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Questions About Glucose/sodium Bicarbonate Bond for Cancer Treatment

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 11/06/2009

Hi Ted...I've read all your comment and research here and it is fascinating and I certainly agree with most of it. The concept of using salinity, alkalinity and oxygen is a such a simple and successful way of defeating cancer as well as staying healthy.

Some questions for you. I know from your writings that you are an accomplished industrial chemist with a heavy interest in biochemistry.

I also know for your comment that you do not advocate that anyone should take glucose during cancer, but what do you think about using the apparent glucose/Sodium Bicarbonate bond(using Maple Syrup, Molasses or Honey for the natural glucose source) in creating a sort of trojan horse for the NaHCO3 to be dragged into the cancer cell? There is also a similar application for a cancer cure using Aloe Vera honey distilled alcohol.

Have you done any research or used any of these cancer cures in your work and what is your opinion of its efficacy and safety?

And what is the nature of this "chemical bond" that is created between the natural glucose and sodium bicarbonate? Is it an isomer? It would be nice to be able to fully understand the whys of how this trojan horse bond works.

Much thanks for all your hard work, research and advice. I regularly use your lemon, lime or ACV Baking powder alkalinity cures, haven't had the flu or been ill in a couple of years now because of this. Keep up the wonderful work!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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On real live cancer people, in many cases, the baking soda and glucose simply didn't work. It might work in a few cases where tumor is inactive or very small, but in serious cases it becomes deadly and metastatic. I am aware of a lot of therapies, that most people know about, germansium sesquioxide, rubidium chloride, cesium chloride, and many others. It turns out there are more fundamental issues that we have to resolve first instead of doing something that looks interesting. Baking soda if taken too much even with the glucose, even in the mentioned dose backfires to cause a cancer cachexia and the cancer becomes immediately metastatic. The rubidium and cesium against cancer is both expensive and isn't consistent at all. The germanium had problems and wasn't consistent enough either. The remedies I have mentioned were the most consistent of all, but the most deadly of the problems when doing any cancer remedies is to keep a very close watch when the cancer suddenly becomes cachexia. This is when the person feels likely to vomit and cannot eat or take supplements. It's a dangerous blackhole to be in. The three things that may turn things around, albeit slowly, is the hydrochloric acid drops in water, followed by betaine HCl, vitamin B complex. I haven't quite ranked the effectiveness of vitamin C against cancer cachexia, but the vitamin C is often buffered solution in sodium bicarbonate AND potassium bicarbonate. As to the iodine, it's only helpful when it's mixed with ascobic acid plus drops of lugol's solution. It causes both the ascorbic acid and the iodine to become biologically active, a fact that's not mentioned in other internet sites that I am aware of. The iodine converts vitamin C into dehydroascorbate, which is the only form that goes through the blood brain barrier, but it also blocks glucose metabolism of the cancer cells at the same time. It goes delivered via a glucose transporter. Hence, the vitamin C and iodine, takes advantage of this blocking the glucose, and hence starving off the cancer cells. For people not familiar with iodine mixed in vitamin C, the lugol's will turn colorless. So it turns into another form of iodine, that's more palatable to the body, hydrogen iodide. Therefore if I have a choice between a baking soda and glucose, and iodine and vitamin C, plus some alkalization. I think the latter remedy makes more sense. I know there are certain people promoting sodium bicarbonate, if the cancer are fungal causes, but I am faced here with three causes, one is a slow cancer, usually it's a fungus, the faster one, that's metastatic, that's viral, and then there's a chemical type of cancer, such as aflatoxins, whose source comes from black molds. Now the last ones you need chlorophyll and BHT to sop up those cancer causing compounds. While dioxin, chlorine, fluorine and bromine caused cancer are dealt with another halogen, which is the simple lugol's iodine solution which will drive out all three halogens, namely chlorine, fluorine, and bromine. On the other hand, the chlorophyll is like a cage that traps cancer causing compound, while the BHT antioxidant acts an antioxidant to protect against the toxicity of aflatoxins. As to any other cancer remedies out there, there's a lot more disappointment so far in their success especially the cancer polyps and the massive tumor, which in those cases bloodroot tincture works fine. Unfortunately the method of application is to do topical, but is misused, since the dose are to high even on topical. The dose I used is tincture, and only in drops. If it is misapplied, the cancer becomes metastatic and spread very quickly. The reason was they took powdered bloodroot instead of a tincture one, which is more diluted and the dose are lower. Therefore, if given at too high the dose, which is what people are now doing presently, it is NOT going to work and will work against you. The low dose is the least problematic and consistent enough to get results such as 2-3 drops at 3 to 5 times per day or even once per day, depending on how sensitive a person is. I haven't got a precise dose yet, down to yet, but that's my preliminary findings. As for me, the issue has never been so much as the tumor, those are easily handled. What's so scary is the cancer cachexia raises its' ugly head. I believe b complex, vitamin C, Hydrochloric acid, betaine HCl are some major arsenals against this cancer cachexia. As to the "internet source" for cachexia cure, they use hydrazine sulfate, which is not only a bit hard to obtain, it's also difficult for most people to comprehend. It makes more sense to use something more natural and works just as well and perhaps better then the hydrazine sulfate. If a person do have cachexia, perhaps lemon juice might be a candidate, if they cannot get the other things I have mentioned here, or just a break from the remedy, if the cancer doesn't raise it's ugly head, usually the HCl drops in a glass of water during fasting may also do the trick in reversing it.

Thanks for your comment.

Replied by Jp
Stuart, Florida


When using Lugols iodine should this always be mixed with Vit C Ascorbic Acid ? How many drops and how often? Can it be mixed with the sodium ascorbate which you seem to prefer more. I would like to rid the Halogens: dioxin, chlorine, fluorine and bromine for general detox of chemicals. I'm assuming these substances stay in the body over our lifetime. I'm doing the borax in 1 Ltr now for fluoride which I guess will take care of the fluorine aspect of the Halogen. I have done 2 weeks of the borax with a couple days off but did notice this morning both side of my face are swallen near the ears. Is this a detox reaction suggesting it's working or not related. The area has some soreness.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Ted...Just one or two more questions about alkalinity in general. There are some internet sites which advocate, much as you do, that body terrain alkalinity is active in preventing or fighting cancer.

I've also read that with a body pH of 7 to 7.5 the cancer tumor is not able to take hold or will stop growing.

Further, I've also read that if you have cancer and with a body/blood pH of between 8 -- 8.5 then all cancer will be completely wiped out.

From all your direct experience and research, would you agree with the above pH estimates concerning the effects of alkalinity on cancer?

In general, and in your experience, up to what alkalinity pH(assume for NaHCO3 or Lugol's) can the normal, healthy body take without serious problems?

Just trying to find or work out usage frequency and pH safety levels with all the baking soda and iodine cures that I use regulalry from your site.

Much thanks again for your time and experience and please keep up the wonderful work.