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Cannot Walk Across the Room Without Gasping for Air: Severe Acid Reflux

Posted by JC (Cleveland, OH) on 11/05/2006

Hi Ted, Earlier this year, I was stength training, doing martial arts, doing cardio workouts, taking walks, etc. Now, I cannot walk across the room without gasping for air. Since May, 2006, my breathing has been so bad, I've literally been gasping for air 24/7. To make a very long story shorter, I was diagnosed with acid reflux. Unfortunately, when I get it, it travels directly to the throat and of course down the trachea as well. The ppi's didn't seem to do anything except allow me to walk again (the breathing was that bad). Within the last couple weeks, I've been taking more of a natural approach to it. I've been eating organics, taking digestive enzymes, doing body cleanses, etc. I even tried the apple cider vinegar (I haven't tried the Braggs'yet). Unfortunately, it didn't seem to help at all. I used one of those disposable medicine cups (found in cough syrup botles) with the teaspoon markers on it, and downed 2 to 4 teaspoons before each meal. I even tried it before drinking water, but I don't think it helped much. I had an Endoscopy done by my Gastro doctor. He says I don't have a hiatal hernia, but that's the only test he performed. I find it hard to believe since I have constant pain in that area. About a year and a half ago, I was wearing a back support belt (for back strains). I had just finished my workout, and I was stretching when suddenly, something in my upper abdominal region bulged out. It felt as if I had been stabbed! Looking downward, it was about an inch to the left of the very bottom of the sternum and about an inch under the left pectoral muscle. I'm guessing this is where the esophogas and diaphragm are. Anyway, the bulge went away as soon as it came, but the pain was always there. I went to do some crunches shortly after, and the pain was excrusiating! I could not continue. The whole rib hurt! Becoming concerned, I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water which I always did afterwards. I chugged it at once, when suddenly, it was if I couldn't breathe. My whole chest seem to fill up air or something. I could not burp, I could hardly breathe, and suddenly, I had trememdous heartburn; something I had never experienced. These symtoms continued to last (still to this day), but over time, seemed to ease a bit, until this passed May when things became horrible. Every time I tell a doctor about the injury that seemed so coincidentally to cause all of this, they just blow me off like it's not a possibility. Could this be some type of hernia or a rib problem that's causing all of this? If so, what type of doctor could help me? Also, would the apple cider vinegar eventually take the symtoms away. Thanks!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear J.C.: Since you seem to be gasping for air, 24/7 have you checked your urinary pH? It seems to be pretty acid.

About a year and a half ago, I was wearing a back support belt (for back strains).

Sounds like you got, ankylosing spondylitis! In this case you have possibly vanadium and molybdenum deficiency. This should both iron out the acid pH, and your back pain. Molybdenum in my opinion is linked to acid reflux since it is critical in maintaining a pH. Depending on how people treat themself, I cannot say. I just take one large dose of 50 mg of sodium molybdate just once a week and forget about it. Some prefer to take in mcg amounts, which is o.k. But in my opinion I prefer to take it on an empty stomach. If you have a eye macular degeneration, high calcium and magnesium along with it, then molybdenum should also help you with the vision problem you might have. You can tell, tiny letters are very difficult and night blindness is a problem.

My whole chest seem to fill up air or something. I could not burp, I could hardly breathe, and suddenly, I had trememdous heartburn;

Sounds like some kind of bug/fungus in your system. Take some chromium supplements and take some baking soda added with the ACV to neutralized the acid. If you have this bug which is causing the hiatal hernia thing, then taking some zinc acetate, chromium and some boron supplements should help you. I prefer to be a bit more conservative for those who do workouts, so just try baking soda alone for two weeks at 1/4 teaspoon per day taken twice a day in 1/2 glass of water for to weeks before you start with the ACV plus baking soda formula. However, your body needs some phosphate, which can be found in bananas and lemon juice. Lemon juice to take it in a way that helps your system is to add baking soda to it until there is no more fizz, then add some water and drink it. It should taste exactly like water when you do this. It will provide the body with proper ORP, pH and phosphate. This simple lemon I think can do many things and the full potentials of this is not yet even realized, at least for me anyway. Ted

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The conditions of fibromyalgia seems to be an aggressive one, therefore:

I will make it simple: take 250 mg Magnesium Chloride (Magnesium Aspartate or Magnesium Orotate is good also) and 25,000 I.U. Vitamin D and 300 mg of Malic Acid. If you can't find Malic acid, take apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup/ day x 2 day. Once the conditions have improved, reduce the dosage. Drink 1/2 glass of water before meal and drink glass of water at every meal and take 1 full glass of water before sleep. Vary your dosage according to her conditions.

Eat about 1/2 cup along with soups, or other food of fresh cilantro (Chinese parsley) every day for at least 1 month. YOU Must take them every day!! This will remove toxic heavy metal.

If the conditions does not improve or you believe she needs a more aggressive dosage than take 2 tablespoon 2 times per day of sea salt mixed with 1 glass of water.

Magnesium might cause the diarrhea, but this is necessary to get rid of the toxin buildup as well as a severe magnesium deficiency.

If mother have a herxheimer reaction, apple cider vinegar or vinegar will reduce the side effects.

One teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate every night mixed with water.

Your mother's conditions will hopefully improve within 3-4 days. If and when she improves, consider adding zinc acetate of about 100-200 mg/day. You may need to consider humic acid/fulvic acid later on to reduce the toxic mycoplasma buildup later on also.

Do not drink milk, bread or white sugar. It makes her conditions much worse. Try eating brazil nuts, pecan, walnut. Real butter is good. Avoid using any vegetable oils for cooking. Coconut oil is o.k.

I am keeping it simple here so you can try them out.