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Acid Reflux and Pregnancy

Posted by Susan (Los Angeles, CA) on 11/05/2006

Dear Ted, Thank-you for your generosity in answering so many questions and helping so many people out. I am hopeful you can help me too. I am three months pregnant and had awful morning sickness which was pretty much 24 hours a day and a lot of vomiting. Last week I noticed a little blood in my vomit and my stomach right where my esophagus is began hurting very badly. I can't stop burping and I have what I can only describe as vomit flem. It comes up in the back of my throat like flem but tastes like vomit. I called my doctor who put me on zantac two times a day and have been diagnosed with an acid reflux problem. I am only three months pregnant and I've heard this usually doesn't occur until later in pregnancy but typically only worsens as the pregnancy goes on. I can't imagine living with this another 6 months and am concerned it will persist after I give birth. My quality of life is very low right now and I'm wondering if there are any safe remedies for acid reflux while one is pregnant (of course I will verify with my doctor any recommendation you make) but I'm just curious if you can help me. I have read quite a bit about your recommendations for baking soda, apple cider vinegar and vitamin b which I suspect I'm deficient in right now. What would you recommed for me? Thanks in advance for your help, Susan

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Susan, Your conditions would be helped by taking baking soda, some vitamin B complex, manganese, and molybdenum. Manganese in form of manganese sulfate, taken only one day of 50 mg. to see if you are relieved, if not then you don't have to continue. Results you should know it within the next day. Best taken on an empty stomach. Sodium molybdate, 50 milligrams are somehow related to to acid reflux, in the control of pH so just one dose only for one day and see ho you fare.

This appears to be related to acid reflux. Most importantly in some cases of acid reflux, H. Pylori is present or the yet to identify nanobacteria. They do have a a weaknesses for licorice extract and this usually help.

Usually vomitting is a sign of vitamin B complex, certain imbalances. I prefer not to mention any specific ones but just getting them all balanced is best. Brewer's yeast is a much safer form of vitamin B complex, but you have to take much more the usual dose to get the vitamin B to the level you need, often 2000 mg - 4000 mg/day for brewer's yeast.

When women get morning sickness, often vitamin B complex helps, but in another case, eating oranges (when my mother was pregnant), and in another, eating pickles. Vomitting is a sign of body's chemical imbalance to throw out excess chlorine, or hydrochloric acid. Only a urine pH and saliva pH can identify some part of the story, such as excess phoshorous, too little citrate, or lack of bicarbonates. Ted