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Hair Follicle Remedy Needed After Chemotherapy

Posted by Marley (Houston, Texas) on 06/30/2008

Hello, after finishing chemotherapy which pretty much left me feeling and looking (due to the hair loss) like a million years old i've become a strong partisan of natural remedies, i really like your site and i appreciate your compassion and humanity; i was just wondering if you knew of any natural hair follicule strengthener? if its ok to call it that way for my eyebrows and eyelashes.. see i finished chemo 8 months ago but my eyebrows are still falling off, whenever i touch them they stick to my fingers by the numbers (im 18 yrs old) so i dont think its normal, could you please explain to me why this happens? i dont believe my doctors anymore they say its anxiety and stress yet i've always had to deal with stress and never before had i had this porblem any advice or info will be greatly appreciated.. thanks a bunch

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Much of the toxicity of chemical of chemotherapy are the oxidative nature and the effects in inhibiting any cellular growth which causes hair to die off. There are a couple of therapies that help, one is a detoxification using sodium thiosulfate. Another one is to promote cellular growth. The third one is to restore the normal antioxidant nature of the body fluids. And the fourth one is to stop further hair loss.

The sodium thiosulfate dose, while it is much lower than what hospitals use reduces the excessive chemical toxins that lingers inside the cells. While this won't neutralize all the toxins, it was found that the sodium thiosulfate as a protective effect against the toxicity of chemotherapy, although they used in a much higher amounts. The dosage I do use is a sodium thiosulfate of about 200 -250 mg, one "rice grain" of sodium thiosulfate mixed in a glas water. Initial dose will cause a loose stool, but thereafter, the effect should lessen. It seems to cause a detox effect only on initial dose. The sodium thiosulfate have properties to chelate out heavy metals also.

However, the most common element that is needed after chemotherapy I think is to restore normal human immunity, in particular is the iodine supplements where the source comes from kelp. Taken too much causes acne, because of the detoxification effect, usually a large dose is often an occurance for some people who's already low in iodine to begin with. Therefore a kelp supplements is usually 250 mg to 500 mg once every two days should minimize the impact of acne issues and allow the body to detoxify slowly this way. For me it also restore metabolism and the body's normal defense against the cancer. There are others, but iodine from kelp is the easiest to use along with many other elements hidden in kelp that I have found to be of benefit.

Certain remedies promote cellular growth, by increasing the body's hormones through secretogogues (which increases human growth hormone), such as 2000 mg of glycine, 4000 mg of glutamine, and 250-500 mg of niacinamide, usually taken before sleep to increase the growth hormones. This may may restore normal cellular growth and may reduce further hair loss. Another possibility is the use of secretogogues taken during the day time such as amino acid citrulline or arginine, which raises the body's nitric oxide as well as human growth hormone. It should be noted that my own observation in taking supplements which are nitric oxide promoters, such as citrulline especially, but to some extent arginine, helps increase the hair growth. However silicon rich compounds also helps the hair become thicker. In chemical terminologies nutritional companies add either sodium metasilicate or sodium silicate. I prefer much larger dose such as 25 mg or 50 mg, but that's not available anyway, which is why I do it myself. However there are silicic acid, which is neutral form of sodium silicate that is available to support hair growth, but usually it is the thickness of the hair. N Acetyl Cystiene supplements such as 250 mg for example may also support hair growth since a major component of a hair is a protein, some additional amino acid supplements may help.

The reason why these growth factor might be considered is that a majority of the chemotherapy uses a chemical which prevents any cellular growth of both healthy cells and cancer cells from further growth. This causes hair loss, which in some instance never grew back. The use of chlorinated and fluoridated water merely worsens the condition much worse as these are often proinfllammatory, which kills the hair roots too. Therefore a 10% solution of sodium thiosulfate such as 5-10 drops added to all drinking water will reduce the chlorine in water, but not the fluoride. Certain fluoride removals includes tamarind supplements (in Thailand we used this as part of the cooking process) or a small pinch of borax added into one liter of drinking water (such as 1/16 or 1/32 teaspoon) of borax. They act in removing fluoride out of th system or at least reduce the toxic effect of fluoride.

A loss of appetite can be reversed with occasional vitamin B complex, usually in the form of B50, but it will also restore some weakness, which are usually helped especially from the B1 thiamine mononitrate (nitrates form may support hair growth), it is the other B's that increases the appetite, a common symptoms that occur in many cancer patients that the doctors called cachexia, which funny enough I can easily reverse this condition with just a 60,000 i.u. -100,000 of vitamin D3 and vitamin B complex to restore the appetite.

So while doctors allow people to die unnecessarily of this condition is in my opinion, they didn't do anything about it. Of course it's a near sin to say a cure, but I can say it works almost everytime, given sufficient time such as a couple of weeks to a month. There is really no need to take the toxic hydrazine sulfate when vitamin D3 and vitamin B complex will reverse this condition to what I think is "almost a cure" as far as I know.

