains, cranberry concentrate, grapefruit seed extract, sweet wormwood (arial parts) garlic, cayenne slippery elm, bromelain ---supposed to take 2 per meal for 2 wks. stop 5 days and take 2 more weeks. Prop. blend 1000 mg. I have taken l twice a day for 2 days --- seemed to increase heartburn and got ab. pain --- maybe nothing to do with it, don't know. Didn't have either before tho. Other one is liquid -contains black walnut, wormwood arial parts, centuary, male fern, orange peel, cloves and butternut - prop. blend 1.25 ml taken 1/4 tsp 3 x day. Have not tried it yet. All three products from same company. I remember you saying try one thing at a time. Other product is made from castor bean oil called 10 undecenoic acid 50 mg. supposed to take 2 per meal. Haven't tried this yet but seems to be safe from what I have read. Question --- I have read a lot about b. hominis -- some think harmless some think your body can rid itself (which I think mine may have) but thought this treatment might help if related to acid reflux. Others think it is derived from yeast and experts keep going back and forth. Your opinion please and what you would recommend. I really respect your knowledge!!!! What about olive leaf extract, other supplements? Are wormwood (aerial parts) and male fern safe? I have read increasing fiber, good probotics, hawthorne berry extract, etc. might help. Should I keep trying this product for a few more days --- will wait until I hear from you. Can I take ACV with any of products. Would love something that would be easy on my sensitive system. Have had burning mouth for several months --- could pathogens be cause?? If so, what do I take?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Your observation on this link of acid reflux with blastocytis hominis appears to be related. Blastocystis hominis is due to eating contaminated, food particularly when you eat out, where sanitary conditions are obviously less controlled than home cooked food. Infections occur due to feces much similar like the e.coli found in meats. The common symptoms for eating hominis which you described is a diarrhea. I think this blastocystis hominis, to be a new class of microbes all its own known as Blastocysteaas class. It is neither a fungus, or a yeast, I prefer to think of it as a parasites. As to your questions of whether blastocystis hominis, can be the cause of acid reflux the answer is yes, and this is one reason why acid reflux formula (baking soda) works so well. The reason why is that this organism is peculiarly sensitive fo oxygen, and I suspect it is sensitive to borax as most parasites I know seems to have this pattern. In event where a cause is known, usually a remedy is fairly straightforward. The acid reflux formula for this is alkalization, where I think, under this cause a lime and baking soda, may work better as citrates are generally more effective in alkalization and increasing the oxygen content in the body. Alkalization simply drives out carbon dioxide easier as carbonic acid (CO2 in water) are neutralized by alkalization by holding less of it. The other additional remedies that increase oxygen to the body appears to adding 3-6 drops of 3% H2O2 to all glass of drinking water, during every meal, or on empty stomach. By increasing oxygen this way to the intestines, the number of this blastocystis hominis is reduced.

Blatocystis is an interesting one in that it secretes protease that breaks down your body's antibiodies such as immunoglubulin A (IgA). The immunoglubulin A is important one since it prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms in the body by neutralizing micorbial toxins, and this may also lead to another conditions such as eczema, boils and other sickness caused by the breakdown of the body's immune system, especially allergies and skin breakouts (toxins from bacteria creates this if the body does not have IgA to neutralize the harmful toxins). As a result, if the cause of acid reflux is hominis, then I know that taking any protease, digestive enzymes (bromelain) for example would not help. It would make my conditions worsen with the acid reflux. What hominis does it actually creates some kind of enzymes that digests your immune system, so obviously I wouldn't try to take either acid forming supplements (digestive enzymes, cranberry juice, etc.) to treat the hominis, as the body is already in a state of digesting myself! Hominis would be one issue that can be causing hiatal hernia, and other immune issues that is relevant to acid reflux. So if immune issues, hiatal hernia, I think hominis is implicated. Certain other supplements that increases the body of oxygen besides the hydrogen peroxide is the 10% sodium chlorite 10% adding 3-5 drops per glass of water. Those can kill them too, but I am old fashion and prefer to give the hydrogen peroxide a try first before using the sodium chlorite, as this allows better oxygen increase, but they are a bit harder to find.

