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Natural Treatment for Recurring Throat Cancer

Posted by Throat Cancer (Anonymous) on 10/24/2011

Hi Ted, I need your help and advice. I have had a rare tumor since 1999, located at first at the base of the tongue. The first diagnosis was epitheliod hemangioendothelioma. It was treated by surgery and radiation. Since then I thought that I was cancer free without having symptoms at all, however in 2008 we understood that the first tumor exists that all these years was growing slowly and it is located, according to the MRIs in the left nasopharynx, oropharynx, parapharyngeal space, masticator space, and prevertebral space with stable expansion of the left foramen ovale and stable dural based tissue at the floor of the left middle cranial fossa. The doctors can't remove it so i did chemo without success. The tumor is located behind the tongue and the tonsils and it is internal. There is only one part visible at the area of the left tonsil. The physiology of the tumor classifies it in the wider family of sarcomas as it is a squamous cell vascular tumor.

This period I am off treatments so I follow, since last week, your recommended diet and the lysine protocol: lysine (1000mg 4 the morning 4 times per evening) sodium ascorbate (1000 e times per day), threonine (500 mg 4 the morning and 4 the evening), cysteine (500mg 2per day), beta glucan (500mg 2 per day), lugol's solution (2,2% 10 drops 6 per day internally), green tea extract 2 per day, B complex (3 per day), enzymes (3 per day), probiotics, acv and soda (3 per day) and coffee enemas. I am drinking many green juices and wheat grass juice. Is that program right for me? Do you recommend something else for my situation? What about clove oil, hydrogen peroxide 35%, and bloodroot tincture? What are your recommendations about that? I also have noticed that when I started that program after some days my urine alkalinity was decreased even though I am on this diet. I hope that you will find little time to give me your valuable advice. As the visible part of the tumor that I have in the mouth is getting bigger I feel real desperate.

Thank you in advance and God bless you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes that cancer treatment protocol is fine for preventing the spread of the tumor, but N Acetyl Cysteine, is the proper cysteine, not cysteine. The decrease in alkalinity was that the body probably needs more sodium bicarbonate and potassium citrate. After meals, you will take sodium bicarbonate say 1/4 teaspoon and potassium citrate 1/4 teaspoon, try 2 times initially to see if that will get the pH to increase.

The hydrogen peroxide is about 1 drop per glass of water is all it needs. Bloodroot tincture can be tried but I think that has little effect on the tumor. Clove is somewhat too strong, but it can be applied to the feet somewhat to stimulate circulation at night. Since it is a papilloma virus, spirulina may be applied to the tumor directly, which usually helps. Carrots, red wine extract, jiaogulan, curcumin, grape seed extract, and onions are all proven to help also. My favorite for most cancers is green tea extract taken 1/4 teaspoon twice a day, which should also be added.

Avoid alcohol at all cost, one client of mine took the procedure called alcohol ablation with mouth cancer and made it much worse. The ones I did give for his mouth cancer was zinc acetate 50 mg and magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride (given at 7 drops twice a day) to help prevent the papilloma virus from spreading. Most tumors in the mouth are of a hard kind, that makes water soluble vitamins hard to reach and kill it. I also give some orange oil for him to consume at 5 cc x 3 for him to consume mixed with the sodium bicarbonate solution and potassium citrate (1/4 teaspoon each) after meals, twice a day to help kill the tumor. Other oil soluble ones are ascorbyl palmitate, vitamin E, and vitamin B2 and may also help. There was a patient who did take B2 for the mouth inflammation and cancer and was cured with that alone, but it was of a less severe cancer, and it also appeared around the mouth too. So it is worth the try. She took B2 50 mg x 4, a day, which will cause the urine to be yellow, which is the color of riboflavin, and you need not worry. Also, DMSO was mixed with some aloe oil, and 1% potassium thiocyanate to get through the mouth also, that was tried, I haven't gotten the feedback yet from this client of mine yet, but he is doing ok.

Generally I am also doing some trials with iodine solution or SSKI, it seems to help also, but I think the results are not so consistent enough as the lysine, threonine, and N acetyl cysteine. The bright side is the mouth cancer spreads slowly, and the only issue that everyone ignored is getting your blood sugar normal, at below 90 mg/dL, through chromium chloride, at 10% solution 10 drops once or twice a day, and vanadyl sulfate at 10 mg with ginger root or ginger to help prevent the lipid peroxidation in vanadium, and granulated lecithin also N acetyl cysteine 500 x 3, a day to help get blood sugar to normal. Once the blood sugar is normal, then it is usually easy to control the cancer.

Another one that may be tried is BHT 10% mixture in DMSO for one of my clients in Bangkok, as you know, BHT kills papilloma virus and DMSO, if applied topically to the area may just work. Will give you an update on that one.


Replied by Julie
New Zealand

Hi Ted, I was just reading the suggested treatment protocol for this person's throat cancer. Is this the recommended for all throat cancers or does the type change your suggestions for each person? Also, are these recommendations for healing or for controlling the cancer ?

I have been told I have a throat cancer but as yet have had not the results, as it has been a couple of weeks since biopsy I have already started treating it as such and I am staying away from meats sugars wheat etc. Just basically green smoothies using Barley grass powder and at moment Chlorella as I have started having my amalgam fillings removed. (It is hard getting organic greens where I live ) I have been taking lots of vitamin c but going by the above have decided to change the type I am using. Just drinking filtered water and herbal teas, I am also taking herbal tinctures for cancer and was wondering about the alcohol content in the tinctures, is this not a good idea.?

I have also noticed that when I have carrot juice (have only had one glass and decided not to try it again) the tumor in my throat swells (it is also in back of nasal passage area) I am trying to narrow down what else may be causing it to swell then seemingly shrink back again. Would almond meal do this? I use whole small limes in my smoothies and also when no limes I use half a lemon, including the skins. I use cinnamon as I read about how this can control blood sugar levels ?? I am going to purchase a glucose monitor as well. I have been so grateful to find your page as It has been a great help to me to learn some more information and also the fact that it has clarified a couple of things that I had already thought about. Thankyou again, and may we all continue to blessed with your Knowledge x

EC: Hi Julie,

Unfortunately, our Bangkok contributor Ted is recovering from a stroke and unable to reply to your questions. Hopefully one or more of our other amazing and wonderful contributors on this site can offer some suggestions.

Replied by Julie

Hi EC,

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I presume you all follow Ted's protocols so would be working along the same lines. I wish Ted a speedy recovery. Julie