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Pain and Inflammation--ii

Posted by Concerned Daughter on 02/08/2008

Hello Ted, Thank you so much for responding (especially so promptly)!!! A few more questions regarding your responses... Baking Soda & Citric acid 1. Is there a preferred product?

1. Caribcarb (washing soda) - is this product an example of what you are referring to?

1% H2o2 - is this a product you can by or a treatment in which I need to make an appointment with someone?

Last question - with any of these pain remedies, how long should they be taken? Thanks again... Concerned daughter

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Concerned Daughter: The links you showed are the correct products. The theory of pain behind cancer in my opinion is due to the acid that is produced by the cells that is causing the pain. A cancer cell's pH is much lower than the surrounding cells causing the pain. It in some ways similar to doing too much exercises which causes the muscle pain. In the event of an exercise the cells create too much lactic acid which caused the pain. In a cancer cells the same thing happens and we sense the pain from the acidity of the cells. Therefore, a carbicarb that I have used in the past has worked fairly well by neutralizing the acid that is created by the cells. In other words the greater the acid, the greater neutralization of acid is needed, which is why I used the newer carbicarb. Technically speaking, the carbicarb uses equimolar concentration, but in most home use measuring these equimolar things are difficult so I will preferably use equal 50/50 baking soda and sodium carbonate mixed. (the exact measurements is 20% of the sodium carbonate than that of baking soda). Hence a simple 1/4 baking soda and 1/4 sodium carbonate in 1 glass of full water or in 2 glass of water (so it won't taste so bad and lower concentration is more dispersive in neutralizing too) and is taken twice a day.

It takes about two to three weeks, preferably on the third week or 21 days to have some effect on neutralizing the acid causing the pain most effectively. However, the pain will begin to reduce on the third day. But to achieve proper alkalization it should be taken for about three weeks to get out most of the acid that is causing the pain.

1% H2o2 - is this a product you can buy or a treatment in which I need to make an appointment with someone?

I used them topically on the skin, but preferably a 0.5% is more user friendly. The H2O2 gets absorb to the skin and will be very helpful on toxins in the body and should help the body's immune system, with less toxic load.

Last question - with any of these pain remedies, how long should they be taken?

The minimum time period to effectively reduce the acid creating the pain is about three weeks, but I prefer 1 month. The one advantage is taking it on the third day some pain reduction should be noted, but the body has a lot of acid and hence I would take it for a longer period. It helps, a lot of pain, at least from my own experience.