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Cancer Anaerobic?

Posted by Patrick (Chesterfield, UK) on 08/02/2006

Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1932 for his work showing that cancer was basically an anaerobic condition and therefore, relatively easy to treat. Not something the multi-billion dollar/pound "cancer research" fraudsters like to hear. Pat Rattigan N.D. author, The Cancer Business.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Patrick: Since you are already an author you are quite familiar with these things. Yes, the cancer cells would revert to normal cells. In hospitals in the olden days they treat cancer patients in hyperbaric chamber and it goes away very quickly, in about a week's time. Luckily there is now a portable home hyperbaric chamber that is much cheaper. Rife and many other doctors found it was a BT virus. In fact, Nixon in his war for cancer campaign named the AIDS development, called the Cancer Virus Project, with flow charts and everything. So the government does admit privately that cancer is a virus issue and is anaerobic. Even Nobel prize winners have found that cancer is also a vitamin B17 deficiency and just eating apricot pits rich in laertrile works to. See attached, I think you already know it. I have seen cancer was reduced to normal cells just baking soda and citric acid, or colloidal SILVER OXIDE (nope, it is not the silver colloids, it is the silver oxide that kills the viral cancer), or even clove oil. All of these are antiviral in a different way.

Replied by Bret
Phoenix, Arizona

Testing this theory. A study was done on cancer patients. They gave a medicine normally used to treat Lactic Acidosis. This substance then, in theory, would also neutralize lactic acid formation in cancer cells and thusly cause spontanious cell death. By predictability this treatment should have been effective in the small group of people being tested. Well, it was very effective. There were some side afffects and tolerance issues. Still, for those people who say that cancer is fermenting lactic acid, this well-documented clinical trial supports those conclusions. When lactic acid production was stopped, so was the cancer.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Brett...Your comment sounds like the current research on DCA(dichloroacetic acid) ongoing in Belgium and Holland right now.

In the article I read about DCA's success against cancer, the article more or less concluded outright that DCA would never ever be manufactured and sold as a cancer cure by the big pharmaceuticals -- even if proven a successful cure, since it is a non-patentable chemical. No doubt, the FDA will also find sufficient reason to eventually ban DCA in America too(even though it has been used to treat genetic lactic acidosis for years), in order to protect the pharmaceutical industry's many diverse interests there -- including their incredibly well-paying but oorly performing cut, slash and burn cancer industry.

So, anybody who really believes that these huge pharmaceutical companies invent drugs for the Good of Humanity or according to the Hippocratic Oath must otherwise reconsider. Money, market share and shareholder value would seem to be the only business drivers here.