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Ted and Bill: Anti-cancer Ac Enzyme

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 07/19/2011

Hi Ted, A friend gave me a special mineral/enzyme mix that was discovered or developed at Don Boscoe College, Manila, by a researcher called Fr Carmona (Chemistry Professor). One of the College's researchers -- Serafin Riosa -- developed this natural enzyme. The trials outcome for this enzyme against various diseases as well as against cancer have also been more or less confirmed by peer research by Dr A K Brewer who conducted the first ever research study on using cesium against cancer.

This AC Enzyme has some research history behind it. A representative biochemist from the college lectured on this natural enzyme and afterwards gave the product away free. I found some information on it, apparently it can stop cancer by isolating it and then the enzyme somehow neutralizes the cancer.

In one of the recorded research experiments they apparently just used this special enzyme on 40 terminal cancer patients with various cancers with a very positive outcome. In one research experiment on a terminal case, the cancer cell count was reduced to 40 from an original baseline count of 8000.

I will try and find out more.

Anyway, here is the link I found, thought it would interest you:

Much of the above independent research seems very much in line with your own thinking and methods. The article discusses cancer in terms of achieving alkaline pH as well as negative ORP or so it appears. It talks about how this enzyme -- a very small amount -- is able to raise the pH and change electrical properties of the internal body environment. Only 3 drops is recommended per dose. My guess is that it somehow does this electrically and might be a Humic derivative or isolate. The discoverer and maker of the product also wants this enzyme sold OTC as a cheap supplement.

I will continue to investigate this. Have you ever heard of this enzyme?


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It's interesting, I know about Don Boscoe College in Manila, my parents once attended, but I am not familiar about the enzyme mixed, would like more details.


07/21/2011: Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines replies: "The AC Enzyme is intriguing, I searched for information on it and turned up very little. I have also emailed a person who promotes the enzyme but no answer yet. There is no description anywhere, chemical or otherwise, on AC Enzyme.

I even found the Don Bosco College website, I searched their news and found nothing at all about the AC Enzyme. However I did find a picture of some of the lecturers and Fr Carmona was amongst them.

Fr Carmona wants to produce the enzyme cheaply as an OTC product. His enzyme is not advertised at all, only at his seminars. Perhaps he is a little wary of organisations like the FDA and WHO come snooping and that's why he plays his cards so close to his chest. If I go to Manila, I will try to attend one of their seminars.

Also been looking at cancer again. I finally discovered why Dr Gerson gave his patients carrot juice mixed with raw liver. Virginia Wheeler knew the secret -- when you mix raw liver and real carrot juice together and leave it for 20 mins, this creates abscisic acid -- a close cousin of Vitamin A. This acid is an HCG antagonist which neutralizes HCG. Cancer uses HCG to grow. I thought that was it but I also found out from research yesterday that abscisic acid also removes Na+ and K+ ions from the cancer host cell. These ions then populate and hyper-polarize the outer cancer host cell wall and act to change the charge from negative to positive. The white blood cells have negative charge and are able to finally come close enough to the cancer cell to attack. So abscisic acid also helps to de-cloak the cancer cell as well. Abscisic acid is also produced in plants as a drought compensating mechanism to stop the plant growing. Virginia Wheeler also used abscisic acid in her ant-cancer protocols -- she had it made into pill form -- to treat her cancer patients. Don't know the dose but abscisic acid powder is easy to buy from China and India. It is sold widely as a plant growth regulator and is fairly cheap.

Best regards, Bill :)"

07/21/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The simplest way to destroy a hyperpolarization in a cancer is actually DMSO. It reduces that state and allows the intracellular fluids inside the cells to be transported out, including the sodium. Aloe is then applied to allow the regeneration of cells. Like I told you about a guy who had tumor on his nose, which was converted to normal cells in 24 hours, just by DMSO and aloe.

Here's the patent: patents/app/20100172977 It is expensive from Thailand, gibberelic acid also.


Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

Much thanks for telling me about and clarifying the use of Iodine and DMSO, I suspected it was somehow electrical but didn't really know the how or the why. There's really not much open research out there concerning these two chemicals. Even the Iodine Project is very careful about what it says concerning iodine curing cancer, although I'm sure they must know already. I spent a half an afternoon trying to find research on pubmed by Livingston-Wheeler, Alexander-Jackson and Seibert etc. Sure they had the research on pubmed which consisted of just the research heading !! No abstract or summary was forthcoming at all in pubmed. Very strange. But next time I'll go to a patent site like you did !!

My own take on your remedies or method is quite simple. I usually use alkalizing to correct the many body terrain parameters, the intracellular and extracellular terrains, very important to make it healthy again. Then I use your more focused remedies to eliminate the pathogens or problem, usually in a multi-protocol approach. One thing that I've learned is that pathogen illnesses usually involve several germs or other reasons and it is nearly always associated with a lowered immune system too. My experience with candida showed me that."

07/22/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The reason i have great acceptance of iodine in cancer is easy. People who have cancer pain or uncontrollable coughing are relieved only by iodine! Why can't they try morphine? They are too poor to afford it, so they were forced to used the things I recommend! I have great success as a result of this, but I had bad results from treating people with money. Sometimes they are too poor so I donate a lot of this to get the cancer cure. So more choices does not translate to greater success, the opposite is true for cancer. Including the dogs! Why dogs have greater success then people is also easy - they don't consume sugar or fruits!

By the way, the pubmed library doesn't record any journals on homeopathy, orthomolecular medicine, and others where they are not supporting pharma drugs. So you may have to look harder.


07/22/2011: Bill from San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines replies: "I'm very grateful for your answers and clear insights. I confess that I am a history junkie. I love history, we can learn so much from it. And iodine has quite an interesting history. I researched the histories of iodine, hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate and aspirin a short while ago, thought it would be worthwhile. It's both interesting and sad how the drugs industry always seems to dump good, tested and unpatented medicines in the end, by always convincing us they are bad or useless after they've passed through a hundred or so years of very effective use. At the same time they also try and restrict their supply and nobody notices or cares.

I'm going to make a start on researching your use of lysine, threonine, glutamine etc. My understanding is poor on how to explain the use of amino acids in your cures. Luckily I have studied Lysine from the work by Pauling and Rath (and from your posts). I understand how lysine is used to strengthen the immune system via increased serotonin production, in a way that is similar to LDN. It also has a similar action to aspirin on cancer. But I shall have to get up to speed on the others as well. Your own knowledge on amino acids in regard to curing disease is extensive and somewhat unique.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

Hi Ted, My patient sends his grateful thanks to you for all your help with his lymphoma problem. From his email: "The priest, who teaches in DON BOSCO COLLEGE, in Mandaluyong city, a private catholic school for Boys only. as he mentioned last time, claimed that his experiment inside the school laboratory and called it enzymes, consist of varieties of Minerals, enzyme is proven and healed many health problems, the school is just giving away not charging anything, but you have to attend his seminar where he explain all kind of health problem, right after seminar, you can have it for free."

What do you think? Bill"

07/23/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes, enzymes are necessary too, but it is used to break down the protein of the cancer, so the iodine will enter easier. There is Dr. Kelley, the dentist, who cured cancer using what he calls Metabolic typing. There are enzyme people who used enzymes to cure it. But there is one problem in some naturally produced enzymes, at least in Thailand, (Mae Cheng, and Dr. Rosakun) it is made from sugar and ferment with fruits, some take years to ferment properly. The problem about Dr. Kelley is everybody looks at his Metabolic typing and not the way he cured! His mother actually cured him of cancer, and it was Dr. Kelley that made the improvements, by adding the digestive enzymes. What was his mother's recipe for cancer? She eliminated chocolate out of Dr. Kelley and all those snack foods. The enzyme won't be effective if you have sugar, but on the other hand there is no sugar enzymes, the problem about that is the price. Enzymes are really expensive and pharma drugs frequently remove the enzymes that actually kill the cancer (in pancreatic enzymes) and make it worthless. Papain isn't effective in cancer therapy in general, and the only enzymes that are not tampered with are the pineapple enzymes.