The vitamin D3 usually restores muscle mass and muscle atrophy associated with cachexia., along with immune systems while the major part of this remedy is always the B complex which restores the appetite. If the appetite is good, then the hair follicles should have sufficient nutrients for it to grow. Assuming of course the effects of chemotherapy also resulted in reduced weight, which it usually does. Drinking milk is actually an anti nutrient and it is used in emergency first aid against food poisoning since the casein of the milk protein prevents absorption of any nutrients including the poisons, so I wouldn't drink milk for now if I just had a chemotherapy! It's almost a sin for me to give milk to my friends because it makes them sicker. In fact they sometimes develop certain nutritional deficiencies if milk was given along with their food. Obviously milk isn't going to help hair growth resulting from nutritional deficiencies.

Restoring the body's normal antioxidant levels, mostly requires vitamin C sodium ascorbate, 1000 mg a day that is usually taken 5 days out of a week. An 2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar with 1/4 of baking soda will restore some of the alkalinity back. Further helping the normal cells function normally.

The last remedy I used, which may be the most important to prevent hair loss is the manganese. Unluckily most people I know do not use chemotherapy or surgery and opted for natural therapies against cancer and are cured, so I really have no way of knowing whether the manganese does help directly of hair loss initiated by chemotherapy. However the remedy that generally stops this is manganese sulfate 25-50 mg taken for about 5 days out of a week for two to three weeks should be more than enough to stop the hair from falling any further.

In general a chemotherapy's survivability is estimated to be about 33% (and this figure is fudged to make it look larger than it really is) in about 5 years. After 5 years, they don't follow up. While an average survivability rate of cancer using natural therapy is about 80% within 5 years.While it is true everyone has their "own" natural therapy because these aren't publicized that much, as it is less profitable than the conventional therapy, all I can mention is my own experiments and observations of cancer therapies.

After chemotherapy, or surgery or even as a prevention, the simplest of the cancer remedy is simply to avoid eating wheat and wheat products and make a switchover to millet products as a source of grain. Millet is what U.S. used 50 years ago before wheat took over and the cancer rates started to rise. Now we have cancer in babies and children.

So the state of health problem might be reaching a crisis level as children today for the first time in history will not be living longer than their parents. Therefore a chance is given to switch to the old diets, using millet products are high in nitrilosides, vitamin B17, where a healthy cells has rhodonase to metabolize them into food, while a cancer cells has beta glucosidase, which metabolise the nitriloside into hydrogen cyanide and the benzaldehyde. This makes B17 cell specific and it is what I used on metastasis cancer in natural therapies (using apricot pits), that along with hourly clove oil, lysine and colostrum turns out to be the most effective so far.

In the B17, the scientist previously thought it was the hydrogen cyanide that was most toxic to cells, it turns out that it is the flavoring agent, benzaldehyde that was most toxic to cancer cells. Most bitter almonds and especially the apricot pits has both the vitamin B15 pangamic acid and B17 laetrile.Which will offer protection once the effects of chemotherapy wears off or that the immune system is down. So there is a lack of nitrilosides in a human diet, including cancerous dogs and cats. If given the chance for the dogs to eat Johnson grass and certain variety of grass, it offers the dog protection against cancer too. This is why dogs cure cancer themselves. They go out in the yard, find a suitable grass and they eat it like an herbal medicine. People keep asking me this, so I might as well make a mention of this.

Most of the U.S. diets are ripe in cancer causing dietary nature as the cows are now grain fed, which makes their meats low in nitrilosides and hence eating meats in U.S. can be peculiarly cancer causing since grains are usually lacking in B17. Humans eat wheat and that's not helpful either. So the entire dietary choice that offers protection against cancer is taken entirely out of the equation.

Now how a B17 helps with hair loss is rather simple, The B17 raises the body's immune system and a possible autoimmunity against hair follicles from further loss. If I have to mention three major remedies to stop hair loss in event of a chemotherapy then it would have to vitamin C sodium ascorbate, manganese sulfate and sodium thiosulfate to reduce body's chemotherapy toxins.

However, to prevent autoimmunity, millet bread and diets are taken while larger portions of vegetarian diets is eaten. Eating more vegetables reduces the body's taxing demands for both trypsin and chymotrypsin involved in digesting excessive dietary meats also. The trypsin and chymotrypsin are pancreatic enzymes that also digests cancer cells and are the first lines of defense. It this reason why young calves were sacrificed for their pancreas and either eaten or injected as a cure for cancer which also ahd a better safety record against cancer than did chemotherapy.

As to what to do if the hair follicles don't regrow back. The only way to create stem cells need fro some level of regeneration, which is a major limiting factor for me then it's might be the colloidal silver, applied to the hair, and taking aloe vera juice daily. The aloe vera juice is well known for regeneration against the effects of chemical burns, radiation burns or simple fire burns and therefore may help normalize damaged cells.

It was Dr. Robert Beck that found silver or colloidal silver to cause cells to revert to stem cells and hence, the cells in the body can respecialized in creating new hair follicles. The colloidal silver might be applied to the head, or perhaps taken internally somewhat such as 1-3 tablespoon a day for about 1-6 months should not have a noticeable effect on any agyria, however taken selenium and chelation supplements such as chlorella, etc. will displace silver out of the system too. However the presence of trace silver may increase even a small amount of dedifferentiated cells or stem cells may help the body regenerate itself including the hair follicles. Of course this a tiny improvement on furthering developing hair follicles, but every little bit helps. However it's more likely to have a more overall positive cellular regeneration in other areas.