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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 391 posts

My remedy for acid reflux is baking soda, or ACV plus baking soda only. Rarely will ACV alone work.

EC: Ted has given us a fantastic recipe for Acid Reflux (combination ACV and baking soda). In fact, this remedy seems to do a better job curing Acid Reflux and GERD than plain old Apple Cider Vinegar! Click here for the formula and people's comments, including side effects."


12/04/2006: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "Some time ago, I watched a movie, Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me of how he experimented eating McDonald's food for 30 days. On the third day, I remember him vomiting the entire food while he was in a car and it occurred, I think, after eating burgers and finally the large french fries.

Of course I didn't think much about that until my sister bought me the same fast food that I had to eat (yuck!) So when I ate, my stomach stopped digesting like I was having some kind of acid reflux. But this is an extremely mild one that doesn't come back day after day, since I don't normally consume fast food.

I knew what was causing the problem, the food I ate was excessively oily and it happened in the same pattern as Morgan Spurlock, the feeling came just right after I ate the french fries (extra large - I don't buy this size, but they seem to give this ALL THE TIME!) The cure for this kind of fast food acid reflux seems obvious, I have to jump start with some mild acid to help with the digestion, or reduce the oil buildup caused by the french fries. So simply drinking apple juice, pomegranate juice, or grape juice right after eating a very oily food, could possibly another home remedy you can add to the long list for acid reflux. The juices I mention are good oil solubizers and thins the oil. Of course, taking Apple cider vinegar here will also help, right after the meal. But the major source of the problem lies with eating excessively oily foods, trans fatty acid, and fried foods.

It must be understood, that I have seen people who appears to have difficulty swallowing or they can't digest the food (for days), which was initiated by many factors, food poisoning, drug overdose, ulcers, etc. So whatever the cause, sometimes an acid reflux is misdiagnosed, where in fact it is a mild case of anorexia.

The treatment for it I found was vitamin B5, such as 500 mg and along with vitamin B complex also. I can dare say for a mild case of this condition, the problems stopped with just one single dose.

In some cases I used magnesium chloride and that seemed to stopped it completely, within minutes. Fresh frozen royal jelly, 1 tablespoon also stopped completely, one single dose. Also within minutes. Vitamin B5 plus vitamin B complex, one single dose stopped it completely. In all these conditions it would seem like an "acid reflux" but it was not, for me it was a very mild case of anorexia (the stomach simply refuses to digest the food!). Therefore for people who do have acid reflux, this opens a new possibility in such a treatment to look along the anorexia continuum on the very mild side.

People often picture people with anorexia, like that of the singer Karen Carpenter, who throws up food until she became so thin she died of starvation. However, not many know that the conditions of anorexia works in a continuum.

Let's start from the extreme to the mild anorexia conditions:

  • Throws up completely after food
  • Throws up occasionally after food
  • Sometimes throws up, sometimes almost throw up
  • Merely goes up the throat after meal, burning it
  • Difficult digestion, shoots up constantly after meal

The above are a continuum, and it is quite possible that the acid reflux is caused by a deficiency bought on to by side effects of drug, food poisoning, or other external factors causing it, such as nervous tension.

Therefore under this scenario, the difference is the difficulty of digestion, or that it shoots back up to the throat, or experience vomiting as part of a continuum of anorexia. If it was misdiagnosed, as acid reflux, the use of supplements to treat a very mild form of anorexia is quite possible, since it is only a natural supplement.

It must be noted that all acid reflux I have experienced, at least in Bangkok anyway were gotten rid of with just one single dose of any of these that you can try (one may work so you have to run through the list): vitamin B complex, vitamin B5, and magnesium chloride or even fresh frozen royal jelly when nothing works. Ted

Replied by Nif
Sheffield, S Yorks

Ted, a solubizer [sic] (solubiliser) is a chemical which changes the composition of its target to be more soluble, soluble means dissolvable in water, which by its nature, oil is not. Are you perhaps thinking of a de-emulsifier? this will break down the bonds in the oil removing it's coherent nature, allowing it to mix with water and delay sepperation.

You also say you have Anorexia, which is not physical condition, it's purely mental, and you just simply don't eat, you have nothing to throw up if you're Anorexic. You may be thinking of Bulimia, but again, Bulimia is also an eating disorder and sufferers generally make themselves vomit as part of their disorder."

09/29/2009: Gina from Lethbridge, Ab/canada replies: "In response to Nif, who responded to Ted's discourse on Anorexia...Anorexia NERVOSA is a mental/emotional disease. Anorexia is the disease Ted correctly described."

02/26/2010: Rick from Los Angeles, California replies: "I think I may have posted in the wrong area, so here it is again...

I was wondering if you take a PPI and the ACV remedy are they canceling each other out? I'm afraid to go off my PPI and I've been using Ted's Remedy before a meal I know will give me GERD or when I have a GERD attack, but I don't know if I'm doing myself more damage by using both techniques. Thanks!"

