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Daughter with Slow Growing Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma at Salivary Gland

Posted by Anonymous on 07/09/2011

Hello, Ted. I am a mother of 3 children. My first one is diagnosed of cancer when she removed a lump behind her ear. What it looked like a cyst on MRI turned to be a malignant tumor, so they performed another surgery to remove more tissue around the cyst. It is a slow growing, low grade cancer called mucoepidermoid carcinoma at salivary gland. She went through radiation therapy for 6 and a half weeks. It has been 2 weeks since it was done.

I wished I saw the earthclinic site much earlier. Many things I did not know. I started to read a lot about many things about foods. My same daughter had lots of ear infections and my son who is 6 now started Asthma same time around the daughter's surgery. So, when I stumbled upon a book about cow's milk is not good for us, I stopped all dairy for everyone.

I make vege & fruits juice every breakfast and dinner time and manly, it is carrots, some greens like cabbages, broccoli, chinese cabbage, kale, etc with one apple and lemon. Sometimes I put pineapple or cantalope. In the morning, I put banana and blueberries. All organic. No matter how much I feel I should just make vegetable juice for my daughter, she would not drink it if it is just vegetables. So, I need to mix in some fruits. But, I read your post many times that you repeat no fruits, so I am now worried. Her cancer is now microscopic size that they cannot see anything in MRI. The biopsy reports tells that there was 2 lymph nodes metastasized nearby. Also, a neural invasion. That is the one that they say they are worried that it would go up the nerve to the brain if left, so they aggressively recommended radiation therapy. She was very healthy for doing the therapy mainly because I cut most of her sugar, in the simple form of sweets, and refined flour bread. I changed white rice to brown rice. Breads to be whole wheat 100 %. Many sources tell me thought that the carbs will all turn to sugar anyway, that better not to eat those. However, it is very very hard for my kids when I take away a lot of grains and fruits.

Other things I added is green drinks. Also, trying to balance PH. In search of PH balance, I came to the earthclinic and found lots of your remedies. I don't know which to try. I cannot try everything. But, if there are anything that kid friendly remedies, I would like to try. Now, also, to balance ph, I saw someone said to add calcium ascorbate for vitamin c and calcium. Is this bad? Sounded like calcium should not be fed to cancer patient. Any thought? I am very lost. Lots of information for me now that I need someone to tell me what to do. I don't have any regular doctors who think the cancer can be caused by bad diets.

I will wait for you reply as long as it takes. I will try to cut more sugar from our diets in the meantime in forms of bread and rice, etc. My daughter also loves virgin coconut oil now that she eats 3, 4 table spoons a day. She lost her weight, so I thought it is okay... Thank you for your assistance in advance!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Calcium feeds cancer cells, they grow very quickly. Beta glucan and oat bran are anticancer, because they produce short chain fatty acid in the gut, preventing cancer (butyric acid). Lysine and threonine given regularly, at least 4 times a day, 1/4 teaspoon each will prevent cancer. Chinese parsley (coriander) contains linalool which controls blood sugar and it must be given mixed in every foods. You can feed oat bran, but not oatmeal. Fruits allowed, and I tested them, are green apples, carrots, coriander juice and also bitter gourd has an effect on lowering blood sugar, and prevent cancer from growing.

Most forms of brain tumors are very aggressive, and they respond best to oat bran, but if the person is low in energy, then Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone not ubiquinol) and alpha lipoic acid helps. These two also have effect on lowering blood sugar too, but also increase in energy. Vitamin C ascorbic acid is the only form that works best against cancer cells, others do not.

No vegetable oils of all kind and no salt in the diet, these feed on cancer cells. If you want fruits, you can take fruit extract, but it cannot contain any sugar, such as grape seed extract, red wine extract, and others, because people misunderstand that fruits are healthy but the research does not support this in cancer patients, as most fruit extract research is not done on cancer patients and if they did, it is based on fruit extract without the sugar. The worse kinds of sugar are fructose, ribose, and sucrose, and to some extent white rice. If blood sugar is normalized, you might consider brown rice, but only if your blood sugar is below 100. Best blood sugar for cancer patient is 86-90. It is best to measure your blood sugar 1 hour after meals because cancer grows after you eat when your blood sugar spikes, you don't need to know the Blood Fasting Sugar. In all cancer patient I have seen all of them exceeds blood sugar over 90.

