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Mother with Throat Tumor

Posted by E. on 05/01/2011

Dear Ted, I need your precious advice! My mom is very very sick. It started not to long ago she couldn't breathe and went for many months back and forth to doctors and they gave her inhalers which never worked instead she got worse. Recently she lost breath totally and they did emergency tracheostomy, and found she has tumor in the throat probably by the larynx. It grew big and closed airways. They took biopsy and now we are waiting for results. We are in Bosnia, it takes many weeks for results, they will be ready 25th or so, but it does not look good. Tumor bleeds now and blood goes straight to the lungs and clumps and closes airway again, so does excessive mucus. She is at edge. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help! I have bought DMSO and vitamin C and matcha tea and I'm ready to give her hydrogen peroxide daily (I live in America and will go to Bosnia in about 10 days). Please please I beg you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A tumor must be applied with DMSO and aloe vera oil. If a DMSO is used only the tumor will shrink but I will leave the inflammation. There is two possible formulas. The DMSO is applied the Aloe vera oil is the applied. Or DMSO is 5% to 10 % and the rest is aloe vera oil. I am trying to now to find a cheap mineral to deal with cancer. In the meantime. I would use beta glucan 1/4 teaspoon twice or three times a day and 200 to 600 mcg of selenium yeast and vitamin C ascorbic acid as many times you can handle. As well as lysine and green tea and/or green tea extract. Lysine is 1/2 teaspoon every hour for four a hours and another one in the evening also every hour for four hours. As to green tea extract it is 1/2 teaspoon twice a day. As for tannic acid it is roughly 1/4 teaspoon twice a day.

Tumor itself needs to be dissolved. If it is hard, then I would use bromelain and digestive enzymes, as many as possible.


E. responds, "Dear Ted, God Bless You and Thank You for your answer I respect your advice highly!!!!

I have bought all these things below but don't know how much to use, how, in combination, all together?
1 bottle of 99% DMSO
250 caps of Vit C 250mg
Chlorophyl Drops
Hydrogen peroxide
Apple cider vinegar
Green tea and green tea capsules

I couldn't find aloe vera oil, they were selling juice and gel only, and I could not find bromelain and beta glucan. Is selenium and selenium yeast same because I did see selenium but not selenium yeast in store.

Thank You!!"

Ted replies, "Since you were unable to get some of the supplement. I suggest you get N Acetyl Cysteine, not the kind that fizzes but a tablet form as they contain aspartame, which causes cancer. The second supplement is TMG or trimethylglycine. They help in cancer too.

As hydrogen peroxide you will prepare a 1% solution to drink. At least 1/2 glass every 30 minutes for at least 8 times.

The vitamin C if 250 mg. may me taken 500 mg (if possible) every 30 minutes to 1 hour for at least 12 times.

Chlorophyll drops maybe 10 drops 4 times a day

Lysine is taken at least 1 hour every hour four times in morning and four times in evening.

Acidophilus at least once a day

DMSO is mixed with aloe vera (I prefer oil but you will have to get aloe gel or something appropriate substitute. )

This is applied in area that has cancer every hour to three hours. Be careful of inflammation.
N acetyl Cysteine is needed for the mucus. You take it every hour for four hours at least 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon. Apple cider vinegar any amount but you will add potassium carbonate or potassium bicarbonate to get the fizzing out if possible. If you can't then just apple cider vinegar alone. Three times a day. Trimethylglycine 1/4 teaspoon four times a day.

Beta glucan exist in other forms that you can get such as brewer's yeast.