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Very Advanced Kidney Cancer

Posted by V (Artemisia) on 12/06/2012

Dear Ted, My mother has a metastasized kidney cancer - the metastases are in the spine, one is particularly large about 7cm. We have done Vit B17 IVs, but had the liver infection and had to stop. Now we are on Artemisia. My mother is in terrible pains and cannot tolerate morphine (which is bad anyway and we need to look for something else - what would you recommend?). I suppose she may get these pains also due to toxicity and liver/kidney insufficiency (she only has one kidney, the one with cancer was removed 7 years ago) and has high blood pressure problems. I wonder if baking soda and magnesium will raise dramatically the blood pressure. She once had a ascorbic acid IV - blood pressure went up badly and we had problems for several days. What would you recommend to do in our case. I am reading everything and try to get the supplies as indicated. Would you recommend IVs (physiologic solution) every several days just to clean out the blood? Is it good to give a cancer patient IVs containing glucose?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A lot of remedies delivered via IV are actually not that good, the only ones that help with pain are potassium bicarbonate or potassium carbonate, which is a stronger alkalizing agent to help neutralize the cause of pain which is mostly lactic acid from fermentative cancer. The other ones that seem to help pain are sound therapy that uses specific frequencies played individually or better played at the same time using an NCH tone generator at the following frequencies: 944, 344, 447, 564, 633, and 834 Hz where the sound speaker is directed on the pain area for at least 1 minute. For normal people 10 seconds is all it needs to eliminate the pain, now the pain will move but become less, so you have to play the cat and mouse.

It's likely to be caused by some form of a bacteria, so you try to get blood sugar below 100 mg/dL and cancer will not spread, but if below 90 mg/dL then cancer will get less. But a remission in cancer is possible if blood sugar is 80 mg/dL, and is measured 1 or 2 hours after meals. Green and Blue LED is preferred in cancer and may reduce the pain, red LED may cause cancer to spread by increasing metabolism, but won't cause cancer if ordinary LED is used, but is really bad if laser red LED is used, even if the light is scattered.

The lysine taken hourly will prevent cancer from spreading and slowly reduce the pain as cancer decreases the spread to just one hard lump, and you may be able to dissolve that with Sodium thiosulfate crystals taken at 10 to 60 crystals at a time.

I have learned that such cancers are pleomorphic, which means they can change with culture media, which translates to the fact that changing supplements from iodine to chlorine 4 times a day, may kill cancer, such as MMS and Lugols in one day.


Replied by V

Dear Ted, I have read attentively, but there are things I do not understand. Could you be so kind to clarify them? 1) My mother has only one kidney and blood pressure problems - how to manage those while on potassium bi/carbonate (maybe it does not raise blood pressure like sodium bicarbonate)? I also remember reading that kidney cancer cells poorly respond to alkalization because the eliminate excess alkalinity... How much to take, how many times a day? What about Potassium Ascorbate in this case? 2) I am not familiar with sound therapy at all. Do we need to get some sort of equipment for this?. Which machine is able to do that? 3) I read in your posts about the diabetis medicine Metformin which helps keeping sugar down. I've the warning leaflet of this medicine - the side effects are due if a person suffers from the lactic acidosis, which is the case. Will the simultaneous alkalinization help this, provided my mom can support potassium bicarbonates due to the solitary kidney with average function. 4) I am not familiar with LED. Could you please clarify what it is, please?

My mother has been put on morphine plasters which she tolerates very poorly - she vomits and cannot pass the stool anymore and refuses to eat anything. Please help, we just do not know what to do: some of your posts said that for nausea one needs to take ascorbic acid hourly, but on the other hand it is acidifying (so is harmful) - I cannot figure out this on myself and I am afraid to make harm."

