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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/25/2008 391 posts

This is a matter that has kept me from answering emails from earthclinic for the past month. I do get complaints for not answering as many emails as I had hoped because of a terminal cancer issue that has kept me occupied for the past 1 1/2 months. This single family has so many diseases it is enough to fill a couple of volumes books. But the issue I will discuss here is cancer, which is a deadly one.

This is perhaps the most unusual case of cancer I have encountered, but this case may not be new for me, but maybe quite new for Westerners. It is made much worse because of the delays in moving out of the area is involved (they have decided not to move out yet), but at least it is a good lesson in finding cancer remedies in leaving no stones unturned.

Most cancer patients die much sooner for a lot of reasons, mostly stubbornness is a major factor, but they can take many form, such as refusal to eat healthy food, continue smoking during a terminal cancer, avoid any food that has "anti-cancer" properties as being "suspicious" or continue with chemotherapy inspite of worsening conditions. It can also take the form of single remedy against cancer, instead of using multiple remedies for cancer.

For now the major principle in finding a cancer cause is to leave no stones unturned (with exception of Rife machine and other expensive devices), and I did find some interesting remedies along the way to resolve a deadly cancer.

The cancer case here involves a family in the Middle East, living in what most people consider to be a very healthy area, in the mountains, rural area, and the family are relatively middle class and the surroundings had sufficient forest. It is considered one of the best areas on the country. But don't let appearances fool you, things are not what it seems. The person who had the cancer involves a woman in her late 50s who had a previously successful case of uterus and ovarian cancer removal operation, but with a malpractice in which the doctors accidentally cut of the ureter and replaced with a stent.

The infection from stent is frequent and it leads to bladder weakness, bladder infection, and kidney infection and pain. Lower back pain is also a frequent problem along with inability to control bladder also. The entire family has a sickness of some kind too, such as one person having chronic fatigue, obesity, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hirsute, high blood pressure, etc. All these were easily resolved or was controlled with simple remedies without resorting to antibiotics. The toughest part was metastasis cancer, where the original cancer which spreads from from the uterus section and has spread to other areas. It should be noted that tumor was removed, but in my own studies, people who had a "successful" removal of a cancer tumor about 3-5 years ago, will have an agressive form of metastasis tumor if the original tumor was removed. If the tumor was not removed and somehow was reduced through the change in diets and alkalization the metastasis did not came.

It should be noted that when people die of cancer they usually die of metastasis, cachexia, blood clotting, tumor size obstructing the blood flow circulation killing the person. At least that's the most common from of death.

Metastasis is the spreading of cancer throughout the body and it is agressive and it kills pepole fast usually within 1-3 weeks. An agressive form can kill a person within a day based on the speed of the spread. The pain usually goes all over the body. The blood clotting from cancer, in my opinion comes from lactic acidosis which leads to blood clot. A blood clot can kill a person really quick, within a matter of hours if actions were not quick enough to handle the situation.

As to the conditions of cachexia, I confronted this problem to be the same as bulimia anorexia issues, which is simply a loss of appetite, but medical practice uses different words but it is still the same issue: vitamin B complex deficiency. It's really hard to find a "cure" if doctors keep using new words for new conditions related to loss of appetite when it is really just a loss of appetite. Therefore, the most common causes of death I have managed to resolved in this woman through various remedies I will list how it was resolved and where I got stuck, not on complicated issue, but on much simpler ones, or at least it appears to be. The most strangest of all problems I will mention much later.

Before a cancer became a major issue before an attack occured, varicose veins appeared more and more in the legs indicating a the process of blood thickening, which prevent circulation and allow the immune system to be blocked off by restriction of blood flow. The body's repair system may have gone into massive repair which leads to gradual thickening of the blood. The remedies that I have dealt before which is one of my oldest remedy I used in the early 1970s was vitamin E. This has not changed since this was resolved everytime for most non-cancer issue, until now. What the vitamin E simply does is it reduces scar and blood clotting so it reduces blood clot, and hence blood are more free to flow reducing the varicose viens. In event of a cancer, vitamin E isn't working as fast as one hopes, since a blood clot can kill a cancer within a matter of hours, so time was precious. There is another alternative such as aspirin, which seems to work in event other supplements are not around. Long term use makes the blood too watery and may cause some bleeding too as it slows the clotting time, but not as serious as the clot itself since it restricts blood flow going into the brain and kills the person almost instantly. However, people who had cancer I have noticed has high free heavy metals, such as lead and free metal iron, for example. They act as free radicals and accelerates the blood clotting process. It is where EDTA helps here. However, I used an alkaline form of EDTA, namely tetra Sodium EDTA. However, a disodium EDTA is an acid form of EDTA, when mixed with alkaline mixture may have form some tetra sodium EDTA, it is why disodium EDTA seems to work better in an alkaline medium. The amount I used is relatively conservative one, about between 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon in one liter of drinking water. Therefore dilution is high and overdose is not possible since people cannot drink them all and they just take perhaps 1/2 glass or 1 glass of the solution at any one time.

