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H2O2 and Vaseline Clarification

Posted by T on 12/24/2007

Hi Ted, I have used your remedy for scalp fungus and it works. I'm the person who left a review/testimony for children, especially for black/African American children. Now, I'm ready to use the toenail fungus for myself. I was a little confused about this part of your remedy: "Put in on the fingernail and put on Band-Aid and leave it on for a whole day and repeat the vinegar and H2O2 again, followed by this 50/50 mix of vaseline and tea tree oil again." Do you mean to reapply the vinegar and H202 and Vaseline mixture at night also? Or, do you mean to just repeat the vinegar and H202 with Vaseline mixture the next morning? Thanks so much.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Thanks for your feedback, the remedy I tested successfully at the time for the scalp was actually done on a Black/African American, so you were right on. White American were a bit different requiring alkalizing and zinc supplements as they have a more sensitive skin.

As to the toenail fungus it is to be reapplied twice a day, not the next day, not the next day.

A much more effective remedy against the toenail fungus is clorox mixed with vinegar solution, the solution becomes 80-200 times more powerful. So in case the original remedy didn't work out, this might be one that is potentially more powerful. Apparently the solution forms a trace chlorine dioxide gas which kills off the fungus that is located behind the toenail.

Replied by Shelleu

What is the ratio for Clorox..vinegar for nail fungus?