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Fungal Infection Followed Cancer

Posted by J (Noblesville, IN) on 12/08/2006

Where do I start. My father has been battling 2 cancers Lymphoma & Leukemia. Two totally separate cancers. He put the Lymphoma into remission! The Leukemia he was in the hospital for five weeks receiving Chemo consolidation treatments. During this time that his body was the weakest, a fungal infection developed that invaded his body. They put him on a very strong anti-fungi medicine-V fin. But this has not stop the fungus. It has now spread into his aorta. They are now giving him months maybe days to live because of the aorta has doubled in size due the the fungi. Is there anything else he can do? It is so sad that he has battled these horrible cancers and it is a fungus that is now killing him. He has gone home not knowing what to do. The docters have no information to offer here except surgery. But that will not stop the fungus. Thank you for your time, J

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear J: A chemotherapy will often lower the immune system and quite often the fungus is not identified, but you can tell by the condition.

A quick way to rid of fungus in emergencies is a pinch of borax and a drop of clove oil well stirred in a full glass of water. I start gentle first then if conditions improve, then on every meal of the food, adding generous amount of spices made of cloves, thyme and oregano will really help. All these spices have anti-fungal properties. You can get these spices from a local supermarket.

If you can find a tea tree oil, lavender oil and eucalyptus, it would really help at least lighten the condtion. A 1:1:1 eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and tea tree is mixed equally and apply only to the arms and legs every 15 minutes until the condition is noticeably improved, usually you will need to do for about an hour or two to know. All of these have antifungal properties, where eucalyptus is a good penetrant, lavender oil is a good anti inflammatory, and tea tree oil has good anti-fungal properties.

The above are used for emergencies but longer term, a baking soda + potassium citrate at 1/4 teaspoon each is added at 50:50 ratio with 1/2 glass of water taken about 3 times a day on an empty stomach should restore the body's unstable pH and should further reduce newer fungus in the long run.

And if the condition should further improve in from alkalizing, some zinc supplements, such as zinc acetate or zinc citrate or zinc gluconate usually 25 mg/day for only 5 days out of a week should help raise the body's immune system. Chromium supplements often have anti-fungal properties too. Of course you don't want to use zinc that would be fine too, instead giving some pumpkin seeds one or two handfuls a day. Pumpkin seeds, preferably unsalted is high in zinc, but best of all it is alkaline forming food.

It is necessary to avoid all fruit juices, milk, cheese, all bread, biscuits, sweets of all kinds and fried foods as they will conflict with natural treatment whenever fungus is at issue.

And if you want to further alkalize, make sure the drinking water you add a good quality sea salt at 1/2 teaspoon per liter of water. If the taste is too salty just reduce to 1/4 teaspoon. Ordinary sea salt have an alkalizing effect to the body and they do in fact have anti-fungal properties at high concentration. Me being conservative will just give use the bare amount just to prevent fungus from further expansion.

There are more details for further treatment, but I am just dealing with getting some improvements would be a major goal at the moment.