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Parasite Infestation, Then Food Poisoning, Now Acid Reflux and Stomach Bloa

Posted by Ann on 04/30/2007

Dear Ted, I am so excited to hear from you! Thank you very much for your guidance, which I will follow. I have one more question concerning the skin rashes. This morning I woke up and had a new rash on the inside of my right arm. It looks like poison ivy and goes from the wrist to the elbow. My mom had a rash like this for many years. She says that it is stress related. She said that the only thing that ever worked for her on this rash is 24 Faubourg lotion by Hermes. I wanted to write you about this, because it is a new rash that came out after starting the apple cider vinegar treatment. By the way, the treatment is already helping my stomach and digestion.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Sometimes flaky skin of the elbow you got can be helpd a lot with omega 3 1000 mg, fish oil 1000 mg, vitamin E 200 i.u., and evening primrose oil 1000 mg. Taken initially for a week before paring down the dose to 1 once a week, after taking it for about 1 or 2 weeks.