MMS doesn't work generally speaking because it kills the liver as it is a chlorine (get chlorine paper test), and most cancer patient have liver problems. Iodine lugol's solution work more consistently but is given if the person can handle iodine. Maple syrup and baking soda doesn't work as most cancer people are actually diabetic.

ABSOLUTELY NO bananas, no pineapples, no coconut juice these I tested and caused metastatic cancer within hours of consuming them. They all have high sugar content. I have no problems with coconut oil. Check your nutritional database for sugar content for all fruits.

These are simple dietary tips I have developed that are tested and measured in cancer people, so these work.


Replied by Anonymous

Hello, Ted, Thank you for a fast response! I imagined you are very busy, so I did not expect you would answer so quickly. And, thank you for all the advices.

Now, it seems like it is best to avoid anything that turns into sugar in the body, correct? In that case, is it okay to eat some fish, or meat, eggs, etc, some protein food, instead of fueling with grain, sugar type carbohydrates. And lots of vegetables to go with the protein. Right now, I am cutting dairy, which we depended on a lot before. Now, if I take away fruits, and carbs, what's really left is protein and fat. Is it okay to eat those since it is tricky to eat carbs influencing blood sugar? I am trying to avoid red meat; beef and pork. But, I serve salmon, and chicken breast sometimes, just a little.

Also, my daughter is not overweight at all, she was skinny side to start with. However, she always craved for sugars, wheat stuff, potato chips. (junk food), hot dogs. I do understand that she has to watch for her sugar in her blood, but should she be monitoring for blood sugar like a diabetes patient?

Sorry that I am asking more questions for diet suggestions. I am still lost with what she can eat now that I find out what not to eat. Thank you very much for lots of suggestions for supplements. I will try to find what you recommended.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Carbohydrates are conditionally acceptable, complex carbohydratse you can take such as brown rice, but is ok if her blood sugar is below 110 after meals, if before meals your blood sugar doesn't exceed 90 mg/dL. Beta glucan is required. Fats are unacceptable except coconut oil. Proteins are ok but fish are preferred, meats are generally ok but are limited. If you want to take some protein, you must consume lysine and threonine, at least 2 teaspoon a day divided into 1/2 teaspoon a dose, 4 times a day for lysine. Threonine, 1/4 teaspoon a dose, 4 doses a day, mixed together with lysine. The meats or fishes must not be heated in frying pans, but must be steamed or boiled only. If they are not, the form a cancer causing compound called heterocyclic amines. The idea is you have to do vegetable juices and go vegetarian. Most vegetarians have no problems, with this, it is a lifestyle change. There are vegetarian diet books you can refer to. But no sugar and no vegetable oils.

The exception is once her tumor is gone, then vegetable oils can be added, but NOT COOKED.

I do understand that she has to watch for her sugar in her blood, but should she be monitoring for blood sugar like a diabetes patient?

Cancer grows in presence of sugar and sugar must be below 110 one hour after eating, is fine. That is why. In most cancer patients their blood sugar is above 90. A good number must be 90 or below. Most cancer patients are actually diabetics, and to make the matters worse, most hospitals won't look for diabetes in cancer patients. Lysine, at least must be taken. Lugol's Iodine a couple of times a day helps kill cancer. B3 and vitamin C is needed. These are the bare minimum in initial stages. Blood sugar is controlled by B3, coriander, parsley, bitter gourd, green apples freshly squeezed. Some broccoli helps most cancers, steamed, uncooked, or boiled.

Most U.S. cancer are from processed meats, such as bologna, salami, hot dogs, and other dried or processed meats. So absolutely avoid this. Dairy contains hormones that accelerated milk production but also accelerate cancer growth by those consuming them. The only exception is colostrum. There are hundreds of ways you can control cancer, but sugar is not one of them, it is also the most serious. People take it too lightly and that's why they don't succeed in controlling cancer. Even the normal figures of 100-110 mg/dL is not a normal figures they are based on averages, 50 years ago, blood sugar is 88 mg/dL, and I used that figure because 97% survival rate if your blood sugar is BELOW 90 mg/dL, while on the other hand chemotherapy general survival rate is 3% for most cancer.