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Does Aciphex Inhibit Calcium Absorption?

Posted by Cindy (Denver, CO) on 12/19/2006

I'm taking aciphex now for the killer acid reflux I got after years of taking anti inflammatories! I tried all the others, nexium, prilosec, etc.. aciphex helps the reflux, but would like to know if anyone knows if it inhibits calcium absorption because I need the calcium for osteoporsis. I'm going to try the yogurt cure that I read about here. I also have started drinking aloe juice and it helps with the fire in the throat and stomach. It's also very healing! Works great!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Aciphex interferes with calcium absorption. In theory, most parasites rely on calcium to protect themselves, so basically by reducing calcium it kills the parasites helping with the acid reflux, but causing osteoporsis. Not a good solution I think. It would be more easier to take a couple of drops of tea tree oil and some spices such as thyme, oregano, clove and cinnamon to kill them directly, take baking soda before meals or after meals to reduce the digestion time thus reducing the fermentation from slow digestion. These natural methods won't interfere with digestion.

Besides, my own experience is that osteoporosis is a fungal like organism that eats away calcium just like your cavities in your teeth, and it creates acid environment and eats up the bones inside too, but much more slowly.

So taking antifungal aromatherapy oils, such as lavender or tea tree oil, or antifungal minerals, such as borax would do a better job since this also kills the parasites as well as reducing the acid.

Of course giving the body some baking soda will neutralize the acidity, thus preventing further osteoporosis.

I also suspect that excess iron might have to do with it since people with bone problem seems to have excess iron buildup in certain joints, etc. which seems to cause pain from the free radical iron metals. These iron appears to be localized in joint part of the bones.

Replied by Dee
Wm, La

Hi, My question is how do you take the tea tree oil (in water?)? If so how much water and How many times a day? Thanks