11/02/2010: Jeff from Phoenix, Az, Usa replies: "My PH went from 5.5 to 7.0 when using 1tbs of ACV and 1/4 tsp of baking soda. I also don't burp as much. I was curious about the baking soda and Calcium Kidney stones which I had a few times. Do you think the baking soda will create stone issues?"

11/16/2010: Allen from Oakland, Ca replies: "I am scared to try any acid remedy only cause I don't want to elavate the problem, if you know what I mean!! It seems all the healthy foods are high in one or another acids... What should I do?"

11/28/2010: Jasmine from Los Angeles, Ca replies: "I been drinking fresh potato juice with other veg. Mixed in (apples, celery). So far my acid reflux has been much better. I have stopped vomiting so it must be working. Hope it helps. I heard from a Doc that drinking baking soda is worst thing to do. Oh yeah don't don't drink milk that has any type of FAT this will cause heartburn..."

12/23/2010: Jaxson55555 from Mcminnville, Oregon, Usa replies: "I was instructed to see a chiropractor after a car accident. After a few visits, I noticed that my acid reflux was gone. After about 4 weeks of not seeing the chiropractor, I felt it start to come back. I went to the chiropractor again and it was gone. I'm done going to the chiropractor for the accident, but I continue to go monthly just for my acid reflux. It's worth a try if you are not able to find any other relief."

02/27/2011: Jelani from Chicago, Illinios replies: "Just wonted to thank Ted for the info because that stuff really work well. I was hurting like three days in a row very bad could not sleep or find a comfortable position to sit in. Went to walgreens bought a couple of over the counter drugs that did nothing. I tried Teds remedy and started feeling a change within a few hours. Thanks again Ted from the bottom of my heart."

03/18/2011: Aj64 from Lewiston, Id replies: "Acid Reflux: I was diagnosed and treated with H-pylori. Exactly one year later I began having excruciating pain in my shoulders and back, leading to the acid reflux treated with Omeprazole, vinegar, etc. My friend convinced my to go to the chiropractor. I did and went for 4 visits with temporary relief of pain. 1 year later... Could not eat, sleep, walk, or raise my arms above my waist. I could only eat 1 1/2 tablespoons of food every hour or so. Since then I went to a real chiropractor and I ate my first meal in a year! As I continue to go I found that my back is in severe disarray and my hip is out. Each session I am relieved even more. I can not say enough about this method of treatment. No more remedies, just chiropractor visits."

03/20/2011: Ronell from None Of Your Business , Ohio replies: "I am just a young teenager and I have acid reflux the pain only occurs when I get sick and throw up. It is a burning/painful sensation it the esophagus. It stays for months and then it goes away I almost had to go to the hospital the last time I had it. But now I have it again for the second time. It is so bad that it hurts to breath, sneeze, cough, laugh, and even have the hiccups. What should I do to cure it?

Replied by Georgepopovic
Farnham, Surrey, Uk

Much of what I've seen about stomach acid reflux and heartburn looks like a road to lifetime consumption of vinegar, raw potato, baking soda or pills. All these look as if they're addressing the symptom. Is there a cure?

Replied by James
Los Angeles, California

I tried using ACV by itself and it really didn't help much - if anything it made it worse for about a minute then brought it back to where it was originally. Eventually I tried a product known as Stops Acid Reflux that uses ACV combined with other natural ingredients. It tastes a bit better, and this stuff really worked wonders for me. It's made by Caleb Treeze Organic Farm and pretty affordable for what you get.

I read someone below asking about a cure instead of a symptom reliever, and I'm not a doctor but I have noticed that I very rarely will even get acid reflux or heartburn anymore. It took about two weeks for me to notice the heartburn occurring much less often, but it definitely helped a TON!

Replied by Susana
Doha, Qatar

Can someone please help me? Please. I wish Ted could answer me. I'm female, 30yrs old. Around 2 years ago I had a friend convinced me to take this diet pill. I took without doc advise and since she, her husband, mother and sister were taking it without side effects well I said why not since I wanted to lose weight. I was supposed to take 1 pill a day before eating. So I was taking 1 pill a day on empty stomach. I discovered later that the pills had sibutramine which is the same as Reductil. Anyway, after few days I started to have dry mouth, felt something stuck in my throat as if I wanted to vomit, and I started to feel heartburn. My friend said it will fade away but when the second week was done, I couldn't take it anymore, my mouth was burning, my throat was burning, my tongue started to have fissures in it, I always had a natural looking tongue, so I was scared, and it was white coated. I started to have burning sensation as if I was a dragon, and my stomach felt so warm it was burning it hurt! Also had hoarsness on my voice

I had everything, endoscopy, had 2 of those, went to every doctor, gastro, thyroid, joint, dermatologist, ENT, everything, they say I have GERD. Took treatment with Nexium, Pariet, Motilium, nothing helped me. I am desperate. I also tried Nystatin, Diflucan thinking personally that it was a thrush. I checked my vit levels, all normal :(

Now a little over 2 years I still have GERD, sore/red throat, fissured tongue which sometimes bleeds!!! Also tongue is white, and it changes its color as per what I eat, for example if I have a cucumber it turns green I am not joking!! :( The yogurt stays stuck on my tongue, I keep looking on the mirror it still had the yogurt consistency on my tongue, which later fades away. My throats are sore as well, I feel I have phlegm (mucus) on my throat specially when I wake up. I don't know what to do. This has seem to have put a PAUSE on my life, it has made me this annoying woman who is moody and nervous about things. I just feel I cannot live like this and if it wasn't for my son I would have killed myself I swear.