Since I face a very real constraints that not all supplements are around other things that prevent clotting includes sodium citrate and potassium citrate also. In blood banks they add sodium citrate in blood to prevent blood clots in plastic blood bags for longer term storage. If these were not added the blood would clot to a degree that a recipient of the blood would die from stroke from the clots found in the blood bags. What citrate does is it removes the calcium and perhaps metals from being a factor in initiating a blood clot. Now why is a blood clot apparent whenever a person has cancer? The metabolic acidosis comes from excess lactic acid from the cancer cell metabolism. They generate a lot of acid and hence the blood becomes acid and it leeches ot calcium from the bones, causing very high blood calcium concentration. A blood of high calcium causes accelerating blood clots, which at first leads to thickening of blood and perhaps varicose viens.

The same issue applies in deep vein thrombosis but the initiating factors are electrical (airplanes generate more than 150,000 volts of positive electricity into the body's system on the passenger leading to deep vein thrombosis which displaces calcium - also has positive charges too) instead of acid generated by the blood. In event citrates can't be found other things are possible such as fish oil, which has an anti clotting feature too. Or even a lemon and baking soda remedy. A reaction between a baking soda and citric acid of the lemon creates a sodium citrate solution also, if you neutralize it so that it is now no longer sour and somewhat bitter. A varicose viens or thickening of the blood however may be reduced through other methods also such as quercetin and curcumin taken plenty almost every hour seems to reduce the thickness of blood and reduce the blood clot, and at least forme reduces the varicose veins too. There are a couple of warnings regarding the issue of blood clots. Food high in calcium will cause a very quick blood clotting after it is consumed within hours.

The most dangerous of all the "healthy foods" that I have encountered is the yogurt. A yogurt has a couple of major problems, one it is acid, which worsens the blood clotting process within a matter of hours. The second major problem is it has clalcium which accelerates the blood clotting. The third issue that is commonly overlooked is that all milk products of cows including yogurt has casein. This milk protein casein will cause any supplements taking to be almost useless for the entire day. This is assuming the person is taking about two cups of yogurt or perhaps just milk. What happens is that the milk protein casien will wrap whatever food or nutrients taken from reaching the body. It prevents the bioavailability of tne nutrients from reaching the body for an entire day. Hospitals frequently use milk and burned toast for example for food poisoning. In fact hospitals have a strict rule NOT to drink milk if a person were taking antibiotics. If that were to happen antibiotics wouldn't reach the blood. and the milk protein would cover up the antibiotics from reaching the body. So milk reduces bioavailability of both poisons and nutrition. I therefore consider milk to be an anti-nutrient. While this information may be new to some people in the West, it is a known fact at least in Bangkok anyway that students who drink cow's milk have a violent behavior. While this may look absolutely unrelated, a study at Alabama Prison study has found that a majority of violent crime offenders has the greatest number of both vitamin and mineral deficiency. The more violent they are the more nutritionally deficient they are. The link is seen that drinking milk along with foods reduces the nutrient into the body by reduction of bioavailabilyt of the food. To find whether any milk has casien, all you need to do is boil the milk in vinegar. Whatever clumps that is formed is the casein. Whether any milk has casein can be done using the same sort of experiment. The more there is the more it is an anti-nutrient. Therefore you cannot take charcoal or toasted bread or burned bread along with supplements. It works on the same principle. A generalization is also possible that a person with cancer should avoid acid forming food as well as sour food. If a sour food needs to be taken it is neutralized with baking soda and or potassium bicarbonate.

The most common issue of cancer is the pain. The pain in my opinion comes from the lactic acidosis. The cancer cells produces an excess of lactic acid which causes the pain. For a long time I have looked at many ways of ridding of lactic acid. One factor is fermentation fas the major food source of cancer is sugar, fructose and glucose. It would therefore be a mistake to give a person a glucose I.V., that would certainly fuel the cancer growth. Chromium, vanadium, tungsten and manganese supplements will reduce the blood sugar. My favorite is chromium chloride because they are cheap and it reduces blood sugar relatively quick inspite of claims about bioavailability, but I used more anyway to make up for the reduced bioavailability. Therefore to reduce pain the major element is alkalization taken in large amounts, such as 1/2 teaspoon every hour or three hour of baking soda for example. But along the way I have found a more effective ways of alkalizing such as trisodium citrate and tripotassium citrate. Which can cause the body to maintain alkalinity much longer then a sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate. Alkalization of these elements may not alkalize certain parts of the body that has high metabolism such as the brain in event of a brain cancer. That calls for carbicarb remedy mixed with potassium citrate to neutralize any resulting kidney pains because of excess sodium and alkalinity. Small amounts of carbicarb has not kidney pains, but larger amounts and more frequent dose does and hence potassium is added in this event. The pain is also neutralized with clove in castor oil (or olive oil) or if the cancer becomes resistant to clove, we replaced that with cinnamon oil. For Western habits. a clove oil is added into a cup of warm water at one drop, well stireed, taken hourly. Cinnamon is the same if cancer develops some sort of resistance. These will generally help the pain. For me, I like hot foods so I cn easily take drops of clove oil directly then followed by some water. Most people cannot tolerate this.

