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My remedy for acid reflux is baking soda, or ACV plus baking soda only. Rarely will ACV alone work.

EC: Ted has given us a fantastic recipe for Acid Reflux (combination ACV and baking soda). In fact, this remedy seems to do a better job curing Acid Reflux and GERD than plain old Apple Cider Vinegar! Click here for the formula and people's comments, including side effects."


12/04/2006: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "Some time ago, I watched a movie, Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me of how he experimented eating McDonald's food for 30 days. On the third day, I remember him vomiting the entire food while he was in a car and it occurred, I think, after eating burgers and finally the large french fries.

Of course I didn't think much about that until my sister bought me the same fast food that I had to eat (yuck!) So when I ate, my stomach stopped digesting like I was having some kind of acid reflux. But this is an extremely mild one that doesn't come back day after day, since I don't normally consume fast food.

I knew what was causing the problem, the food I ate was excessively oily and it happened in the same pattern as Morgan Spurlock, the feeling came just right after I ate the french fries (extra large - I don't buy this size, but they seem to give this ALL THE TIME!) The cure for this kind of fast food acid reflux seems obvious, I have to jump start with some mild acid to help with the digestion, or reduce the oil buildup caused by the french fries. So simply drinking apple juice, pomegranate juice, or grape juice right after eating a very oily food, could possibly another home remedy you can add to the long list for acid reflux. The juices I mention are good oil solubizers and thins the oil. Of course, taking Apple cider vinegar here will also help, right after the meal. But the major source of the problem lies with eating excessively oily foods, trans fatty acid, and fried foods.

It must be understood, that I have seen people who appears to have difficulty swallowing or they can't digest the food (for days), which was initiated by many factors, food poisoning, drug overdose, ulcers, etc. So whatever the cause, sometimes an acid reflux is misdiagnosed, where in fact it is a mild case of anorexia.

The treatment for it I found was vitamin B5, such as 500 mg and along with vitamin B complex also. I can dare say for a mild case of this condition, the problems stopped with just one single dose.

In some cases I used magnesium chloride and that seemed to stopped it completely, within minutes. Fresh frozen royal jelly, 1 tablespoon also stopped completely, one single dose. Also within minutes. Vitamin B5 plus vitamin B complex, one single dose stopped it completely. In all these conditions it would seem like an "acid reflux" but it was not, for me it was a very mild case of anorexia (the stomach simply refuses to digest the food!). Therefore for people who do have acid reflux, this opens a new possibility in such a treatment to look along the anorexia continuum on the very mild side.

People often picture people with anorexia, like that of the singer Karen Carpenter, who throws up food until she became so thin she died of starvation. However, not many know that the conditions of anorexia works in a continuum.

Let's start from the extreme to the mild anorexia conditions:

  • Throws up completely after food
  • Throws up occasionally after food
  • Sometimes throws up, sometimes almost throw up
  • Merely goes up the throat after meal, burning it
  • Difficult digestion, shoots up constantly after meal

The above are a continuum, and it is quite possible that the acid reflux is caused by a deficiency bought on to by side effects of drug, food poisoning, or other external factors causing it, such as nervous tension.

Therefore under this scenario, the difference is the difficulty of digestion, or that it shoots back up to the throat, or experience vomiting as part of a continuum of anorexia. If it was misdiagnosed, as acid reflux, the use of supplements to treat a very mild form of anorexia is quite possible, since it is only a natural supplement.

It must be noted that all acid reflux I have experienced, at least in Bangkok anyway were gotten rid of with just one single dose of any of these that you can try (one may work so you have to run through the list): vitamin B complex, vitamin B5, and magnesium chloride or even fresh frozen royal jelly when nothing works. Ted