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Relation Between Ph and Cancer

Posted by Swati (Dubai, UAE) on 07/25/2008

Hi, Ted. I have been reading a lot about Cancer and your comments on this subject a lot. Can you explain to me what is the relation between PH levels of our body and Cancer? and what is the best way to check the levels and maintain the balance?

Replied by Alain
Ottawa, Canada

Hi Swati

I belieive now that pH balance and its control is VITAL for every body.

May be these links will shed some light on the subjects and to your questions.

About pH and Cancer:
From "How you rot and rust"

About measuring and monitoring own pH:

For additional links see my other posts here in EARTHCLINICS

Good luck to you in your search of knowledge and to you all who may happen to read this and may get interested in the subject.

And thanks to EARTHCLINIC to allowing us to share the little knowledge that we might happen to get."

7/31/2008: To Swati: Addition to my prior post:

Cancer and Oxygen and pH

Good luck.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Swati:

Since I deal with late stage cancer, metastasis, the impact of pH is really hard to deny. The body is extremely sensitive changes in acid. Death of cancer occurs, at least from me the most serious is the extensive blood clot. Where you die quite quickly within a matter of hours. Other are less serious that also leads to death such as tumor blocked the circulation, cachexia (loss of appetite and atrophy) and even metastasis are rather easy at least for me since it provides plenty of time to find a proper remedy to reverse it.

A blood clot from cancer can occur rather quickly if the person eats sour food and acid forming food. There was one case of a person of metastasis (can easily dealt with using clove, cinnamon, BHT and lugol's solution), who consumed two cups of yogurt for example, will lead to a very rapid formation of blood clots enough to block a circulation and kill them. Metastasis is rather easy, but a blood clot from eating sour food and acid forming food can lead to blood clots enough to kill the person within a short time of a couple of hours. Therefore, a remedy used is simply baking soda, sodium carbonate mixture such as carbicarb remedy that I mentioned was used to reverse this quickening of blood clot, which worked very effectively. Therefore in a cancer condition, the body is extremely acid, and this acidity leads to blood clot. A cancer's metabolism also produces acid, lowers oxygen and leads to worsening condition. But if the body is neutralized with baking soda, sodium carboante using the carbicarb remedy the alkalinity will reduce the blood clot and cancer tumor by neutralizing the acidity from the cancer or cancer metastasis.

Therefore, eating anything acid or and the need to alkalize the body is a critical lifesaving issue that alkalizing is the basic foundation for a cancer remedy. However in a cancer issue the amount of alkalinity required is critical to survival of cancer, especially in event of blood clotting which leads to death.

It should be noted that certain other remedies I observed to reduce blood clots is the reduction of heavy metals and at least for me an alkaline form of EDTA such as tetrasodium edta makes more sense then the disodium edta as it is a more alkaline form in dealing with this issue of cancer. The tetrasodium EDTA is a blood thinner, reduce calcium buildup that slows clotting, but the dose I used is far lower than most supplements sold in the market and even then, I will dilute 250 mg of this in a one liter of drinking water.

Calcium is rather dangerous in a cancer condition that accelerates clotting and also yogurt, which is both acid and containing cancer is counterproductive and can kill a person. But this is very true of sugar, glucose, fructose, fruit juice and other sweets. These are also acid forming and tends to support cancer growth. In that cases, if there is no choice is given but to give fruit juices due to blocked digestive system, then the fruit juices must be at least dilute with 2-5 times more water so that the blood sugar isn't going up as quickly because cancer is a fermentative in nature, and when this happens, it produces acid as a byproduct. In excess it causes the blood to be acid, causes bone pain, muscle pain, which is the primary cause of cancer pain. Therefore alkalinity reduces these pain and I can conclude that the cancer is both fermentative in nature, acid forming which is what causes cancer in the first place. The more the body is acid, the body's cells and immune response is reduced and the blood can only work within a very narrow pH. Cancer is destabilizing and when the body's systems is weak, this can lead the body to become acid again thus killing the person by acidity which leads to blood clot.

It should be noted that I used other things to reduce blood thickness, which tends to be a common problem in cancer and this restricts blood flow to the brain and other vital organs. As a result, quercetin 1000 mg every hour, curcumin 1000 mg every hours for example may be used too to prevent blood thickness from restricting blood flow. However certain dietary restrictions is also needed that tends to restrict blood flows, which means most of the diet has to be only vegetarian plus supplements. High protein diets is acid forming and very counterproductive that leads to thick blood restricting blood flow but also encouraging blood clots when the body is excessively acid from the fermentative acid by products in a tumor.

Therefore acidity is directly related to low pH in cancer and may be dangerous to eat anything that is acid forming or sour foods. Acid forming foods includes sugar, meats and proteins.


Replied by Nicole
Tamuning, Guam

Hi Ted, I have been taking green tea extract (250-500 mg/3-5 times a day). This is the vegetable glycerin based extract. Also, I drink 4 or more cups of organic green tea during the day. I have read that green tea is acidic and should be avoided if trying to maintain alkalinity (Robert O. Young, pH Miracle Diet). I am doing this along with your basic protocol: lysine, NAC, ascorbic acid. At the moment cannot afford the other supplements yet but will receive DMSO and aloe vera oil as well as iodine from another company (not Lugols). I am on the strict cancer diet: all vegetables, no sugar at all, no carbs (I react adversely to rice no matter the color, and others), no fruits or fruit juices, no oils.

My first question: Is it okay to drink green tea as I have been doing to get the anti cancer effect? Is it safe to drink at any stage, especially late stage? Will it cause clotting or any other ailment?

Second question more related to your diet protocol: is use of cold-pressed olive oil allowed to use with raw or steamed veggies? If not, is it okay to use cold-pressed virgin coconut oil over raw/steamed foods?

I am currently dealing with cancer of the throat that has spread to the lungs. I notice my breathing has improved more with this protocol but is there anything else you recommend for metastasis patients of similar condition? Thank you.

Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada

In addition, you can take wheat grass juice which is filled with tonnes of nutrition and can cure all diseases including cancer. It purifies the blood and produces new blood cells whi ch is necessary to cure the ailment.