As to the death from metastasis, the major quick remedy I used is clove oil, cinnamon oil and lugol's iodine solution. They are externally applied to the various area. For example a clove oil is mixed enough that it doesn't burn the skin in either a olive oil or castor oil. An hourly applicatin is required. It should be noted that my approach has always been empirical and will tell only what iI observed in event of application of clove oil in olive oil, or even an aloe vera cream. The metastasis of one area of cancer can move out of the area onto another area to run away from clove within a matter of minutes. When it is completely surrounded iit then becomes a localized one.

As to the issue of death of cancer from cachexia, the solution is a simple one: vitamin B50 taken at least 5 or 6 times a day. The requirement of b complex goes up exponentially whenever the body is fighting cancer and B complex is somehow related to immune system in fighting off cancer. This issue has not been raise anywhere in the internet. However the one popular remedy for cachexia is the use of hydrazine sulfate. A hydrazine has negative ORP in millivolts and could explain why it is so anti cancer. However, there are safer means of supplying negative electrical charges with negative hydrogen such as trace hydrogen gas from electrolysis process, or trace hydrogen gas added to an oxygen breathing mass, or even the drinking of freshly prepared Kangen water. Bubbling a hydrogen gas in a glass of water or a weak electricity applied on the body on two ends can create parts per billion negative hydrogen, but also oxygen inside the body which both has anti-cancer properties simultaneously. However, a much easier way is the B complex, which is less toxic than hydrazine sulfate. anyway. But it's not the hydrazine at work it is the hydride component in the hydrazine and they can exist in even Megahydrin, Lourdes water, Kangen water and other places too. The most practical from of negative hydrogen in my opinion is a preparation of Lugol's solution into a hydrogen iodide using hydrazine to prepare a hydrogen iodide. I can add drops well stirred, until the solution of iodine becomes a clear water solution then I am done. Then it is applied topically or given in drops. A much more easier approach is just buy the hydrogen iodide, if they do have it.

While it is not physically possible for me to write everything about this incident, I can say that another form of cancer was also killing the woman where metastasis, blood clot and cachexia were all resolved. That left the cancer polyps which do not respond to other remedies I mentioned here. It does respond however, after a lot of research to copper. In a rat study of copper deficiency there is a 105% rise in colon polyps in rats with a copper deficiency. I think it is the copper deficiency that give rise to polyps in the other areas as copper distribution is not uniform in event of a copper deficiency. Since copper may not be available in the form of supplements a copper colloids is prepared using orindary water, which can form other copper compounds just the same, but it works similarly. The copper is prepared with a large water bucket using a copper wire from electricity of teh D.C. adapter source and placed in a bucket for about 2-3 hours until it turns into a faint blue color. Then it is applied throught the use of enemas. At the time I also experimented with black pepper, in very small amount applied in the same method may also burns off the polyps too.

I can make more mention of other things on cancer, but I need to address the issue of supplements that are used for cancer well known by many people such as cesium chloride, rubidium chloride, vitamiN B17 and alkalization. The cesium chloride given in small doses of 250 mg for example causes burning, especially burning of the stomach if given by stomach area. This is why the people who found cesium burns of cancer used aloe vera. Aloe vera reverses the burning problem when cesium chloride is used. It burns because it is electropositive and replaces the potassium in place of cesium and burns the tumor cells. While it works, to a degree the burning is sometimes hard to tolerate and aloe vera is given. As to the vitamin B17 a doctor will give their paitents the largest tolerable B17, but zinc is needed too otherwirse the B17 won't work as well as magnesium and other supplements.