12/10/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "You monitor the potassium levels and make sure they are in normal range, so if she is borderline low, 1/8 teaspoon can be taken with water. Any form would do but I prefer bicarbonate from. SODIUM DOES NOT INCREASE BLOOD PRESSURE, IT IS THE CHLORIDE FORM, SUCH AS SODIUM CHLORIDE (SALT), POTASSIUM CHLORIDES, MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE, BUT NOT SODIUM BICARBONATE. Alkalinity is when pH exceeds 7, you won't need acid form.

LED is easy, it is found in most lighting items that are LED based, best is LED lights used to light up porch, but they are well known in christmas lights, back of the car lights, flashlights/torches etc. Any ordinary home repair shop LED would do, or even the tailgate LED lights found in car accessories. The more complicated and expensive ones seems to lack the basic understanding of LED therapy, which are blinking LED, continuous LED, and the use of Blue and Green LED. Excessive use of red LED seems to increase cancer growth if not followed by blue LED, or lysine.

Metformin in cancer patients can help but it really doesn't reduce the blood sugar, the only one I know is DHEA, gymnema slyvestre, melationin--these effects last between 6 to 12 hours.

DMSO always helps cancer convert to normal cells regardless if it is topical or internal.

Morphine is a major killer for patients who have cancer, it lowers the immune system. The ones that doesn't is tramadol, sound therapy, and blue LED lights, (maybe green LED)."

12/11/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Dear Ted, Is there any way to monitior potassium level at home? She barely walks, travel to policlinic for blood test is impossible.

Well, yes and no. You can monitor non-invasively by checking the height of the heart beat after the heart beat, which is the height of the T wave, the lower the T wave, the higher is the potassium level. So you can do this with an ECG (electrocardiograph), but you can't do it at home that way if you have no ECG. Perhaps a better way is just to get rid of excess potassium by taurine supplements or lithium 5 mg to help the excretion and take assam tea regularly. Assam tea seems to normalize kidney function.

What to do with this led light - shall we shine on the painful area?

Yes, apply the LED light to the painful area and apply the sound speakers, usually for most people a few minutes to 30 minutes, Mine takes 10 seconds and it seems to work fine.

Could you please point us at the equipment for sound therapy that that we can look up on the internet? Maybe this is a singing Tibetan bowl we can use? Or is it Photon Sound Beam technology?

Singing tibetan bowl won't work unless you have the PROPER frequencies of sound necessary to treat the pain, that was mentioned.

A doctor told me yesterday that my mum's pain is due to the fact that her vertebrae are eaten by cancer and her spine will collapse and she has no chance. Do you think it is true?

Yes, but the cancer will accelerate eating the bones in a week after chemotherapy. You put cancer on steroids that way! So is quite true, but especially true after a radiation treatment, or chemo within one week, but you can accelerate cancer growth with the following too, which must be avoided: iron supplements, calcium supplements, copper supplements, margarine, vegetable oils, and especially fructose found in bananas, pineapple, and other sweet fruits. The worst carbohydrate I found is sticky rice and corn.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I understood: to shine the LED and have the sound speakers (with special frequencies) at the same time. Could you please confirm? Indeed, you named the technology NCH tone generator - is there any program you prefer the best? What has to be the speaker? Regular computer one or special?

Yes confirmed. For the NCH tone generator there is only one sold, but you can use other freeware that works the same. It's the frequency for square wave you need. Regular computer is fine.

Also, my mother takes artemisia and Vitamin B17 and other natural medications, which even if natural - is a form of chemotherapy, so probably it would be better to stop if I understand correctly what you say?

Chemotherapy means chemicals (from chemo) used by doctors. B17 and artemisia are fine.

Is there a way to strengthen/regenerate vertebrae eaten by cancer?

Lysine 1/2 teaspoon x 8 and vitamin D3 10,000 x 2, and vitamin K1 100 mcg.


Replied by Kelly

Why has nobody on here mention essiacs tea with the whole sheep sorrel including the root for cancer???

Replied by Kt

Hi Kelly,

If you select "E" under Remedies you'll find it!