So yes I do use the digestive enzymes, but mostly to help digestion. Its the pineapple enzymes I use to break down the strange proteins in cancer cells but it needs DMSO also. There are also problems with Dr. Kelley's metabolic typing he failed to described in detail, for most vegetarian juices work, but for his wife, she eats raw meats to cure cancer! And hence the discovery of Dr. Kelley's metabolic typing. However, there is a much simpler theory then Dr. Kelley's sympathetic and parasympathetic theory, his wife was low in energy but didn't have digestive juices. Raw meats, especially the heart and liver, are especially rich in CoQ10 and taurine, considered all-important in cancer nowadays, and immunity of animals may be "borrowed" by eating some meats and blood of animals, this fact is unknown, and the same is true of eating snakes (1 teaspoon of blood is enough), or crocodile. If you get snake bitten by an unknown poisonous snake, you actually need the blood of a person who is immune to snake bites and you are cured, you just need his blood, orally of course. That's how vampire story came into existence, I already described.

Anyway for HARD tumors, I do use bromelain pineapple enzymes, such as breast cancer. But for digestion I used digestive enzymes as pharma often remove the effective pancreatic enzymes to kill cancer and the effective one is sold to sewage companies. This is described in detail by Dr. Kelley.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Lugol's will kill tumors, how he reacts negatively is the ceiling of lugol's he needs. Example, esophagus cancer case I had also had lung cancer, and stomach cancer. Apparently much of cancer pain he's experiencing is reduced with DMSO and lugol's, apparently it came out to the average of 5 drops 6 times a day, to control cancer pain and coughs. That's how I determine the dose. In another case, a large man in his 70s had cancer pain in the leg, but also colon cancer, and lung cancer. The dose of 5 drops x 6 was not enough so I decided lugol's on the leg, with castor oil, olive oil and DMSO did the trick on localized area. Lugols' 30 drops a day was only enough to control torso area only. After awhile, the user will find the patient needs less and less of the lugols' as the days go by.

That's how I determine the effective dose.

As to how I found out about this, well its just intuition, with some experimenting. You won't find in internet most the materials as the internet basically copy each other's information to death. So you are likely to get the same in so many different forms over the internet. My remedy (in the future) is also likely to be copied many times over itself, but you hear it first on earthclinic! What I do know is a lot of alternative healers are using my remedy but keeping it mum.

As to how I found out about lysine and cancer, well one breast cancer patient, 4th stage (there was cancer all over, but it started with chemo and surgery that caused the spread) was hallucinating, suffering freezing cold and based on her symptoms, it was a virus for sure. So I tried hourly for the lysine (along with threonine) and sure enough, within the evening she was ok. To prove it was a virus, she had cancerous growth out of her head that sticks out 2 inches. The cancer growth on the head disappeared the next day. To prove that most cancer can be stopped I tried several more cases and the results were the same, cancer regressed and in aggressive cancer it stayed the same. Another remedy, tannic acid and green tea extract had a history of its own, perhaps I might describe this later.

Now if you get pure research, nearly everything will cure cancer and nearly everything will cause cancer, and everyone quotes Warburg and look into alkalizing. Yes alkalizing is fine, you overlook the obvious: sugar. There's also different sugars having different levels of aggression, such as d-ribose, fructose, and glucose they are most aggressive, and then there's sucrose. And in diabetes where blood sugar doesn't fall with carbs, well it's no carbs for them!


EC: "Earth Clinic advises extreme discretion in the use of iodine at these levels. In this area, Ted's work is experimental and only intended for cancer patients. For most people a daily dosage of iodine is half a drop. Above that, adverse reactions are definitely possible. Read up on cautions, side effects, and the healing potential of iodine here.