The other issue is the weakness in a cancer victim. The common remedy I used is the sea salt (sometimes the ORMUS), vitamin E, and B complex. The sea salt is mixed in 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in one glass of water and is given frequently. A sea salt generally I cannot mix with baking soda or alkalizing as it will induce diarrhea and leads to weakness. Therefore a potassium and bakng soda and magnesium is taken to replenish the lost lelectrolytes. Sometimes this saline water is given many times a day and the condition does improve, perhaps from the monoatomic elements in sea salt or the micromineral, or just the salinity kills the cancer. Whatever the reasons, even hospitals give patients a saline solution throughout the day. The advantage of saline solution given orally versus given by I.V. is that given orally has the advantage of micromineral contents of the sea salt and works similarly to those of I.V. Once exception in that ia cancer may have so much tumor that they cannot take it by mouth. In that case a sea salt and other supplements is given by enema.

It should be noted that in looking at cancer issues I leave no stones unturned in finding the cause to find appropriate remedy. In this one issue, it is all too easy to ignore this unusual case so I decided to write here so people won't be put off with the other issues of cancer I wrote previously. The unusual circumstances regarding this is that.aA major cancer attack happens between midnight 12.00 a.m. to 5.00 a.m. The most deadly cancer attack to near death occurred only on every Sunday. The possibility of the cause I found to be the issue of ghosts because the h ouse is located near a cemetary and they come and disturb this house exactly between 12.00 a.m. to 5.00 a.m. the same (in a few instances it is between 9 or 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.. It is all to easy to deny this, but the noise they make don't even allow people to sleep either. In which case sleeping with constant disturbance, possession of spirits, and constant pain through poltergiest can hurt people too. The best remedy is if a person has cancer and is effected at the same time when they do bother you is to move to other quiet place until a person does recover.

In Thailand there is a family in the early 1950s in the Petchburi province in Thailand of an entire family of 5 or 6 people dying on the same month of cancer but on different days despite the possessions and poltegeist activities hurting the family members they continue to stay in the house, even with the warnings. Upon cremation the only part of the body that could not be cremated was the tumor. Therefore it is not a best of health to recover from cancer under continuous haunting and poltergeist activies and in which case I prefer to move to other areas. It may sound simple, but most people would fight it out with dire consequences in some cases. Ted


EC: We asked Ted to tell us more about how Southeast Asian cultures perceive the spirit world.

8/26/2008: Ted replies: "In Southeast Asia and the Middle East ghost is a well accepted fact that you can talk to anyone and they would believe you, while in the U.S. this would be very different. The reason why ghost is a well accepted fact here is that ghosts are seen much more in countries without the benefits of electricity and people dying of violent deaths. Violent deaths is usually a rare occurences in most developed countries. But imagine living in a war torn country with Pol Pot genocide in Cambodia, or Tamils tigers found in Indonesia, or even in Thailand violent deaths are much more frequent also. Even in the case histories of Ann Boleyn who was beheaded by King Henry VIII was a violent one and there are stories of ghost of Ann Boleyn.

The issue of general rejection of ghost can have many reasons why this is so in Western culture. Bible teachings talk about holy spirits, angels, demons, and demonic possessions but yet some may still deny the existence of ghost. The only problem about this is the terminology.

These spiritual entities can be good or can be bad and the Western culture have assigned various words based on their actions for good as in angels and holy spirits, while the more negative ones are taken as demonic possessions, devil, insanity and in some cases ghosts.

Much of this terminology is based on cultural cues in which we are trained to respond. If someone say "angels" it's ok, but if someone says spiritual awakening, " or holy spirits" it's ok, because religious upbringing in the Western world. But to say you saw ghost, then they think you're crazy. The problems is whatever the words we use, it's all really spirits. Whether this is a friendly spirit or an unfriendly one. A spirits can take the form of dead relatives or some total strangers.

As to why a spiritual entity exists it is the very reason why demonic possessions or even a simpler ghost possessions took place. These vibratory influences of possessions can either be positive or negative, such as to your health is hard to avoid, especially getting a good night's sleep!

The more negative one whose relative have died of a terrible cancer or accident if the spirits took over the body, a person who is possessed will experience the events, pain and even disease of the deceased beings. One other reason of social controls in Western society is another fact why ghosts are not accepted from ridicule. Ridicule is in fact a very effective weapons in social control and changing opinions in Western world and it is why ghost is associated with ridicule that some people refuse to accept outright. It's the association made between ghost and people's response that we are crazy that prevents people from admission of ghost, but still people don't deny angels, demons, and others which are more or less a spiritual entities. But because of the attachment we make with angels and satan with religious upbringing, it becomes socially fashionable to talk about it. So to avoid ourself from being victims of social control some people may need to use neutral terminology of words that are painted with associations, or at least be aware of such an associations does exist so that our own thoughts are not manipulated.

Now why is it I talk about this issue? Its related to our own self preservation to know that spiritual entities can either help us or harm us. At the very least, I wouldn't want to live in a house where demonic possession is a regular occurence.