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Just Diagnosed W/ Stage Iv Cancer- Need Advice?

Posted by Esther (Brooklyn, Ny Usa) on 08/05/2011

Dear Ted,

I have just been diagnosed with stage IV in the gallbladder and lower bowel, and I do not know if anyplace else at this point.

I know I have to raise my ph level, and I suffer from Candida for several years, so what should I take? I started by juicing beets, celery and carrots. I eat very little just some chicken soup and chicken and carrots. I also took 1 tsp of coconut oil.

What else should I do at this point?


Replied by Leenott
St. Albert, Canada
Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It is best to do a Lysine 1/4 teaspoon, vitamin C 500 mg., NAC 100 mg take it every hour for four hours, in morning and do the same in evening. Do this for three days and on third day add a little glutamine. It also helps if CoQ10 ubiquinol is added. This stop cancer from metastasis. You can stop metastasis by avoiding all sugar especially fruits, and starch. Please read my other detailed postings. Parsley and coriander is especially important.