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Parasite Infestation, Then Food Poisoning, Now Acid Reflux and Stomach Bloa

Posted by Ann on 04/30/2007

Hi Ted, one last question on the treatment for flaky skin--should I take all of the supplements you've mentioned at the same time, or should I try one of them? Also, see my e-mail just sent about the new rash that I have on my arm. Thanks again for your help. I feel hopeful.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If you have rashes, sometimes it might be the brand or the biological components in the Apple cider vinegar. One way to test your rash problems is to get White Distilled Vinegar and apply a small area to see if rashes get worse. If not then it is probably the brand you are using, in which case your body would most likely prefer the ACV that is less organic, e.g. Heinz or non-mother solutions. If it does react with vinegar, on the other hand, then just try a baking soda to the arms. If the rash gets less, then it means the body doesn't NEED the apple cider of any kind, in which case, taking baking soda solo would likely to agree with your body. This is how doctors test you for food allergies, it is a skin test. But we can easily do this at our own home.

Assuming worse comes to worse, where it responds negatively to everything, which is usually unlikely but does happen if staph is present, for example, then iodine applied should help. If that is shown to help then iodine supplementation will likely to be the ticket, or just iodine foot painting beign a safer choice.