I tried the ACV and BS for around a week but I was not sure if it helped me. I was taking it honestly 1 time a day, sometimes 2 but not always.. I cannot find the mother ACV here where I live, I found a organic one but now the organic one is out of stock.

I don't know what to do, please I hope this comment of mine is published and people can help me. Ted please please help me I am even ready to go to Bangkok to see you.

Replied by Satya
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Hi, Acid reflux is curable!!! My horrible heartburn experience started on 1st, Feb 2012. Day ONE, I took appointment of best doctor of hilghly reputed Hospital in Bangalore, India. He prescribed PPI to me, as usual he adviced me to reduce the spices etc. Etc.. After a week my condition became worse, Again I met him. He said that is only medicine, also added a Antacid to the list. Mean while to bring things in control, I used ACV, above formula, Yogurt, Proboitic yogurt, Mustard Sauce, Honey, Bananas and every possible things on earth. Yeah.. Everything made situation worse. Stopped sleeping on flat bed. Studied lot of theories, Research on Heartburn. No use...

Oneday my friend asked what if your intestines are not moving the food fast enough due to toxins and causing back pressure. On 16th day, I stopped all above non-sense. Did the following.

1. Started taking Triphala, a natural colon cleanser.

Within two months, My heartburn vanished. Now I have started doing Yoga and going for Ayurveda to cure to the root of problem.

I don't want anyone to believe or follow me. But give a serious thought to your body, Read Digestive tract functioning in detail. Do something very natural to you and you believe. Don't go by someone else advice. It will never work.

--Best of luck guys.. I hope I will not be back again. Good news, Now I sleep on flat bed, eat full stomach..


Replied by Jay
La, Usa

I have had Acid Reflux for at least 4 years, tried many ways to get rid of it. Drug could help it, but Doctor said it would be harmful to body. He told me to keep to try natural method. Besides: thanks Ted for the info because that stuff really work well.

Replied by Anonymous
La, Ca

I was given a 10 day sample to try from my Dr. I was really hesitant and scared to try something that turn off stomach acid for 24 hours because I believe you need stomach acid for health and digestion. Plus what are the long terms effects? I'm super sensitive and I do not want to become dependent. Plus who want to be a guinea pig. I read that the Amish used garlic ACV and ginger so that is what I'm going to to do and plus of course I'm trying Ted's recommendation ACV and baking soda.

Replied by Joe
Smithtown, Ny

I have been struggling to figure out what cures acid reflux for years because you come across all these things that claim to give instant relief when in fact it's my personal belief that there is no "cure" but rather there are ways to keep the symptoms from acting up as much. Even medications that seem to be very effective, I feel as though they don't permanently cure acid reflux they just help the symptoms not be as severe, or temporarily make them go away. Acid reflux is a tricky thing, I have found that the right diet helps dramatically however you still need to try some different things and see what helps you personally because it seems to be very different for everyone.

Replied by Dr. Matt
Gilbert, Az

The reason why baking soda is typically not recommended with stomach acid issues is because it RAISES the pH too quickly and as a result, the proton pumps in the stomach are signaled to produce even more stomach acid. Although Bicarb is a weak base, it is important to lower the acidity (raise the pH) gradually or you run the risk of increasing the problem. One of the reason's the apple cider vinegar works is because of the "law of similars" which is a sound naturopathic approach. It also plays a part in carbohydrate regulation and therefore insulin management. In almost every case, reflux disease is caused by an infectious entity. I have seen good things with the drug, Xifaxin, taken twice a day for 2 weeks. Usually takes away reflux for about 2-3 months, unfortunately, I can't convince the manufacturer to lower the cost of the tablets. Oh, before I forget, I too have had some success with B-complex vitamins and reflux. Here is the problem. If the reflux is caused by an infectious entity, then you may be helping it with providing it with pure folic acid from the vitamins. In almost every anti-infectious treatment, they recommend avoiding folic acid, except that which is found in vegetables. I hope that this helps. Matt, Pharm D. MSCIS

Replied by Plrichards
Greenville, Sc, Usa

I suffered from acid reflux for many years and was taking an OTC to relieve it but I knew there had to be some natural cures for acid reflux. After some research and a lot of trial and error I found that apple cider vinegar worked at first but then I tried eating an apple (specifically a washington red because of the pectin content / amount) after meals and found that it also helped. I also limit my caffeine intake and take a probiotic every morning. So far I haven't been having any major acid reflux attacks for about 6 months now.

Replied by Gayle
Snellville, Ga.

I've used Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda, did swell. Started drinking Greens I've not had heartburn since, and when it does start up I eat and drink the Greens in water. This has helped me so much.