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Question for Ted About Fructose and Cancer

Posted by David (Missouri, USA) on 06/11/2011

Hello Ted,

I know you get lots of messages and are a busy man, but I hope you will read the information below regarding fructose and cancer.

On the Earth Clinic web site, you write that fructose causes cancer to proliferate, but according to the cancer researcher below, fructose can actually fight cancer. These researchers make it sound like glucose rather than fructose is the problem.

I am not an expert here so I'm not sure who to believe. I thought you would want to read this since you are very interested in this topic.
(the following this is near the bottom of their web page)

Why we use Fructose and Vinegar to treat cancer:

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg discovered more than 50 years ago that all cancer cells produce inordinate amount of lactic acid but he couldn't explain why.

In 2001 our Institute published the first study to show that cancer cells produce excess amounts of lactic acid because they could not access the oxygen in compartments in the cells called the mitochondria. This provided evidence that cancer cells depend almost exclusively upon glycolosis or the metabolism of glucose as their major source of energy.

Dr. Spitz and Dr. Lee with other cancer researchers published studies showing that when cancer cells are deprived glucose, their energy supply is cut off which causes these cancer cells to commit suicide.

Therefore shutting down glycolosis would be one means of destroying cancer cells because energy can only be derived from glucose through the metabolic process called glycolosis.

Recently our Cancer Institute discovered that both acetic acid and citric acid could inhibit the activity of a key enzyme in glycolosis called phosphofructokinase, which in turn shuts down the process of glycolosis. Our cancer Institute is the first to introduce both fructose and vinegar as treatments for cancer because they either contain or produce acetic acid.

In conclusion, fructose and vinegar are added as supplements to the CAAT protocol because of their acetic acid properties that help shut down glycolosis, shutting off cancer cells energy supply and causing them to die off.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I have plenty of patients dying eating bananas, oranges, for example- within 2 hours cancer metastasize. There is too many deaths from what I recall. I know very well about CAAT protocol but the fructose makes your cancer worse. You can do a Google, "fructose cancer", you get the similar results. It's the same with maple syrup and baking soda protocol. It doesn't work. Especially with Stage III, and Stage IV cancer. Fructose is needed by cancer to grow, but glucose allows them to live. CAAT protocol has a lot of faults. I have a few people who tried the protocol, they all died. There is also a Jalepeno pepper cure for cancer, that actually makes it worse, especially liver cancer. If you think fructose helps tell me about it, but from the patients here they all die, because you forgot one basic simple rule: both fructose and glucose causes the blood sugar to go up and in most cancer patients, if you bother to measure the fasting blood glucose it is often 120 mg/dL. So tell me one patient where fructose works and I will investigate. I don't know about fructose and vinegar protocol, but if you can find one, tell me about it. In Korea, the statistics reveal most people die with blood glucose over 120 mg/dL and those can be from fructose and glucose consumption. Part of metabolic process of cancer tumor is to cause insulin resistance, which makes the condition worse.