What can I do in killing these organism? For one thing, I won't try antibiotics its already over prescribed and it tends to be acid forming, and thus makes acid reflux worse, indirectly increasing the hominis as acid forming antibiotics lowers the body's oxygen levels. Perhaps the simplest way to reduce blastocytis hominis is drinking strong green tea (no sugar, no fructose, no fruit juice, no milk) can also reduce the number of colonies by the actions of tannins that tends to kill the hominis proteins by denaturing them. Thereafter, drinking water with a couple of hydrogen peroxide added with 1/2 teaspoon baking soda with one whole freshly squeezed lime (8 teaspoon) in 1/2 glass of water taken 2 times a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. Eating foods with some sea salt added (NEVER COMMON TABLE SALT!) will reduce the colonies by salinization, much like salted meats. Bacterial colonies simply can't grow in sea salt, which is why hominis are so few in seawaters. Hominis exist more on the land than in the sea, land feces there is more of it tan those in seawater. If this were not true, than our fishes would get acid reflux (LOL)! Sea salt in my opinion along with oxygen is the world's oldest form on antibiotics and will continue to work just as well against them. Humic acid added to food can also reduce the hominis survivability as the tannin components are deadly to them. Perhaps one day, as humic acid are more available, those may be of good potentials against the hominis, at least some farmers are doing it already by mixing them with manure or fertilizer to reduce the number of harmful bacteria found in feces before the use in plants.

The lists you mentioned for treatment appears to be of antiviral in nature (e.g. wormwood, olive leaf extract), or digestives (bromelain, cranberry) or probiotics. The problem about those in my opinion is that it does not directly deal with hominis' Achilles heels, which time and time again, happens to be increasing the level of oxygen in the body, usually by alkalization (baking soda), or drops of hydrogen peroxide, or salinization (which is the simplest and one of the world's oldest antibiotics). Probiotics only works if the intestines' pH are alkaline friendly, otherwise they will be digested themselves by the enzymes created by the hominis. If I treat the hominis as a parasites, then I might consider adding a pinch of borax to my drinking water to reduce that. No doubt, black hull walnut tincture might rid of parasites, but this appears to be a lot smaller and oxygen and borax I think are much more sensitive and somewhat more directed against the hominis. Because of such sensitivity of oxygen, colloidal silver (or colloidal silver oxide), taken 2 times a day 1 tablespoon may be effective against hominis directly, ESPECIALLY since colloidal silver is both poorly absorbed (which is good since it is found in our intestinal tract), as well as silver's strong affinity to oxygen. To make a colloidal silver into a colloidal silver oxide, just add 1 drops 3% hydrogen peroxide to the bottle. Those should be more than enough to create the colloidal silver oxide.

So in my opinion getting rid of hominis by use of increasing oxygen, sea salt, green tea, colloidal silver and alkalization in general seems to be a more viable means.

Replied by Allison
Mount Sinai, New York

I am a 44 yr old female. I originally thought my result of burning stomach and regurgitating reflux was stress. But now I'm not so sure. It is constant whether I have food in my stomach or not. Laying down or upright. I am now on a regime of digestive enzymes and probiotics. Nothing is happening. I drink chamomile and licorice tea. Nothing is happening. I do think it is a parasite or bacteria. I eat alot of fresh fruit (I wash at home), but I also eat alot of salad when I'm out. I only water rinse salad when I eat it at home as well as all my leafy vegetables that I saute'. I started severe burping. The bloating came after the burping and now for the past month burning reflux and stomach, achy ears and lump in throat with pain and a desire to spit up my phlegm. The bloating is gone and I don't have that heavy stomach feeling anymore.

My diet is good (meats and veggies, minimal carbs. ) and so is my energy and weight. I still have an appetite. I did not take anything my internist prescribed because I am on a natural journey to heal this condition. I have in my house wormwood. Should I start taking it? I am so scared of the damage to my throat and stomach lining. Would a digestive cleanse help too? Could this be low stomach acid due to stress? Are my adrenals compromised and causing this? Should I be on b-vitamins? Will baking soda cause high blood pressure or heart palps? Thank you for an advice.